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Monday April 18, 2005

weekend recap #2 // dianne's birthday

Saturday = Dianne's bday party at the No Data Loft(tm) (aka Steve's apt). Seriously, Steve was nice enough to let Dianne throw her birthday party at his Tribeca loft (sound familiar?) and Dianne was nice enough to invite Team No Data (me + Randy + Grellan) to DJ.

Dianne was also kind enough to make 800 cupcakes.

These pics are all over the place. I have almost nothing of the pre-party. The night was slow starting, even around 12:30 the place was looking empty.

We got there are 9:30. I snapped this pic at the bodega downstairs at 9:34p. Taking inventory.

Second run @ 12:32am.

Third @ 2:18am.

And once more at 3:04am.

Mom and Dad who were in town to see Saturday Night Live (w/ Tom Brady) made a special guest apperance around 1:30am.

Please note that my dad is brown bagging a wine glass chock full of Nascar (Nascar? Come'on! Bud Tallboy + Red Bull!).

Mom was curious so we gave her a try.

Not quite the "Sweet Jesus! This is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted!" reaction I was hoping for.

Then we shot some family photos. Matt Spangler, where'd you come from!?

Then me + Mom busted out our Kid 'N Play dance routine (as Dianne is busy looking all kkkkrazy in the background).

And I posed for this curious photo.

Special guests include:

Sweet sweet Lindsey.

Sweet sweet Katie.

Sweet Sweet Me + Lisa + AK. (I stoke this pic from Jessica)

And then there was Will Mc.D and his entourage of NBC ladies. Player please!

Please note, this is not the first time that Will had been featured in such "player, please" action shots.

(Speaking of "player, please," where is MF during all of this? What time did you get there / leave? How did you not make it into any pics?!)

And then yet another upskirt shot. Lockhart I see, but who are the other girls? (Leslie?)

The night was one big dance party from 2am on. I remember looking at my watch around 3:45 (when party was strill going strong) and thinking, "Shit, we're not going to make last call in the LES." Next time I looked at my watch it was like 5:30am and I was thinking that I must have accidentially hit the button that sets the time because there's no way it's almost 6am.

Then the sun came up.

We ended up leaving at 6:10am.

So we left Tribeca as one big happy family...

... some of us made it to Odessa for breakfast.

(One of us barely made it :)

Highly recommended: Pastrami and eggs.

Not highly recommended: whatever Randy got.

Oh, I almost forgot that I found this guy's cell phone in the back of the cab.

So, I first I changed his wallpaper and stuff.

And browsed through his address book. (Ray, you're filthy!)

And his text messages. (Ray, settle down!)

He (Ray) eventually called me and we met up at Odessa. He was pretty stoked to have his phone back - and I was happy to help out seeing I left mine in a cab a few months back. Karma = full circle.

This is literally the end. I took this at 7:28am.

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