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Monday August 8, 2005

random weekend in boston (+ dad's 60th bday!)

I took the stoopid delayed-by-two-hour redeye from LA -> NYC on Thursday night and get into my apt to find this note (left by my parents who stayed in my apt Wednesday night).

Nothing spectacular, but note (a) my mom made me another batch of cookies (this time, from the famed Neiman Marcus chain letter recipe. verdict = okay) and (b) my dad signing it with "Rock On". Ha!

Anyway, so with Dad's birthday on Sunday (#60!!) I decided to head back to Boston to surprise him. The trip normally takes about four hours. With Friday traffic, it took me about 3 hours just to get into Connecticut. Six hours total to get home. Sucks.

And then when I got off Rt. 495 in Mass (about 8 minutes from my house), I ran into about 45 mins of traffic due to a surprise hurricane that blew through our town, knocking down all sorts of trees (this one near Mike Geary's street - Stoneybrook Lane or something?)

This one down West Street (where I got all agro from the traffic and debated just driving under the fallen limb).

So, I rolled into Dad's surprise birthday dinner about an hour late. No worries though as the hurricane had knocked out the power all over the place. (Which is why you get this cool night-vision shot).

Dad's birthdy was actually a three-day affair (is that where Katie gets it from?) - dinner with friends on Friday, dinner with family on Saturday and off to the cape w/ Mom on Sunday.

With my Friday duties as Good Son(tm) taken care of, I headed in town to hang out w/ Genja + Tico.

No pics of that, so let's just fast forward to Saturday afternoon out in Middleton, MA for Greg Lynch's congrats-on-getting-married-a-few-weeks-ago-in-Bogota party. Greg (aka GPP) is a friend of mine from my snowboard instructor days at Attitash and one of the stars from GLM - The Movie.

Actually, all these kids are stars from GLM. Left to right: Johnny Needs a Haircut, GPP, Marc Cobery and Mike G. I haven't seen this kids since, er, Spring 2002. A reunion is defintely in order sometime this winter.

G and I bolted from GPP's around 5pm and raced back to Medway for another free dinner (Chinese food!). The whole family was in tow (seemed more crowded than Thanksgiving, now that I think of it).

We had some cake and blew out some candles.

Dad opened his gifts. (And how sweet of G to sign the card!)

And then my Dad showed G the garage (my parents = packrats = don't throw anything out). Here's Big Dig proudly showing off The Wooden Snoopy (seriously, if you read anything, read this). She = amused. Me = embarassed.

My sweet sweet grandma had knee surgery so she has to walk around with this walker for another few days. New nickname = "Wheels".

When the General Tso's was all gone we headed back into Boston. Did nothing Saturday night, lounged on the Commons on Sunday. Hung out on the roof deck Sunday night.

I left around 9:30p. Made it back to NYC in almost record time (3:45) - would have been record time if the stoopid Hutch didn't dump me out on the Henry Hudson (my fault - I should never have followed my car's nav system). If I stuck on 95, I would have beat 3:30 (maybe even 3:25). Next time.

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