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Tuesday May 24, 2005

no data prom :: the recap

I know, I know... the NO DATA prom is sooo two days ago. Especially since Younga + Jess + Jake + Ross + Becca + Becca +
Dianne + Grellan already Flickr'ed the shit out of it.

So, the theme was "Redneck Prom" (which we realized in hindsight didn't really mean anything). People's interpretations ranged from Jersey Trash to 70s Tuxes to Pregnant Prom Queen.

ps: Seriously, when you get bored of my pics, check out:

+ Youngna
+ Youngna (, again)
+ Jake.D
+ Grellan
+ British Jess
+ S. Ross
+ Becca
+ Dianne
+ Janelle
+ Krucoff (recap)

We stuck The Girls on the Decorations Committee (1 helium tank + 300 balloons)...

... while we stuck Randy with the drill. Grellan got to stress over the logistics of the prom's corportate sponsor and I got to stress over the guest list. Thanks to drama from parties-past, we had to get a bouncer + guest list to prevent any theft / vandalism / tagging. We cut the list at about 170 people (not including plus-ones).

Me + Randy + Grellan found (sweet) matching tuxes setups at the Most Expensive Thrift Shop in the World (B'way, btw 13 + 14th).

Here, Randy.

I picked up two cumberbunds (one to match Team No Data DJs and one to match my prom date's dress).

A wee bit for foreshadowing.

(See? Green corsaige + green cumberbund!)

Things kicked off around 10:30. About 60% of people came decked out in some type of formal wear.

We rolled dice to figure out the DJ order (between me + Randy + Grell). I got last dibs (read: first slot).

Younga took this pic. I like to think the "Come'on Ride the Train, Choo Ride It" song was playing when it was taken.

Can we run through a little roll call here?

Pregnant Jen D + her pal Dianne.

Doug J offering up 5 cent moustache rides. (PG-13!!!)

Youngna. Thanks for dressing up. Seriously. Asshole!



Dude shows up for a prom party dressed like a shiek = genius.


The Krucoff (aka The Valet).

(note: Katie's friend all Glamour-Shotting it up in the background)

Grellan and his boyfriend.

Little Sister Katie (!!) and her Hungarian girlfriend (who flew in from Cincinatti = bonus points)

(Cute) random dance party girl.

Grellan and Dianne.

Grellan and B.Dizz.

I imported my prom date from Boston...

... and hooked her up with this sweet corsage. (which the nice folks at the Stanton Street flower shop whipped up in 5 minutes for $10 bucks).

(blurry pics surprisingly not from my camera this time)

British Jess and her trash bag dress...

... which she later shed for the hot hooker look.

Shoops and Amanda.

Let's try that again, only this with the lights out. (Please, no making out)

Ah, brilliant. Now get Older Brother Dpstyles97 up in there.

Saucy. Now shirts open - lights in your mouth!

That looks delicious. Now, once more with shirts on, but open. Yes! And get Becca and the Hooters girl in there.

Yes yes yes!

Another one of these.

(Shoops, how'd you get my shirt!?)

Back to Lisa and Jess.

Shoops all tramped up (Katie, that's a good thing!). She borrowed this dress from her Hungarian gf.

Dance Shoops, Dance!

(ps: Note to guy in gray, keep your damn hands off my sister)

I'll cut this dude too.

Late night. Me and Dianne got in a wrestling match (not sure why) and I ended up cutting up arm up pretty good.

(ps: G gave me that shirt, btw. How sweet.)

There was this one time in high school, right after my senior prom (the prom I went to with Amy in NJ), when my mom picked me up from school in her red Aerostar van and just as we're driving down the street, she turns to me and says, "Did you and Amy, well, you know... do it?"

I imagine this is what my Mom must have thought the prom was like.

(ps: I didn't even noticed the upskirt until I started editing these pics)

6am? Me + Lisa. The sun coming up in the background.

(ps: special thanks to Lisa who took just about all of these pics)

We left around 6:30. Shared a cab with Krucoff the Valet. Skipped out on breakfast. Slept in till 2pm.

My prom date walking down Broadway.

Aftermath. We came back around 5pm to pick up the DJ equiptment and scout out the mess. Highlights include: cupcakes smooshed on the walls, graffiti on the window sill, baby doll torsos laying around (from the staged birth at the prom, dur!) and Steve Ross explaining his discovery of a firehose that was turned on down on the 7th floor.

Says Steve, recapping a phone call from the owners of the building:

Owner: "I want you out of there."
Steve: "Oh? Well, I think we'll be fully moved by Monday."
Owner: "Unbelievable." Click.

... it's the end of the era.

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