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Monday August 22, 2005

real quick weekend recap

Another random weekend in Vermont. Cast of characters = me + Grellan + Dianne. My car spit this warning at us on the drive up. Translation: EAS = busted. (EAS = "Electronic Air Suspension", sucker). Perhaps it was the 800 lbs. of wood we piled in the car last wekened that did it?

I had Grellan check the manual: "Under no circumstance whatsoever should you operate the vehicle if the EAS is malfunctioning. The vehicle could flip, tip or even explode." (page 31).

ps: We made the trek up and back flip-free.

Drizzling rain = lazy Saturday. I started reading "Freakanomics". Grellan posed it up in my skate wear. (the skate ramp has already taken a bit of weather damage thanks to the shitty tarp - more on that after Labor Day)

We hit the poor-man's Growler city on Saturday afternoon (Wilington, not Bennington). Picked up a too-expensive bottle of Patron (tequila) because (a) Grellan said it was delicious (lies) and (b) we saw an ad for it in a magazine and it looked delicious (more lies).

Sunday was lazy too. We hit up Dots for breakfast (bacon + eggs + cheese on a hero = pow!) before going to visit Bartender Steve at the pool. We drank some foo-foo drinks, I finished reading my book (er, first book I've finished in like 2 years!) and found this abandoned wedding setup on the Mount Snow campus.

Hmm... that's about it. We hit up the Friendly's on the way home ("I love you, supermelt!") and got back around 1am. I'm off to the beach next weekend, but, mark my words, I'll be back for the Brewfest (Labor Day) and the October Crafts Show (oh, wait, no I won't... that's Stacey and Dave's wedding - !!!). Craft shows are stupid anyway.

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