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Friday November 26, 2004

thanksgiving in vermont

We did Thanksgiving up in Vermont this year - half as a housewarming thing, half as an attempt to get some days on snow before December (too bad it rained the whole time).

Here, Big Dig not only with the turkey, but with the DIG branded turkey courtesy of the branding iron we got him as an late bday / housewarming present.

Thanksgiving is also Mom & Dad's anniversay time, so I left NYC on a Monday, took a bus to Springfield to meet up w/ Little Sister Katie, drove back to Medway, went through boxes and boxes and boxes of old photos looking for old ski pics, then spent the next morning at Walmart making dups. (remind me to put those pics online - they're rad).

Anyway, post all the hard word, me & Shoops celebrate with some 99 cent nugs as we start the trek.

I wanted to stop at Denny's Pantry but those mf'ers were closed.

The house in VT sleeps 9 maybe (w/ pull out couch) - we had 11 staying with us with means reconfiging beds. Here: Dig sliding down the stairs, trying to recreat the broken-sled incident we pinned on Jonathan.

Quality time with the family. I was crunked when I took this.

Cousin Michelle serving up tequila shots. (meant for Erin who was dealing w/ cousin Paul's post fender-bender drama)

Uncle Junior serving up a little clams casino.

Me serving up Katie's new ski hat.



Got one day of skiing in (Saturday) - 3 lifts, 7 trails. Considering it was pouring out for 2 days straight, then had pretty good coverage for only making snow for < 24 hours.

Not a bad first day out - Jay was having little luck trying to frontside the rails in the park, Katie was nailing straight 50-50s, I took one of the top 5 falls ever (literally just fell off rail onto my back) - no health insurance! Wooo!

View from the chairlift. You can actually see the house from the lift. [bigger]

Jackie + Dig met us in the lodge when the lifts closed. I really need to start taking some more pics. These pics suck.

ps: Mom says, "never again" about Thanksgiving in VT. Huh.

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