Thursday April 7, 2005

60 degree day trip to hunter

1am early Wednesday morning when Karen and I decided to skip out on NYC and go riding. 12 hours later and we were on the chairlift at Hunter Mtn.

60 degrees out, maybe the warmest day I've ever been out on snow. The website said "spring" conditions which basically means gaping holes in the snow coverage, some exposed rocks, wet boots. With all my gear in VT, I had to rent a board (Burton Cruzer 155) and some step-ins.

The guys spent all day building a kicker off the lunch deck. Hit it late in the day, but the take off (upper left) was super narrow. The park at Hunter was pretty beat up, but the pipe was perfect as all the vert melted off the walls. Karen spent the afternoon perfecting her signature McSit off the backside wall.

2.5 hour ride home. I took this from the sunroof, trying to get the mountain in the background, but no such luck.

24 days so far this year. This weekend = 25. Pow pow!

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