Monday July 25, 2005

vermont welcomes The Little Gym Company Reunion!

This weekend = yet another weekend in Vermont. Me + Randy + Grellan took off on Friday night. (I'll spare you the details of how I dropped $120 at Mohegan Sun). Rolled into VT around 3am.

We made plans to meet up with Genja saturday afternoon, so we killed some time in the morning hiking up Mount Snow. (We opted for the "moderate difficulty" one this time).

Half way up, Randy busted out his trusty hand-towel bandeeze.


It's about an hour hike up. We took the chairlift down like a bunch of Sallys. (By the way, in like 20+ years skiing, this was my first time ever taking the lift down).

With a little more time to kill, we headed over to the driving range.

I think that's Haystack (Mountain) in the background. Prof Grellan hooked us up with some pointers (read: "Don't suck.")

Grellan and his perfect form.

So, I suck at playing golf for real, but I'm usually pretty good on the driving range. Last time I was home (Medway), I was blasting the shit out of the ball with my lucky 4 iron. This time around I was whiffing on 40% of my swings (like, not even hitting the ball). What gives?

Fast forward like 20 minutes. We met Ms. G & Tico at the 7-11 in town just as we finished with our golf lessons (perfect timing). Tico barfed on the way up.

We went back to the house for a few minutes before we left for Bennington (?) in search of (a) growlers and (b) a skate park.

Bennigton (is that even the name of the town?) is like 25 minutes away. Before we left on Friday, Randy and scowered the internets in search of a local skatepark (er, halfpipe). Nothing at Mount Snow, the lady at Stratton swore there wasn't one there (even though the website suggested otherwise), and the one at the intersection of Rt 100 and Rt 9 was a deathtrap (45 degree decline shooting into a quarterpipe).

So we drove around Bennington, asking random kids where the park was (btw, I wish I had photos, but seriously *every* kid in Bennington walks around with his shirt off).

After we asked there two ladies for directions, we eventually found our way the park. See there's even a map!

And the map says to go to Section #15.

But Section #15 is just an empty lot!

And yup, this is the skate park.

So we busted out some freestyle anyway.

Yeah! (sans helmet)

Then we went grabbed some lunch at the brewery in town. I had the sausage sampler (same thing as last time = delicious). The mussles were also pretty good too.

Let's be honeset here, the real goal of the Bennington fieldtrip was to refuel on growlers. Last time we made the trip we left with 16 (!!) - this time we refilled a mere 6.

And growlers in the fridge = happy.

With a full night of growlers in front of us, Randy and Grellan rested up. Me and G took Tico for a walk. He's lightning fast!

And then Randy and I came up with the masterplan of building our own halfpipe in the driveway. (Stay tuned - construction begins on 8/13).

We built a footprint of the ramp with some sticks. Can you even see that? Let's try this:

I sent Mom and Dad a quick email asking for their blessing before we break ground. Their response (when I sent them this footprint-shot)

From: Mom
Subject: Re: halfpipe
Date: July 25, 2005 10:54:58 AM EDT

> seriously, this is what we are planning on building in the driveway.
> http://www.easyhalfpipe.com/

my comments - interesting
dad's comments "HOLY SHIT"

Fast forward a few hours = growler drinking time. Randy pours. Tico chilling.

We hung around the house for a few hours before we were distracted by the music coming from (what seemed like) the Snow Lake Lodge down the street.

We journeyed down to find Bartender Steve mixing up some of the finest Miami Vices and some makeshift band rocking out to Pearl Jam covers.

An hour in we took our tallboys for a swim. We were later joined by Jim, the guitarist from said band (Rusty Sherriff's Badge).

Bar + hottub + pool closes down around 10 or so. The surprising thing was that when the band stopped playing, the sweet-yet-booming sound of hip-hop dance party could still be heard from across the lake.

So, we drove up the the Grand Summit hotel and rolled right past this scene: The Little Gym's annual company reunion! Now, I'd give $100 bucks for a photo of the scene from the driveway up (people all dressed up, liquored up and grinding away to that "Sweat Running Down by Balls" song).

We made a lap around the hotel parking lot - no spots and the valet giving us the same "You can't hang out here unless you are a guest of the hotel" staredown that we got a few weeks back. So, we drove around the back, parked where the chefs park and snuck up some back staircase onto the porch and into the reunion.

Grellan, nonchalantly: "You know, I can't believe they didn't spring for the open bar for the reunion"

We enjoyed on $4 Bud bottles, stole some leftover nametags, posed it up with people and generally tried to fit in as best we could.

Then we smuggled ourselves into the after-party (er, at the hotel bar) where we met This Guy (or as Grellan reflected, "Every company has that one zany guy...")

Crunked. And close to walking off with this dude's jacket.

My pants = ripped.

My junk = edited out.

1:00am? (read: early to be this crunked)

We left the bar and made our secret exit through the now-empty function room. We made a pit stop for one more photo opp.

Late night = tried to kick as many growlers as possible (we finished 4 of 6).

Special shoutout to the Tapies family. (ps: we love you too Forrest!)

A breakfast feast featuring G's bananna + chocolate chip pancakes and lot of eggs and a pound of bacon.

Note newly acquired banner. The story would only be better if we drunkenly became Little Gym's newest franchise owners the night before.

Sunday = lounged around. We hit up the pool, Tico went for a walk, we grilled some burgers and corn.

Made it back to the city around 1am. See you in two weeks for "Operation: Halfpipe". (anyone handy with jigsaw? email me)

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