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Sunday May 8, 2005

mother's day weekend back in boston

I was back in Boston this weekend. The trifecta of Little Sister Katie's return from a semester in France, Gam and Anne returning from a winter in Florida, and the chance to wish Mom a happy Mother's day in person was all very interesting, but it was ultimately the promise of a Chinese Food Mother's Day Bonanza that got me on the Amtrak Friday evening.

Here, Saturday morning. Mom snapped this photo before we left to pick up Shoops @ Logan Airport.

We waited at the airport for an hour or so before Katie busted through customs and I had the chance to sport my "Welcome Back" banner.

Hold on a sec as we rewind to about an hour earlier... Back at my parent's house as I admire my artistic handiwork:

Dad: Er, you spelled "sister" wrong.
Me: Fuck.

First item on Katie's Back-in-the-USA agenda: eat a PBJ sandwich.

(Mom = had it specially packed! = bestest.)

Sorry that these pics are all over the place.

Bertuccis for dinner, then a quick nap, then a fieldtrip into Boston to meet up with MF, Ms. Meg and Mike.d @ Blue Cat.

Here, me and Mike.d at Whiskey's.

Late night.

I made out with Some Girl in the backseat of my dad's car.

Late-late night.

I dialed MF 100x until I woke him up and forced him to let me crash on his Special-Friend's(tm) mini couch.

Note: Cowboy-Up tee, pajamma pants (sweet!) and signature Fancy Shoes MF footware. (4:30am?)

Sunday morning. We kicked MF to the curb and me + Mom + Dad + Shoops hit June's Place for breakfast.

What you see here is a dual order of The Hungry Man's Special: pancakes + eggs + bacon + sausage + toast + homefries = $4.95

What you see here is the cheapeset bill ever.

Fast forward to our next meal - aka "Chinese Food Mother's Day Bonanza". A little foreshadowing.

I wish I took a pic of my plate: some steamed pork dumplings, a little General Tso's, boneless spareribs, multiple varities of rice, lobster sauce (yeah!).

Post dinner we busted out the Mother's day cards + gifts (not to mention the obligatory $2 scratchies - two winners, btw)

(Video, right to left = cousin Michelle, Mom, Auntie Jean (mom's sister), cousin Paul, Gam, Anne, Paul's wife Erin, Katie, Dad, me, then Michelle again. Uncle Neil is half-asleep on the couch watching Return of the Jedi).

In addition to "Macs for Dummies", Mom got the barbell that was screwed into my tongue for the past 5 years. Best Mother's Day ever!

Moving into the family room, scandalous digicam pics making the rounds on the Ceiva frame.

And here we are now. 11:13pm.

MF fixing his busted PC iPod.
Me fixing my busted Mac iPod.
Katie making an abacus (or a necklace) out of fake pearls.

(Note Steven Johnson's new book. No, I haven't started it yet.)

Can I go to bed yet?

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