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Tuesday May 3, 2005

apple products vs. the crowley family

It's been no secret that my Mac hates me. Actually, every Apple product I own (except for my iShuffle hates me). Alex (official troubleshooter for all my Mac woes) swears it's "user error", but when Apple Mail won't undo deleted messages, randomly loses messages and tells me I have only sent 8 messages in the last three months then something else is wrong. My AirTunes (wireless iTunes thing) often just starts blanking out in the middle of songs and my iPod gets about 40 mins worth of battery life before needing a recharge.

Then, I saw this on my brother's website today - his Powerbook hinge just broke off, rendering his laptop unusable unless the screen is propped up against a wall or something. Apple wants him to pay $900 to get it fixed.

I've had similar shitty experiences at the Apple Store. When I rolled in with my 40-minute-iPod they told me I could pay them 60 bucks to buy Apple Care so I could leave it over night so they could test it. No thanks. (Better story: when a DVD got stuck in my PowerBook, and my modem stopped working, and my screen was flickering and my USB port broke and my speakers stopped working, I brought the thing over to the Apple Store and because I had Apple Care they fixed it in a mere 5 weeks!)

Anyway, I was chatting with my friend PW about this stuff this morning. When I showed her the pics of Jonathan's screen she was like, 'It's covered in dust! He probably doesn't even take care of it!" "Ah whatever," I thought as I ended my IM session and double checked my iPod battery (which I had charged yesterday) before I went for a run. Half full.

"Half full" apparently last 12 minutes. By the time I got to the FDR, the battery was done. I managed to get it to start up again after about 5 mins of no music, but then it gave me the stoopid "Repairing Disc" icon. And after that I got the "Question Mark Folder" icon.

Apple hates me. And my brother. And the whole Crowley Family.

We picked up an iMac for my parents over Easter. Their Windows ME machine they've had for a few years was too messed up from spyware to use or even fix. My Dad wasn't too happy as the Mac was more expensive than a PC, but I wanted to get my Mom (who just got a new digicam) up on iPhoto and Flickr. I also picked up a new printer for them.

Between the two of them, all my Mom and Dad want to do is check AOL, email photos and print fantasy baseball stats. AOL works fine, iPhoto doesn't recognize AOL as a mail client so they can't easily send photos (what the fuck!), and the printer stopped working the day I left (every print job gets stuck in the queue and then gets deleted). My dad calls me every day asking me to troubleshoot it remotely (which I have no idea how to do). I can fix most of this stuff when I get home for Mother's Day, but come'on!

Er, this one is my fault though. I was out w/ Marc.J and Katie.D one night and took a digger over a parked bicycle (don't ask), fell into the street as my shoulder bag (er, carrying my laptop) broke my fall.

Busted scree. $1600 to fix says Apple (understandable, it's my fault). So I bought a new one. What else am I going to do? Buy a stoopid Windows machine? (the end)

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