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Tuesday June 7, 2005


GMHRD = underpants-only video game contest hosted by the kids at LVHRD. They held it at Barcade out in Brooklyn, a bar with 30+ vintage arcade machines (random fact: Barcade = started by my college roommates). I was contestant #016. (ps: GMHRD = "Game Hard" vs LVHRD = "Live Hard". Get it?). (Pic above stolen from some dude's Flickr account.)

The contest was broken into three rounds, 16 competitors. Highest cumulative score per round advances. I made it to the semi-finals and ranked 3rd overall. Suck it!

First round:
+ 1943
+ Tapper
+ Berzerk (I didn't know you can't touch the walls!)
+ Dig Dug

Second round:
+ Rolling Thunder (yawn)
+ Star Wars
+ Frogger

Frogger fucked me (I didn't know you had to jump in the water at the end, you can't jump onto the grass) and the contest was a little skewed since you can play Frogger like a superstar for 30 minutes and get 8k points and then hit Star Wars for 30 seconds and earn 80k points.

Final round was Track and Field and something else. I was just crossing my fingers I'd make it into the 3rd round in the hopes that I would get to represent at Ms. Pac Man. No such luck.

Anyway, this pic = random cute girl's bum + Erik.J in a fat suit. The innerweb is going to be swimming with pics soon, so start with:

+ Youngna (Flickr)
+ Youngna.com
+ Janelle (Flickr)
+ Corporal Tunnel

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