Tuesday June 21, 2005

29th bday three-day adventure

So, birthday #29 is a play in three acts -> Fri @ Montauk, Sat @ South Hampton / No Data, Sun @ NYC. Longest teendrama entry ever? 60 photos? Go grab a sandwich.

Things started early Friday morning (7am!) when Good Guy Grellan picked me up at the airport (post SF redeye). The master plan was to get on the beach by noon.

I barely slept on the plane and just passed out when I got into the Hoverpod. I woke up at 10:30am, just as we were pulling into Montauk. We grabbed some egg and cheese sandwiches in town...

... before meeting up with Marc Johnson and Annee out at the ditch.

The ditch (Ditch Plains) is on the way far east end of Long Island, out in Montauk (past the Hamptons). The beach there is super nice, and the surf scene is supposed to be pretty good.

Johnson hooked us up some of his extra gear - including the latest from the Back Door Summer 2005 line.

(back door = surf lingo, you barney!)

Okay, so this isn't the first time I've tried to learn to surf. Randy and I beat the shit out of ourselves over a few days in the summer of 2001. One of our first days out we were in hurricane-level surf with our soft core boards (just because we didn't know any better).

The two reasons why I'm not any good? (a) I'm "not a strong swimmer" and (b) I am wicked scared that sharks aregoing to eat me. For real. Worst part, in summer 2001, there were all these rumors about a sick shark being seen at the ditch... this time around Marc.J was trying to convince me that they caught a Great White in the sound a year or so ago ("The biggest shark ever caught!"). I'm still not sure if he's for real or not.

Anyway, sticker on the back of the Marc.J Mobile.

Followed-up by a gift of "Shark Bait" surf wax. Thanks dude.

The surf was choppy at the main entrance to the beach (and too hardcore to the left of the break), so we hiked down to The Poles (good beginner spot, or so they say).

The wind was blowing like mad, making it hard to carry Annee's longboard (or, perhaps I am just a big baby?)

Surf Prof Marc J.

Back in the day, Marc and Lucas spent a summer (longer?) down in Brazil which is where they both how learned to surf. Since there, Marc's spent quality surfing time at such exotical locales as Hawaii and Far Rockaway.

Marc and Grellan.

Hi. We are such fucking poseurs.

Water was cold (though not as cold as Cape Cod), but the wetsuits work wonders.

The three of us. We paddled about 100 yards out, but the waves were pretty choppy and we kept drifting left of the good break. A few times we were at the right place / right time, but we were so beat from paddling out there that we just rode through the waves. A few times I was left with the same getting-rocked falshbacks from summer 2001 (me + Randy + the hurricane day) where we were getting tossed around like rag dolls.

Johnson caught a few. Grellan and I just paddled around in circles.

Annee snapped arty shots from the beach. Here, the remains from some collapsed mural.

We spent a little more than an hour in the water (I know, not long at all), and then just crashed.

Grellan too.

Annee taking pics of me changing in the parking lot...

... translates into losing her digicam privledges for the rest of the day.

(ps: thanks for all the pics!)

We left th beach around 5pm and headed back into town to pick up some beers (where I spied this dude's car. Nice sticker, dick.)

We grabbed dinner at The Dock. Tuna melt made with fresh tuna steak = best thing ever.

And then met up the rest of Marc J's crew at the Montockette (spelled wrong?) to catch the sunset.

And some almost-upskirts.

And by the way, Annee and I have the same birthday (June 19). And this dude on the left is June 18. Huh.

When the sun went down (and it started to get cold), we packed up and headed to East Hampton to meet up w/ Janet and her friends (who were nice enough to let us crash at their place Friday night).

Early evening text message from Little Sister Katie setting up some bday party foreshadowing.

Saturday we got up nice and early (er, 9am) to pick up Youngna + crew from the train station. Youngna was shooting some Hamptons magazine party at the Ralph Lauren store in South Hampton so we came as backup (and for the fancy little appetizers). But that's not till later, first up is beach time.

(Youngna, sorry in advance for stealing some of your pics)

Me. Post nap.

G. Post Jedi training.

We crashed at the beach for a few hours before showering up at Janet's place for our Hamptons socialight debut.

7 people in the Hoverpod. Randy drew the short straw and got stuck in the back.

British Jess (not the real British Jess, but the guy that lives inside my car's naviagtion system) safely guided us on our journey. (He's wicked smart)

And then we schmoozed it up w/ fancy people in linen pants.

I stole this pic from Youngna too.

And this one. (G + Janelle + Younga + 2 random girls)

And don't forget this one. (Sorry Youngna, x5).

So, across the street from the Polo store in South Hampton is a toy store. Teendrama superfans may remember this toy store from such stories as Josh's 30th Bday party - oh wait, I never put those pictures online (shit... okay, I just put them on Flickr) - for Josh's 30th, a bunch of us went out to Sag Harbor + me and Chris Gage went on a fieldtrip looking for the Best Birthday Present Ever(tm) which we found at some random South Hampton toy store... which is seen in the photo above... and which is owed by Ali's grandfather (did I get all that right?) Alexa's aunt and uncle. Who knew?!

ps: Ali Alexa - is this one of your relatives?

ps followup: Yup, it's Alexa's uncle.

Okay, so that's enough of the Hamptons... back to my birthday. We left the South Hampton at around 7:30. Piled eight in the Hoverpod (G + Becca split the way-way back) and made the journey back to NYC. Around 11pm we all met up at 12" for a special birthday edition of The No Data.

It got pretty crowded pretty early - maybe evern as crowded as the No Data Holiday Party?

MF (who made the trek from Boston) and Steve hooked a brother up with a new birthday shirt.

Little Sister Katie made a special guest appearance...

... and was indeed rewarded (with a short DJ set) for bringing "hot bitches".

Me + Jill +, oh who's that?, The Lauren Horse all squeezed in the back

(ps: and, no, I am not using some type of bronzer product. I just get wicked tan for some reason - my Mom does too. Like remember, when I was working as a snowboard instructor, I looked like Johnny Tan-a-Lot).

Jill + Steve = makeout city.

Julia + Rob = makeout city? (just kidding)

Thanks to Natasha + Karen #2 + Karen #1 (new haircut!) for stopping by.

(Karen #1 gave me some rad PacMan stickers too)

Pedro. The lion.

Lisa fixing Steve's already-broken ankle.

Rina = slowly becomming a regular?

Jill + Lauren sad that Grellan's DJ set sucked (no joke). I asked all three to make sad faces though Kim wanted no part in our little game.

12" owner Joe and Ali. Downstairs.

This looks like it was taken late night - maybe around 4am. I think we were out of there by about 4:30 or so. I drank so many Nascars I could barely sleep.

Sunday (my birthday!) was actually pretty chill - went to the movies (Batman), went out to dinner (Max's on B) then met Katie and her friend Sam and JJ for drinks at the Magician.

Shoops (read: best sister ever) brought me a cake. Knowing that I don't like cake-cake (too sweet!) she hunted around and got me an ice cream cake.

I guess it was late, and she lives in Chinatown, so the only ice cream cake she could find was this triple decker red bean + leche + mango flavored cake. (Katie! It was good! I swear!)

Jonathan didn't think so.

We stayed out till like 2am. (read: sleeeeepy)

Shoops made good use of my trusty switchblade comb (a bday gift from Becca).

As did JJ.

And that's the end.

Special thanks to everyone who came out (and those who contributed to this pile of bday loot - stickers + keychains + switchblade comb + Entourage season 2 preview DVD + wind up teeth + m&ms + swedish fish + happy corp tshirts + losing $10 scratch ticket + random Brazilian music CDs)

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