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Thursday December 9, 2004

12" + bingo + no data

Hi. We're the NO DATA djs. We spin records down at this bar called 12" on Houston & Essex. Actually, we're just playing CDs. Now that I think of it, we're not even technicaly DJing since we're just cue'ing up songs. But we also play bingo.

Yeah, every Wednesday is Bingo night @ 12", right?

Grellan + me + Kristen + Jill rolled in after the open-bar The Onion was hosting dried up. Fairly crunked for a school night.

Which may not be a good thing considering Bingo requires some hardcore concenration.

Double vision, perhaps? (or did Grellan's date ditch him? Player!)

A 12" staple - not made with liquor, mind you (12" is too close to the school across the street to get a proper liquor license), these are brewed with Mad Dog. (Yes, as in 20/20)

Why, yes please. Thank you, Jess.

For your kindness.

Joe (dude in the middle) is the owner and the genuis behind the logistics of the famed NO DATA night.

Actually, we have another NO DATA coming up this Wed (12/15, 10p) - you should join us. We just figured out the lineup, you know?

A struggle, no doubt.

Though Randy walked away the big winner in the end. Put it on, man!

Yeah, that looks good on you.

For some reason (dodgeball?), I split to meet some friends at Schillers. Which then lead to Johnsons'.

Which lead to these girls...

... making out? Come'on, it's a school night!

This is a picture Randy took in my absence. That beer is literally larger than Becca's head.

Is this the famed thong headband all the kids are talking about?

And when did we win a balsa wood plane?

Seriously, let's get Becca in there.


The end, for real.

Unless you want to see Randy one-up me again with his digicam skillz. Asshole!

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