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Wednesday April 27, 2005

some monday, some tuesday

I just stole this pic from Jessica's Flickr account (I can post right from Flickr to teendrama?! who knew?). Taken late Monday night, sitting in my favorite seat in all of NYC (front corner @ The Magician).

Taught my last class at ITP last night. Semster is over with. Final presentations were good - though trying to flip through 16 of them in 2.5 hours was a bit ambitious (we ran about 30 mins over). Big thanks to my four guest reviewers: Brian, Lucas, Dianne and Clay. The ITP Spring Show is coming up in a few weeks (May 10 - 11). Throw it on your iCal and make sure to swing by.

ps: Just in: more LVHRD pics from Youngna.

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