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Monday June 27, 2005

cousin michelle's 30th birthday

Me + J + Katie packed up and went back home for the weekend as Cousin Michelle was turning 30 on Sunday (read: free dinner!). Jay also had to move his futon home (which we crammed into Big Red 2.0) so we ended up taking two cars (Katie rode shotgun with me).

Some of Rt. 95 text message chatter.

J: Let me catch up.
D: Never!
J: Enable missles.
D: Yoga flame!
J: Eat my dust 2A (Jonathan catching up and passing me)
J: Cute girl left
D: Turbo boost (me, catching up to see cute girl)
J: Nitro (J's jeep takes the lead)
D: Lasers (cue high beams)
J: Rear deflector shield (cue flashing tail lights)

Hmm. No pics of Saturday's journey to the mall (Operation: Get a New Car Stereo = unsuccessful), open house (too big), ice cream fieldtrip (black and white shake), driving range golf-off (I came in 2nd), or trek into Boston (no sneakers allowed), so let's just fast forward to Sunday afternoon.

Dinner at 5:30 in Taunton. I took my car, Jonathan went with Mom @ Dad.

It started with this at 70mph.

Then graduated to this.

I countered with this (lame, but you try licking the glass while driving!).

Which was one-upped with this.

(More "disgusting" than "PG-13". You should be thanking me).

JJ quickly changed into Johnny Bullets (his wanna-be-Hold-'Em-champion alter-ego) in the parking lot.

And Big Dig, looking fresh from a Jimmy Buffet concert.

We crowned Michelle with a classy plastic tiara.

(speaking of classy, I wish wish wish I had pics from the wedding reception that was going on upstairs - and which the bass from was shaking my prime rib. Best part = a tie between the dude with a suit without a shirt and the kid who changed into hip hop street wear who was working some poseur gangsta stride.)

About 20 people for dinner? One long table. Michelle's friends in the foreground (all with kids!) and Auntie Jean & crew at the far end.

I got my steak knife caught up in JJ's gold medallions. We pulled a KM style splitty-splitty - I went for the Prime Rib (delicious) while J went for some lobster pasta thing. I negotiated the option to put a 40% ceiling on the splitty-splitty (which I exercised, as my meal was at least 10% more delicious).

Mom and Katie.

Jay + Mom (and Uncle Junior, fuming that we enjoyed third-party clams casino)

And me and Cousin Linda (though our birthdays were sooo last week).

(By the way, three birthday cakes at dinner. Three.)

We were stuck at the kids table (well, the table far at the end where we wouldn't cause any trouble). Poor Paul and Erin got stuck with us too. We passed the time (4 hour dinner!) by karate chopping little Andes Mints.

Sweep the legs. (video, 18mb)

Perfection. Just like breaking little cinder blocks (made of chocolate).

And in case you haven't heard, next week = the heroic return of Crowley Family Vacation in Las Vegas in celebration of Little Sister Katie's 21st bday (!!). Hoo-boy.

In preperation of 21st bday, Jonathan used table scraps to make it look like Katie barfed. Huh.

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