Wednesday July 27, 2005

I love you, Home Depot

Dear Home Depot,

I'm sorry I was talking shit about you the other day. You guys really are the bestest.

Your pal,


Yesterday's "Operation: Switch My A/C" was successful thanks to Randy and Lauren. We boxed that sucker up, threw it on my skateboard (best idea ever) and trekked to the Home Depot on 23rd & 6th where the sales people where super nice and not only let me return my opened A/C unit, but they also gave me cash back (since I bought it on my debit card). Like $350 in cash - it was just like I was at the casino!

So, I switched my 18,000 BTU box for a 14,500 BTU box (14,500 is, as I learned from the electrician in front of me in line, as big as you can go with a normal, 110 volt outlet.)

So, old box. (Note plug that doesn't fit)

New box. (Note plug that does fit)

And here's that bad boy all installed up in my A/C slot. Between this guy and the one in my bedroom we're talking like 20,000 BTUs (read: suck it).

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