Monday August 1, 2005

nathania's summer throwdown - ver. 2005

This Saturday = Nathania Summer Party ver. 2005 (also see: 2001, 2004) = a truckload of girls from Syracuse in NYC for the weekend all hanging out in the basement of Lucky Jack's.

Nathania was nice enough to let Team No Data play some music this time around. Grellan's playlist was on its best behavior.

Shots + upskirts.

Followed up by my own upskirt self portrait (used to illustrate the hole in my crotch).

Alisa snapped some photos with the World's Largest Digicam(tm).

Downstairs = a good space (perfect for a future No Data?). Kind of U-shaped with a DJ booth and a bar and some bathrooms and this Johnny Juicyfruit slamming Bud bottles.

Two hours or so before we headed over, I realized that I had, er, lost all the CDs I normally DJ with. So I had to burn 5 more discs and write out the playlists by hand in some old grad school notebook.

Alisa scours the list for something play-able.

"Why, yes I do have some Master P!" ('Make Em' Say Uhh!')

(mirror = awesome)

ps: I found my CDs. Grellan had them. Thanks.

Let's slow it down a little bit with a Long Distance Dedication (courtsey of Bobby Brown's "Rock Wit'cha").

Seriously, download this track and listen to it as you read the rest of this.

(Left to right? Kristina + Sherri + Alisa + Jill + Lauren. Strange, but no pics of Alexis anywhere.)

By the way, I tried to dig up the oldest pic I could find of a bunch of us and came up with this:

From freshman year (Fall 1994). Lauren Horse in the middle, Jill to her left, Sherri all the way to the right. Sorry it's all blocky - I must have scanned this in before JPEG technology was invented.

For extra credit you should know that this is the night we discovered Skky Vodka (and mixed it with the case of Arizona Iced Tea my parents brought up on Parent's Weekend. To this day, even the smell of Arizona Iced Tea makes me feel all woozy.)

Anyway, back to 2005. Kevin and Gabe and some other dude made a late night special guest appearance.

Me and Jill took some self portraits.

"Oh, hi there, Nat!"

"Sure, feel free to get your giant head all up in there."

Alisa. Looking. Saucy.

Late night, ventured upstairs for a change of scenery and ran into Little Ms. Rachel Shapiro (crunked).

Speaking of crunked, let's rewind to Friday night. G was in town so we met up some of her friends at Manahatta. How cute, right?

BUT note the dude in the background all getting his flirt on (bottle service style!) with these ladies. Timestamp on this pic is 1:58am.

This one: 2:00am.

And this one: 2:01am. Hahahahahahahha. You i-bankers crack me up!

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