Thursday May 26, 2005

tribeca loft party :: series finale

I am deeply saddened now that the kids from the Tribeca loft now officially evicted. We had one last celebratory destruction-fest there last Saturday night.

It started off with buckets of Chinese food. (dumplings and General Tso's = ta-dow)

Chiense food time turned into lounge time.

And then eventually into nap time for me (we were drinking earlier at work = bad idea). Strle woke me up w/ some Tallboy smelling salts.
(thanks for the pic, Dianne)

Will McD showed up all rowdy, riding Steve's souped up mountain bike early on.

Amateur. He says the front suspension failed him while he tried to traverse the hula hoop.

We found the baby left over from the prom and put it in a bucket filled with pretzels. (delicious!)

Then someone brought a dog and it ate the baby covered in pretzels. (also delicious!)

We knocked over the tree (again).

Becca and Jacob dance-battle'd up the vacuume all Breakin II: Electric Bugaloo style.

Bloggers blogging.

Shoryuken to Will's face.

We emptied the fridge and got all up in there.

Will too.

Though we left Becca in there a little too long. (video, 14mb. Sorry.)

Will Mc.D's friend. The photo is entitled "forgot_your_name_already.jpg"

(Kristen maybe?)

Late night. We broke the top off a cooler and were using it as a hoverboard. It started as a game called Who Can Slide the Furthest On It which then evolved into a Who Can Slide the Furthest and then Pull a Frontside ShoveIt.

I kind of did it. Steve fell.

We got him some ice, cleaned up a bit (actually we didn't clean up at all) and left him to die on the couch. "No way it's broken," I assured him (I am, afterall, a med student). "You'd know if it was broken!"

Sure enough: broken. Surgery and pins needed. We are officially the worst friends ever (when I say "we", I actually mean "I")

(ps: I'll keep you posted on Steve's recovery. And yes, he'll be sporting The Summertime Cast. See, told you - Worst Friends Ever)

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