Wednesday April 13, 2005

the end of the NYC MakeOut Club?

Ever heard of MeetUp? It's a website that helps people organize, well, meet ups in physical spaces around affinity interests. For example, you're a Dungeons & Dragons fan in rural Massachusetts? Create a MeetUp, pick a date + time + place to meet and a whole bunch of D&D folks will show up ready to play.

There's all sorts of MeetUps - those for people that like small dogs, knitting, or Howard Dean. In NYC, we always end up running into the PhotoBlogger MeetUp which meets from time to time at The Magician.

Anyway, I wanted to wrap my head around all the great things MeetUp can do for you, so I started a group called the NYC Make Out Club. We met twice - once at the Magician (which was tame) and once at Local 138 (where it was a make out factory!).

But, alas, MeetUp started charging for groups today - $19/month! So kids, I guess that's the end. Looks like you'll have to do your making out in the parked van under the Williamsburg Bridge or something.


By the way, during out two-month run, we had a bunch of the sketchy people join the group (all of which I had to kick out). I eventually set the group up so it was "invite only", after which I received this message:

Subject: A message from someone interested in NYC Make Out Club
Date: April 13, 2005

Hi, I'd like to join this group. You can learn about me by checking out my website, Dean's Den, at http://www.hannotte.net. Thanks!

Unlucky, as if MeetUp wasn't going the pay route and this wasn't the end of the Make Out Club, this dude would totally be in. (make sure to turn up your speakers before clicking the link).

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