Wednesday August 31, 2005

operation: endless summer

Hi. And welcome to the Opeartion Endless Summer: Narragansett Beach Weekend 2005 Teendrama Recap. Our good pal Manlio from our ITP @ NYU days was nice enough to invite a crew of us out to his mom's house in Rhode Island for the weekend. We decided it best to take Friday off, leave Thursday after work and try to beat the traffic out of the city.

A solid head start to beat weekend traffic? = not so much. We cleverly tried to skip the FDR and 95 with the help of Alex's mapping skills and opted for the Merritt... which turned out to be pretty jammed up. Fearing that we'd never make it to back to 95 (and, more importantly, the Wendy's @ Exit 40), Kevin busted out his sidekick in search of an alternate plan. Luckily no such Plan B was needed (and the 99 cent nugs were delicious as ever.)

You'll never guess who we ran into on our way to the beach... our old friend Mohegan Sun!!! We stopped by to say hello.

And stormed out when that son of a bitch stole a few hundred bucks from us and then kicked us in the nuts.

The craps table was ice ice ice cold when we arrived and stayed that way until some old-man high roller came up and dropped $4k on the table. Me and Kevin were down to our last fistful of $5 chips before the comeback slowly started building up but then - BLAM! - some dispute at the table (between the dealer and some cranky player over a $5 chip) throw off the whole rhythem of the scene and setting the table back to ice ice ice cold status. We left 10 minutes later as losers. (Wait, Micah was up on roulette, no? And rumor has it Alex left up $100 on craps? What?! Jerks!)

Anyway, we rolled into Manlio's place around midnight or so. A brilliant stoke of foresight granted us the opportunity to pick up some 30 packs before the 8pm Connecticut deadline and we luckily ran into into bag-of-ice factory (also known as a 7-11) just as we got off the highway. We dined on delicious Bud cans till the wee hours of the morning.

Yawn. Next morning and a view of the bay from the porch.

(And if you rotate yourself, say, 30 degrees clockwise.)

We motivated to the beach around noon. Here, Alex and Karen in their matching shirts and portable-chair-backpacks.

It's about a 5 minute walk to the beach - cutting through a few backyards, down into this Secret-Garden-esque passage and through the woods and then down a set of stone steps. Really cool... did anyone take a pic of it? We suck.

Beach time = bocce tournament. Alex + Karen + Kevin + Gabe + Manlio + Micah (read: everyone except me) all play in this bocce league out in Brooklyn (hence all the dodgeball check-ins at Floyd).

They tried their bestest to recreate their Brooklyn Bocce Fever on the sand. As we made our way through a few tournaments, I was shapping up to be the 1988 Gregg Jefferies of the bocce tourney scene, but my beginners luck eventually wore out and Team DPStyles + Super KB ended up sucking (maybe 2 wins and 5 losses?)

(Give a kid some credit for this "Bocce Ball Exploding in the Sand" action-shot though! Come'on!)

You may recognize this pic from such magazines at "Bocce Pro Monthly". Lemme see if I can dig up that issue...

... ah, here it is!

(thank you magic Flickr magazine cover maker!)

Mind you, all this action is on Day 1 (that would be: Friday). Gabe and Carin haven't even arrived yet - they're actually stuck on the always-late Amtrak en route from NYC to Kingston, RI.

We packed up from the beach around 3p, cleaned ourselves up all nice, split into teams and hit the supermarket. Me and Micah drew "Team Misc" in charge of such sleeper hits (, yet weekend necessities) as pasta salad stuff + BBQ sauce + lemon juice + flip cup cups, etc. Team Meat rocked it out pretty well too (oh, just you wait and see).

We raced back to the house and stuffed all our loot in the fridge before Manlio and I left to pick up Gabe and Carin at the train station. We cut through the Univ. of Rhode Island campus on our drive back and stopped in to see our pals at Gammu Mu.

Back the house, all Johnny Photo style.

We hit up some pre-darkness Bocce (hills + throwing heavy balls = didn't work so well in the dark)...

... and then fired up the grill. (btw, these pics skip over Saturday afternoon entirely)

I stole this pic from Alex who was shooting pics with his fancy SLR.

Actually I stole this one too. But then again, he stole my secret recipe for these delicious Nascar Lites.

The aftermath of a grilling tsunami. Note pasta salad bowl nearly licked clean.

Rewind a minute to Friday's dinner (these are Saturday pics, remember?) and let me tell you about the goodnessthat was "Pick a Wildcard Piece of Fish from the Supermarket" night. Manlio scored some marinated swordfish which was amazing, Alex and Karen grabbed some skrimps and scallops which grilled up nice and I got my revenge on all the man-eating sharks out there with a little shark steak fillet.

Post dinner we went through a few rounds of the hit board game Cranium@.

Before moving to Flip Cup. [official rules].

(Manlio has a time-lapse-video of this whole evening which is really amazing to watch... you going to throw that online or what?)

(which is where my phone sent its last text message before splitting into two pieces. snifffle.)

And then we finished up with some Abercrombie-esque foot races. (I assume, these pics explain why my feet were killing me the next morning.)

And who can forget the goodness of Consumer Packaged Goods jello shots! Not. Really. Sure... if this was pre- or post- foot races.


(Zipper shots = the result of our tendency to pick up "wildcard items when placed in store checkout secnarios: Slim Jim's, mini Syracuse Split Day beers, etc.

And, that's about it. Sunday was a lazy, hungover day. Some laundry, some dishes, some cleanup and lots of traffic on the way home (and another Wendy's stop - ugh.)

If you have an extra second, you should check out Manlio + Alex + Karen's Flickr sets (or just use the kissthenug tag). (ps: thanks for letting me, er, borrow you pics!)

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