Friday December 10, 2004

crashing elle magazine

As part of our effort to garner as many free drinks as possible this holiday season, Grellan and I crashed the Elle magazine party Thursday.

Some band was playing. (Rachel, who???)

And it was held in some converted template on Norfolk. (Grellan, where???).

We ran into Janet and Rachel (old roommate) - neither of whom work for Elle.

(Grellan, focus!)

Oh. Janet all stuffed up with free-drink tickets.

Grellan sporting the must-have Elle giftbag: (1) copy of Elle Girl, (1) "Angel" CD, (1) Sarah Mlynowski book, (1) Ari Hest CD, (2) gift certificates to Peanut Butter and Co., (1) thing of Garnier stuff, (1) M&M candy bar.

Around 11p we headed over to the after-party at The Delancey - which was suprisingly B&T-free for a Thursday night. Bonus: fireplace and roof deck was open (tented-in and heated!).

I dunno what's up with my digicam as of late - like 30% of the photos I've been taking are blury. Stoopid Grellan says its because I don't hold the camera still - well, you know what, asshole!, the camera was on the floor when I took this.

Not late-night, but later-night.

Janet. Grellan. Me. (A-list only, Rachel)

Me and a kick in the nuts from Grellan.

(flashback #1, flashback #2)

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