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Monday April 11, 2005

closing weekend at mount snow

To all the suckers, that bailed on the last weekend in VT, you missed out. 59 degrees on Saturday, 65 on Sunday - two of the best days I've ever had on snow.

Me + Jonathan + British Jess journeyed up late Friday night to close the mountain down. Here, a preview of our second-to-last-day from the deck.

"Spring" conditions. Rocks, grass and lots of other things to jump over. This run right under the lift was actually closed down long ago. Surprisingly, the rest of the trails were pretty well covered. A little slush here and there, super soft moguls and little ponds showing up near the lifts.

(Stay tuned for JJ's pics - I traded him exclusive rights to this weekend's motherload of pics and videos for an ice cream sandwich).

Saturday morning. What's this? A gift from the spring skiing Easter Bunny? What could it be?

A can of Bud? Aaawwww, Easter Bunny, you're the best!

I can't wait to drink you on the chairlift!

JJ's verdict: Delicious.

Though we'll still pour a little out in memory of a slamming 04/05 season. Recognize.

End of the day. Apres ski scene moved outside due to the super warm weather. (Remind me to link to JJ's ski pants discotheque video)

$8 tallboys and packed picnic benches at the mountain vs. 11 growlers and a seat on the deck at home.

We dusted off the frozen steak tips in the freezer and British Jess mixed up some makeshift marinade.

Sunday 3pm @ the summit. All tired out from bump runs and trips through the park.

One pre-last-run shoutout to my lucky Syracuse mittens before Jay and I busted out a seven-hit, fluid park run to end the season. (read: Best. Last run. Ever.)

With the lifts @ Mount Snow now closed for the season, I've got 26 days on snow. Jonathan takes second with 21. Little Sister Katie placed in a distant 3rd with 6, but then again she's been abroad all semester (, but who's fault is that?)

Killington's season doesn't end till mid May. There's talk that me + Karen (+ Natasha? + Grellan?) may shoot to get one last weekend.

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