Tuesday June 7, 2005

weekend away at Adult Camp

So, this past weekend was Adult Camp. The story goes something like this: Becca's friend Dana used to be a camp counselor at this camp up in the Berkshiers (right on the MA / NY border). Every year, the folks at the camp allow the old counselors to come back with some of their friends a few weeks before the camp opens to the kids (hence, "Adult Camp"). Last year, Becca and crew had the Best Time Ever(tm) - this year we were invited to tag along.

This is actually the last pic I took before we left, but I figured I'd lead off with it anyway. There were about 15 of us total that made the trip.

(ps: Lots of recaps for this one. Also see: Becca + Youngna + Josh over at sixfive.net)

Dana sent an email around a few days before telling us what we needed to bring: towels, sheets, some cards, a blanket. I underpacked I guess, thinking we'd be locked away in our warm little cabins. Instead, we were rolling with three-wall cabins (three bunks per cabin). Good times, for those with sleeping bags (hold on, we'll get to that).

Team Big Red 2.0 (me + Grellan + Becca + Youngna + Krucoff) left NYC Friday around 6pm. The route is pretty straightforward for about 95% of the trip, with the last 5% being crazy unmarked, uncharted roads. We made plans to meet Dana at a local pub right near the camp so she could guide us back.

One burger and two beers later, we left to make the 10 minute trip to camp. As I was backing my car our of my parking spot (a little fast admittedly), a cop car was rounding the corner. And, er, I nearly clipped him.

So, the cop turns around, follows me for a minute or so, throws on his lights and pulls me over. The conversation went a little like this:

Him: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: Sure, I pulled out a little quick and almost hit you as you turned the corner.
Him: Yup. You been drinking tonight?
Me: I had one drink with dinner.
Him: Step out of the car, please.

... and so got both the "follow my pen with your eyes" thing ("I said don't move your head!") and the breathalizer treatment...

Him: What else did you do today?
Me: Well, I was at work and then we just drove up here from NYC...
Him: No, what other DRUGS did you do today?
Me: I didn't do any drugs!

... anyway, I passed all the tests (he didn't show me the score on the breathalizer), but I was stressing hardcore. Only because I know that Massachusetts laws are so ridiculously strict that someone of my body weight would be legally "over" after 2 drinks. That's all I was thinking about when I got out of the car - are we in MA yet? Or still in NY? Am I really going to be over after two drinks with dinner?

Anyway, so that was it. The cop made me take my gum out of my mouth, but he wouldn't let me throw it on the ground so I had to put it in my pocket. (where it's still stuck, btw)

So, here's my recreation of the events (once we got to camp and Youngna got her camera out). Dear blogger friends, where were you when I was getting quizzed by the cops? I mean, not even one pic?!

Okay, so let's leave that all behind. We roll into camp around 10pm, set up some fire...

... grab some drinks our of our newly acquired cooler (the red one. $12 @ A&P!).

Becca unpacked the boombox that Andy dragged along and got right to work on No Data :: Camp HiRock.

Dana's friends showed up not too long after. Andy, meet Soriah and Kereth. (sorry, but that's the way I chose to spell your names).

Alison's pal Joseph showed up later on sporting a brand new bottle of Jameson (which Team Hi Rock kicked in about 40 minutes.)

And poor Joseph didn't even make this photo.

Grellan + Andy.

Youngna, all bragging it up that she's an expert smore maker.

You know, it looked like she's got skills...

... but then the whole thing fell apart. (amateur!)

Josh, get in there.

Late night = trip to the lake (no oars to canoe with!) and then a treacherous hike back through the woods. We nearly left Kereth and Soriah for dead.

Later night. Youngna took a nap.

So I licked her face.

Then Josh took a nap.

(Note: I did not lick his face)

Okay, so three wall cabins + getting cold out + I didn't really bring the proper sleeping gear (er, no sleeping bag... I only brought a blanket). Even with the makeshoft Budweiser and Jameson blanket, me + Grellan decided sleeping in the car would be warmer.

Next morning, who's inside the Hoverpod?

("Hoverpod" since the back of the truck makes a whooooossssshhh sound when you open it - kind of like the scene in "Back to the Future" when Marty McFly drives into the barn and then opens the door to the Delorean and the farmer family freaks out thinking he's a space person.)

Ah, that would be Grellan.

8am. The girls woke us up for breakfast.

Eggs and some pancakes. Eggs were take-it-or-leave-it, pancakes were delicious.

Post-breakfast, Dana led us on the hike of all hikes.

Andy all sweating it up.

About 40 mins up. Henry the Little Dog(tm) barfed twice.

But it was probably worth it.

We all just lounged at the top for like a half hour.

Josh, in the middle of nowhere.

