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Friday July 15, 2005

jonathan's new apt (+ teendrama all caught up)

A little slow with the teendrama these days, but I'm finally caught up after travelling a bit. In the past two weeks I went from NYC -> SF -> NYC -> Vermont -> Boston -> Las Vegas -> Boston -> NYC. One family vacation, MF's birthday and my friend Katie's wedding.

Best part about today though = Jonathan's shit is finally all moved out of my apt. While I was gone for 2 weeks, everything he owned was crammed in my apt as he waited for his new lease to start. Luckily there was only 6 days overlap between his stuff in my apt and me being in NYC. By the way, his new apt is in my building exactly 3 apts below mine.

So, that's it. A quick reminder that No Data is going on this Saturday July 15th @ 12". Swing by around 10pm or so.

Special bonus footage: Jonathan sleeping in his bed which is piled ontop of my bed. I took this pic about an hour after I got off a 5am redeye from SF and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Ha.

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