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Monday August 8, 2005

siggraph bonus footage: xgames in LA

Tuesday afternoon. I'm making my way over to Siggraph registration and I run into the giant Danny Way ramp that's been set up for the XGames. This thing is huge (four stories tall? Click the link, sucker.) Anyway, I had no idea the XGames were in town the same week I was in LA. Either good timing ('cause at least I got to see the setup) or bad timing (since the real show started Thurs night, right as I had to fly out).

Anyway, in between conference sessions, I dialed up some friends (Ranford!) to see if they could hook me up w/ some passes (Rob!). Nothing worked out (Ian!), but I managed to sneak my way out onto the balcony of the Staples Center (where the conference was at) and check out the first few rounds of the street skate contest (really, that's all I wanted to see anyway besides for the Danny Way ramp bizness).

Here's the scene from the balcony.



I couldn't decide which of these photos was better.

So I put them both online.

You can flip through the rest of the lot on Flickr.

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