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Sunday May 1, 2005

saturday are for birthdays and loft parties

I stayed in Friday and did work, so this edition of Weekend Recap kicks off on Saturday night way over on the west side where Rudy (from Ken and Rudy fame) was celebrating his 40th birthday (with his evil twin brother - just kidding, he's not evil, though it would be a much cooler story if he was).

Anyway, the party was over at The Park (18th and 10th Ave) - Pete Sargent and Marc. J (both friends from my Jup days) warned me ahead of time that it was a fancy, fancy place (read: no sneakers). So, I went out an bought these fancy (er, more-fancy-than-sneakers) shoes...

See? Of course, stoopid Mark Johnson rolled in wearing a pair of Canadian-flag Nikes(, dick). Pair of Legs #3 belong to Marc's gf Anne (or Annie? or Annee? Hi.)

Me + Marc + Ken + shoryuken = blurry. Thanks again, you piece of shit digicam.

Next stop = College Humor party @ the Leonard Street loft.

I met up with Grellan + Steve on the 9th floor (aka the venue for No Data loft parties) before journeying downstairs. If Bud tallboys + Red Bull = Nascars. Tecate + Red Bull = El Nascaro. (or, as Andy is pushing, "The Speedy Gonzalez")

We took a quick fieldtrip to the roof to check out the damage done during the last No Data party. Either the coked up hip hop kids or the meth'ed out indie kids tagged the roof (with paint supplies left in the stairwell, no less). My vote is that the hip hop kids are guilty. Next party = mandatory guest list thanks of all this madness.

We got in the elevator and journeyed downstairs. The college humor kids are pretty hardcore about their "no shoes" policy.

So, we left ours at the door.

Dance party from about 1am on. Our hosts just acquired a new baby grand piano so they had a jazz band playing for the first hour or so. Then everything went all Missy Elliot.

Doug.J showed up with the Happy Corp (Matt + Ben + Wesley + Jen) in tow, fresh from Jen.D's going away party at Village Karoke.

Note the limited edition "Penis Hug" shirt, a tribute to Jen D's genius.

Best Guests Ever(tm) always travel with a bodega bag full of PBR.

Seriously, once I get a j - o - b first thing on my list-of-things-to-do is replace my Canon Powershot SD10 with a brand new SD300.

Grellan's brother was in full effect (read: crunked), doign his best to fight off Jen.D (also, crunked) in front of his wife (prob not crunked).

Katie.D with treasures found deep within the bodega bag.

Me watching patientally as Dianne and Danielle get their flirt on.

Then the Brass Monkeys came out. (Remind you this is late night, 3am?)

Brass Monkeys are bad news when you start at 10, never mind when you start when the night is supposed to be ending. I was wise enough to steer clear - Strle may still be sleeping off her hangover, for all I know.

But that's what you get when you travel with the Brass Monkey starter-kit in your handbag. Seriously, legend.

We added some Melissa the Pilot into the mix.

Who had her pseudo-celebrity friend in tow. (I don't think I am allowed to outst the story behind the celeb status, am I?)

Accidential upskirt.

Not-so-accidential upshirt.

We quit around 6am and left Steve's apt in search of a diner. Poor Jessica got caught in the stairwell. [video, 22mb]

(Dianne, sorry I called you a freak)

We ened up at Moonshine (6th & Spring?) where we found Katie.D and Jen.D making out.


Pastrami and eggs is seriously the most delicious early morning breakfast thing you can ever order. It's my new staple and I highly recommend pastrami in general. (actually, I had a pastrami sandwich for lunch a mere 8 hours after this pic was taken. I really like pastrami.)

As does Katie.

And Jen.

I got home at 7am. I slept in till 2pm. Thank you El Nascaro!

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