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Thursday May 12, 2005

post dodgeball close :: dance party @ 12"

Wednesday was a better than average day. After a full afternoon of rounding up documents, signing paperwork, last minute Kinko's runs and conference calls with lawyers, we closed on Google's acquisition of dodgeball. 5:32p calls for celebratory tallboys.

After another hour of launching the new site, sending out an email to all our users and dealing with last minute bugs and post-close customer service, Alex and I headed to the ITP show to see end-of-semester final projects and then to 12" for both Girls DJ Night (aka "Essexy" or "Ho Data") and an ad-hoc dodgeball launch party.

(man, I need a haircut.)

The regulars. Except for 6'5" here - where you been Josh?

Becca bought me some roses from the guy that walks around from bar to bar with flowers in a bucket.

I let Spiers borrow one...

... and Becca smacked me.

Old Jups coming out of the woodwork. Here, me + Ken Allard, my first boss / mentor / advisor / all-around-good-guy.

If you were to look to my right as this photo was being taken you would have seen Gage + MsKoStar + Lattistar + Lucas + Marc.J.

Me + Becca + hole in a my crotch.

Q: What does the dodgeball / Google acquistion mean for Teendrama?
A: A new digicam! No more blurry photos! Oh man, I can't wait to dump my shitty as SD10 for a S300. Maybe tomorrow?!? Oh man, awesome.

Randy, all crazy like!

Crazies, all crazy like!

("She has the eyes of the devil!")

Krucoff, getting his swerve on with Julia and her slamming graduation dress.

Graduation dress, oh yes, she just finished up at SVA! (is that right?) Congrats!

And then Krucoff spilled lager all over her diploma.

Ms. Strle and British Jess. This is just around the time when Danielle tricked me into promising to drive her to Home Depot. :)

Late night. A montage of pics from Jess' Flickr account. Her pics tell a much better (much less crunked) story than mine.

Late late night. I dunno where I picked up this bad habit of taking my shirt off late night. Randy made me do it. Stoopid pusher.

When Signature Shots(tm) go bad.

Around 3am or so, Joe asked us to leave. I don't blame him. Some of us left, though me + British Jess went to meet Marc.J and Lucas at 151. Good times. I was a wee bit hungover this morning. Wee bit.

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