Monday December 13, 2004

weekend roundup (+ teendrama relaunch)

Hi! A few things...

1. Back in 2002 my grandmother sent me an email that said "Your website sucks". So the new design is my brand-new attempt to make her a little happier and to keep the updates a little more consistent.

2. NO DATA dj night this Wednesday (12/15) @ 12" (Houston & Essex, 10p). Put it on your iCal - half NO DATA, half dodgeball Christmas party (can I say that?), featuring a french documentary filmmaker who's doing a story on dball. Wear your bestest "bad office party" attire.

3. Of course, every teendrama update comes with a freshly updated quoteboard.

4. No, Jonathan's pic won't be up there forever. It'll rotate someday, auto-swapping new photos in. It'll be cool.

5. Special shoutout to Grellan for recoving my lost cell phone. Quick vesion of the story: Lose my phone in a cab on our way to Grammercy Park hotel Saturday night; we call the phone and get the cab driver who's on his way to Astoria; we make plans to meet up w/ the cabbie later but he gets in a car wreck (no joke); since he only has Grellan's number, Grellan finally gets in touch with him late Sunday and makes the recovery. I was like a Christmas miracle. Well done, Grellan.

6. Verizon sucks. $285 phone bill. One month. I swear, they will go out of their way to fuck you in any way possible.

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