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Sunday April 17, 2005

weekend recap #1 // friday birthday roundup

As promised, we kicked off Friday with the FREE PIZZA PARTY I won at 12" (business card drop, remember?). Strangely, there was another pizza party there (though not a FREE one) - actually it was more of an office party. We locked ourselves into the VIP corner for safety.

Then we went to Janelle's bday party at The Dove over in the West Village. For some reason I don't have any of my own photos from this, so I stole this one from Youngna. She has a ton of pics - some of which are just amazing.

ps: Jess has some pics on Flickr too.

We left around midnight to hit Karen Marsala's birthday @ Sweet and Vicious. I found this discarded gem en route.

Buy my sandwich!

Sweet and Vicious. Me and Karen. It's her birthday.

Bonus points if you noticed I am wearing the same shirt as the dude on the dodgeball.com homepage.

Okay, I'll be honest with you and admit that the signature shoot-up shots are getting a little tired. Here me + Karen + mystery girl in white (?). Up-shirt = accidential. Honest.

Anyway, to take these shots, I put my digicam on timer-mode (10 seconds) then put it on the floor. Right before the flash goes off, the camera flashes this amber-colored light for a few seconds. Right before the flash went off for (I think) this pic some drunk girl runs on over and intentionally steps on the camera. If course I'm like "What are you doing, crazy girl?" and she's all like "Oh, sorry sorry sorry... I thought it was a cigarette!"

See? Tired. (warning: more of these coming in Saturday's recap.)

Randy looks like he's doing some kind of magic trick. Is that Natasha in black?

Know what else is getting tired? My fucking digicam taking blurry photos. Seriously, of this roll oflike 60 photos from KM's bday, like 15 of them are blurry. If you squint wicked hard you can see Ms. Jessica + MF (who rolled in fresh from the Boston Amtrak @ 1am) + my "free pizza party winner!" nametag.

By the way, I am using a Canon Powershot SD10. Don't buy this camera. It sucks.

(ps: and it was taking blurry pics waaaay before that stoopid girl stepped on it)

Shoes. From Dove? From Sweet and Vicious? Mine are the blue ones. I actually don't even like those shoes anymore.

Okay, we're crunked at this point. Like, "See you in Blackout City!" crunked. You would never be able to tell from this photo as MF and Jess are all innocent smiles.

See? Crunked. Anyway, we all left Sweet and Vicious and headed to The Magician (, of course). Randy and Andy and Becca and others (?) were there too (I swear!), though I have no photographic evidence of this.

I spilled a drink on Jess. Actaully, I think the drink exploded.

So we swapped shirts. For those new to the internet, this is the perfect example of the type of photo that should never be put online. Jess looks disgusted.

I ended up going to bed at like 5am. Stoopid MF wakes me up at 10am so we can go to the ballgame (Mets) with Steve + Jill. We trek All. The. Way. To. Queens. only to find out that the game is sold out. Between the four of us, we're only able to get two tickets. MF takes one, Jill opts out, Steve + I flip a coin. I lost. Then took the train back to Manhattan w/ Jill. Worst trip to Queens ever.

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