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Friday May 6, 2005

reggae dance party taxi

It's thesis season at ITP. That means the floor is crazy and everyone is all spazzed out and stressed. Thursday was an all-star lineup with James Robinson + Mel Camero + Karen Bonna all presenting their work.

KB's presentation was at 12:40. I was working at home most of the day, running late of course, and didn't leave my apt till 12:30.

I flagged down a cab at the corner of Delancey and Suffolk. The guy had just come across the bridge, wasn't carrying any passengers and was blasting reggae music as loud as the cabbie stero would go. So I get in, the guy can barely hear what I'm saying ("Braodway and Waverly!") and then turns the music up ever louder (which I thought was awesome, btw).

We shoot down Delancey and he's in the left lane (foreshadowning a southbound turn) and I was all "Where are you going?!" Mind you, were are screaming at each other cause the music is so loud. He yells back "Braodway and Leroy!". So I had to yell up and correct him ("No no no, Braodway and Waverly!"). Then the song ended (Delancey and Elizabeth) and we had like two seconds of dead air on the radio before the next song started and he turned it up again.

He must have loved loved loved the new track cause we went speeding up Lafayette (almost clipping some dude crosssing the street). I filmed it with my digicam. Half because it was awesome and half because I though I was going to die.

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