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Tuesday July 26, 2005

fuck you, Home Depot

Last Tuesday night, my air conditioner broke in the middle of the night. It stopped with the wwwhhhiirrrrllll sound that magically makes the air cold and instead was just blowing warm air around. For two days I dealt with it that way hoping it would just magically repair itself before I broke down and went to Home Depot (23rd + 6th)

Home Depot basically had two air conditioners on sale - big and small. My apt has two rooms, so I picked up two A/C units - one of the big ones and one of the small ones. I put the small one in Sunday night and it works awesome (set to 66 degrees, and it has a little remote).

I went to put the big one in last night (18,000 BTUs, motherfucker) and after laboring to get it out of the box and into the A/C slot that's built into my apt, I went to turn the thing on and was faced with the the problem you see in the photo: plug doesn't fit into hole.

Whatever - I've seen this before, you just get an adaptor-thing. I went to the hardware store this morning and showed the guy this pic. He says that the plug goes to a 220 volt socket (and apts only have 110 volts ???) and there's no adaptor for it. So I either need to (a) hire an electrician to rewire the plug or (b) return the thing to Home Depot (which they definitley won't take back since I destroyed the box in the process of installing the thing).

I was talking to Alex this morning about whether this debacle is my fault (for being so stupid as to not check the plug requirements before buying) or Home Depot's fault (for putting non-residential AC units in the impluse-buy section of the store). Would it kill Home Depot to throw a "NOT FOR YOUR APARTMENT" sticker on the box? I wonder how many other people got screwed by this.

(me = bitter)

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