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Friday July 15, 2005

katie mckiernan gets all married up!

Hi there. Have you met my friend Katie? You may recognize her from the first teendrama entry ever or from elementry school photos (er, she's actually not in this photo, but you get the idea). I've known Katie since kingergarten and we've been pals since 6th grade (she actually introduced me to the world of hanging out with Rob + MF + Mike.D).

Anyway, she got married this weekend. To a fine lad named Scott. I took a bunch of photos.

The wedding was at Boston College. I spent the night in Boston so it was no problem to pick up Mike.d at BU, drive him to pick up his dry cleaning, then go to his apt, then go to the liquor store and then go to the hotel and then race to the wedding in Mass Pike traffic.

Anyway, at the wedding. Actually right before. Me, Mike, Mike and Rob. All pretty well put together (if I do say so myself) with the exception of Mike.D's brown shoes.

(says MF: "Are we not 30 years old?! Get it together!")

In the church. That's PW all the way in the back. Thanks for looking all nice, Rob.

Little kids in little suits are always a crowd pleaser.

Mr. McKiernan leading Katie down the aisle.

Digicams everywhere.

First digicam shot of husband and wife. Pow!

Sara.G (making her first special guest appearance as bridesmaid) being whisked out of the church by this dude who is doublefisting bridesmaids (!!). Player, please!

Wedding day was a rainy day, but that didn't stop these two chaps. Rob Moore in a Pinstripe tropical wool suit blazer ($325.00) and Mike Driscoll in his Corduroy Dempsey sportcoat ($125.00). Mismatched brown shoes, $2.79.

The reception was held in Burlington, MA (a wedge shot away from the hotel). We were treated to an army of appetizers before bring asked to take our seats. Instead of the standard table numbers each table was marked with a year.

(My Dad: "Jesus! We're at table one thousand, nine hundred ninety four! How big is this wedding?!?")

"Dad, table numbers correspond to years of Katie + Scott's lives." (clever, btw). And each table had a little trinket or some kind representing the year.

My parents were at table 1994.

1994 = Medway High School graduation.

That's me way in the background, Other long-lost Medway pals include Corey Schreoder (fron right), Jess Ladieu (meow!, behind Corey), Kelli Malo (next to Jess)... and is that Mike Geray all the way in the back?

(ps: Nice Flavor Flav medallion, D)

Right before dinner was served, I noticed I was still sporting the "Remove Before Wearing" tag on my newly acquired $13 Banana Republic tie. With a little help from my butter knife... see you later, RFID tag!

Meanwhile, Rob illustrates his Poor-Man's-Shoe-Shine technique.

Sara was actually sitting at the Wedding Party table, but we stole her for a few minutes.

We had one no-show at our table (asshole!), which in Mike.D-speak translates into "one unclaimed meal".

For half of dinner, Mike.d sat to my left eating prime rib...

... but as soon as the waiter turned his back, he'd run to the empty seat on my right side to tend to his grilled salmon.

(Note the subtle change in outfit to aid in the art of disguise)

Someone likes to be spoon-fed ice cream.

One of the nicest things about the wedding was that not only were all our high school friends together, but so were our parents. (To be honest, I can't remember the last time - if ever - they were all in the same room together).

Anyway, here's Dad and Mrs. Driscoll.

And Mom and Mr. Moore.

And Mr. MF and Big Dig.

Then MF and his older twin brother.

And then some dads. Yeah, they're all about the same height.

(says Dig: "You didn't say you were going to keep the chair in the photo!")

And 3/4 of the MF family.

Rob brought his girlfriend Verionica. And Mr. Moore is proud.

Let's save the frisky stuff till later, shall we?

Okay, so let's use some HTML tricks to phycially draw a line between when the wedding started to get a little hazy (thank you Open Bar!).

Here, Katie + Scott + me + MF + Sara.

After party = in our hotel room. By the time 11pm rolled around we were handing out makeshift invites scribbled on Google business cards.

Our friend the bride got a special invite.

Dig and V-Ro. Interesting.

Dig and PW. All decorated-up with flowers.

And Dig knee deep in a chocolate fountain.

(ps: chocolate fountains = delicious)

Which Mike.d apparently took a bath in.

Late night. Almost upskirts. Rob got edged out of this one (sorry, dude)

And the last photo before we headed back to the hotel. Sorry if I forgot some of your names.

Rob caught the bouquet (which means he's going to have a baby!)

With no one in any shape to drive the 300 yards back to the hotel, Big Dig came to the rescue.

While PW gets all frisky in the backseat.

We roll into the hotel and are greeted by this dollhouse representation of what the suites are supposed to look like. Note the trashed bedroom and busted-down door on the left hand side.

We had a little incident in the hallway (read: broken glass) as we attempted to transport beer from Suite A to Suite B.

Things are hazy from this point on. There was some hip hop dance party. And some dancing on coffeee tables.

In fact, when I got up the next morning, there were 218 photos on my digicam and exactly 61 photos of me + Pam + Sara dancing on this mini-table.

No one wants to scroll through 61 photos (or do you?), so I offer you this special Directors Cut version of teendrama. [video, 15mb]

There was some of this. (the photo of me accidentially groping Sara didn't make the cut)

Then Lil' MF took a nap.

Looks like I tried to knock a painting off the wall.

And someone was wearing a lampshade. Har har.

Mike.d threatened to take a nap.

So we tried to wake him up. (dude on right = not entertained)


I am 99% sure someone said "To the Ruskies" as this pic went off. By the way, who is taking all of these photos??? Is that me on the right?

("To the Ruskies" = old old drunk-on-Cape-Cod joke. Like 1995 old. Like Mike.d throwing up saying "Must neutralize acids with bases - must eat peanut butter" old. Good times.)

Late late late night.

This is right around the time that our friends the security guard came to the room (2am??).

Him: Sir, it's 2am.
Me: Yes, and it's a wedding.
Him: There have been some complaints.
Me: From where? left or right, up or down?
Him: I can't tell you that, sir.
Me: Fine, we'll go to another party then.

... I am sure this is not verbatim (since I barely remember this part) but it's close enough.

So we left and headed upstairs to another party hosted by some of Katie's cousins.

These guys are rowdy. I don't remember too much of what was going on but I do know that the dude in white has blood all over his shirt - not sure how that happens, but whatever. The guy in yellow kind of looks like Ben Affleck.

Next morning. I didn't get up till 11:30 or so and was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was no damage to the hotel room (still not sure how the coffee table didn't break).

Here. MF. Resting.

(special thanks to Sara.G for doing a quick clean up job on room 224)

We left around noon and hit up the Bickfords down the street. G, where did you come from?!

You know, the only real damage done was to my lucky jeans, which got ripped across the leg (not sure how that happened). And there's also another hole in my crotch. Mom was able to sew 1-of-2 of the holes up pretty good (though I still need to get my crotch fixed up). Or maybe just buy new jeans?

Anyway, thanks for coming out.

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