360 view from the top of the mountain.

Becca's fingers magically turned into fat little sausages on the way down. (Delicious!)

Andy turned into a sweating machine.

The chatter on the way down was all about the lunch that (we were hoping) would be waiting for us at the bottom (read: camp provided breakfast + lunch + dinner!). Chicken and potatoes = a-okay, but Kool Aid? Rad. (Or: "Oooohhhh yeah!!" - Becca)

After lunch we went back to the lake.

With our trusty cooler.

Grellan threw on his best Abercrombie (sorry, Becca) and caught up on his Cosmo + Lucky.

Me + Becca went on a canoe fieldtrip.

See how far we went out?

It took us about an hour to row in cause Becca is a retard with the oars or paddles of whatever you want to call them. (Well, not really a retard, but we are just incompatible as rowing buddies).

(ps: No, I changed my mind: retarded. Only because there was this one time where I was rowing my face off and we weren't going anywhere and I looked behind me and Becca was sitting there, backwards, rowing the other way. Not the other side, but literally rowing the other way. Come'on!)

Empty cans.

(Yes, mom, we recycled them.)

Johnny Lifeguard was there all day - watching our every move. He yelled at Alison because she didn't have a life preserver on ("It doesn't do any good if it's not clipped!") and blew the whistle at Grellan when they kayaked out too far. I think my favorite was when Andy started swimming outside the kiddie-pool ropes and towards the middle of the lake ("Where on earth is he going?!")

(Bonus points if you can see the tan lines from the Baywatch-swimmy-thing.)

Dude, you can't save lives when you're taking a nap!

When dinner time rolled around, we were treated to not one, but TWO flavors of Kool-Aid.

(red = better.)

Me + Grellan + Kareth + Youngna made a field trip the the closest liquor store (20 mins away) and stocked up on 30 packs + a do-over bottle of Jameson and some of big boy beers that got the patented Growler Cooling Technology(tm) treatment.




Lasted all of 30 minutes.

Followed up hydration techniquies.

And shotgunning.

(bad idea)

We made a field trip through the woods up to this basketball court where we had an unobstructed view of the night sky.

(Er, though this is just a picture of some fire.)

Late night we journeyed down to the lake. Youngna (who messed up her leg in a rollerblade incident a few days earlier), got a ride down.

(Is this story starting to read like an Afterschool Special?)

No idea what time this was, but Grellan was speeding along in the kayak while me + Becca + AK + Kereth + Youngna took the five person luxury boat out for a spin.

(can Kareth look any more Lewis and Clark?)

We tried to sink Grellan, but no such luck.


Youngna! Adult Camp is not for sleeping!

Sunday morning's aftermath.

We rallied at 8am (after 4 hours of sleep?) to make it down for breakfast.

No pancakes this time... just eggs (boo). The eggs had something weird in them, like potatoes or something, but I could't figure it out.

We spotted some of the more B-list cabins on our way home.

Late morning = Operation: Cleanup.

Which then turned into Activity Hour. We made plans to hit the ropes course...

... but Johnny Counselor never showed up. Which may have been a good thing since the ropes are much higher than I remembered. (My whole motivation for the ropes course was the chance to get revenge on the fact that I couldn't do it - read: too scared - when I was 10 at Camp Smuggler's Notch, VT.)

So, we tried to see if we could hit up the archery course and the shooting range (BB guns). No such luck.

We did spy some skylights shot out by campers, though.

We eventually gave up on Activity Hour and went back to the beach. The perspective in this pic is all skewed, but between Josh being 6'5" and standing a few feet closer to shore, Krucoff looks pocket-sized.

Freestyle moment.

On the hike back from the lake we came across this Ranger Rick Prom getup.

(or the work of Pagans????)

(ps: Thanks for the pic, Youngna!)

Leftover beers.

And Blogger hats.

More bags than what-should-have fit in my car.

But we actually jammed all that shit in there.

(Pour a little out for Big Red 1.0)

My car is apparently a Bug Killing Machine.

See what I'm saying?

We stopped for brunch on the way back. I think I had two meatloafs.

I drove, Josh took photos.

Open road and bug-splattered windshield.

4.5 in the backseat (AK + Becca + Henry + Youngna + Grellan).

About half-way back we passed a busload of high school girls. Which was awesome.

And then we got ice cream. (Also, awesome.)

And I finally got cell phone service back (er, forgot to turn dodgeball off for the weekend).

Every summer, no matter what I do or how much sunblock I wear or whatever, I always get one really bad burn.

Earlier in the afternoon, back while we were on the beach, I was almost bragging about how I think I beat the system this year - where I was able to get sun three weekends in a row without getting burned.

Or not. Next year, sun. Next year.

(the end. man, that's a lot of photos)

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