Monday July 18, 2005

tonight = ConQwest wrap party

About a year ago, I was asked to work on this project called ConQwest - a Big Urban Game featuring 120 kids running around various cities shooting semacodes with camera phones and dragging 20-foot tall inflatable game pieces through the city streets. It was good times (and we did pretty good work... ConQwest highlighted in "One" magazine + won both a Clio and a Silver Pencil from the One Show) - so special thanks to crew who travelled to five cities in five weeks: Kevin + Liz + Frank + Mattia + Naomi + Jess.

Version 2.0 - aka ConQwest 2005 - just finished up and Mike and Dan (pals from grad school) are now part of the ConQwest alumni. There's a wrap party tonight which should be a pretty good time (though probably not as good a time as what went down a year ago)...

Denver. [video, 7mb]

And two weeks later in Salt Lake City. [video, 8mb]

And for more ConQwest-related good times, make sure to check out the Mechanical Bull Tournament of Champions.

ps1: Just looked at the Clio thing for the first time and noticed I'm listed as a "Media Planner" which is awesome since that is what I was supposed to do once I graduated from college anyway (me = majored in Advertising, focus on Media / Account side of things). Ha.

ps2: ConQwest is a registered trademark of Qwest Communications International Inc.

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