dad (big dig)
Thursday August 18, 2005

two pics for thursday

Big Dig was in town yesterday to help JJ move some stuff down from Medway. We all (me + Dig + JJ + Jackie + Meghan) went out to dinner last night - some crappy thai place on Clinton (next to Clinton Street Bakery). Maybe the crappiest thai place I've even been to. I left around 10p to meet Randy + Dianne + Pedro + Jen + Katie.D + YP + Brook @ Bua. I was still hungry from crappy thai, so me + K.Deets got some dumplings from the delicious little dumpling store further down St. Marks. I came home at like 12:30 to find Big Dig nekked and sleeping on my couch. Gross.

He's on his way uptown right now to meet me + Alex for a freebee Google lunch before jaunting off to Penn Station to head back to Boston.

Too bad he's not staying the night. No Data @ Lucky Jacks in about 10 hours. You should swing by. I think Grellan even hooked up some < $5 beer drinks specials. Well done.

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