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Wednesday August 24, 2005

U-Turn parking ticket resolved: NOT GUILTY (!!!)

I went to Traffic Ticket Court yesterday. Way down on Rector Street. The story goes like this: Back in May, I was driving around w/ Krucoff and got pulled over for "Making an Illegal U-Turn in a Business District". The story is a little more complicated - the "No U-turn" sign was hidden by a tree, there was a cop watching me as I made the U-Turn and then he pointed at me (which I intrepreted as "Go!" and which he said meant "Don't make that U-Turn!"). So, I took it to the courts. (that sounded much more glamorous than it actually was).

In case you wanted to brush up on the back story, read the letter I sent in protest to the parking ticket people. Also, here's a pic that I sent in with the letter... and brought to court as evidence. (thanks for the print-out, Alex)

The hearing was at 1pm. I was in and out of there in like 12 minutes. Conventional wisdom says the only way to win at a traffic hearing is if the cop pull a no-show, but this guy was there at 1pm sharp. I was the second hearing. The judge called us both up, the two of us did the whole raise-your-right-hand thing and then we both got to tell our story - cop goes first, then I get to plead my case.

A few excerpts:

Me: ... so then the office pointed at me, which I took as a sign to go, and...
Judge: So, did you make the U-Turn or not?

Me: If I really wanted to make an illegal U-Turn, I would have done it way back on Delancey and Essex where it was convenient. I wouldn't have waited until I got to an intersection where a cop was sitting and waiting.

Judge: The city prohibits making a U-Turn in a business district.
Me: How am I supposed to know what's a business district and what's not? The whole city is a business district!

Judge: What is this that you're giving me? I have no idea what I am looking at? (when I handed him the print out of the photo above)

Anyway, after a few minutes of arguing, the Judge told me he'd give me the "benefit of the doubt" and I got off as NOT GUILTY!


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