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Finally a SXSW 2008 recap! - Wedding crashing, lobby swimming, and five 4am nights worth of free drinks (oh and also there were some internet panels)

Hey, welcome to Part 2 of my catching up before I take off for Sweden (!!). With any luck Part 3 - ski season recap! - should be up over the weekend (what, you missed Part 1? But that what's Mom's 60th bday!) Anyway, so let's finally get this SXSW recap out of the way (er, from first week in March!)

So, SXSW = South by Southwest, the interactive + film + music conference festival that's held down in Austin, TX every Spring. Alex and I went down on the Google dime in 2006 and it was amazing (esp since dodgeball was the Next Big Thing at the time). We went down again in 2007, though that was when me + Alex were brawling with Google over their neglect of dodgeball (all while Twitter was blowing up as the Next Big Thing). So 2008... I wasn't really too hot on the idea of going down. I'm kind of in-between-jobs and in-between-projects and just wasn't really that fired up for it. Then again, everyone in the world was headed to Austin... Alex, Karen, Kevin.K, Harry.H, Danny Denver and just about everyone I know from ITP whose now out in SF.

With about 2 days before the conference, Alex and Kevin start giving me for shit for not planning on coming. I did't have a plane ticket, I did't have a hotel (er, impossible to find even 2 months before the festival) and I didn't have a badge ($500!). I started IMing with Karen about maaaayyybbbee coming down - secret surprise style, which is when Karen said I could crash in their hotel for a night. And then Danny Denver turned out to have an extra place to crash. And then I started looking at plane tix and realized I had a Jet Blue voucher. And then heard that my buddy Ryan who was running a panel on Location Aware Gaming had a open spot to fill (poor Slavin had pneumonia) which would score me a freebee speaker's badge. So, early Friday afternoon - while everyone was already en route to Austin - I scrapped together my five-days-in-Austin itinerary, packed my lil' green backpack and headed to JFK. I text'ed Karen to tell her know that I managed to scam my way down and to try to keep all the ITP kids out late enough so I could make a secret surprise entrance... masterplan was to get in around 10:30p, roll into downtown Austin around 11p. Woo-hooo!


... and they I get to JFK and realize that Jet Blue has crushed my dreams yet again. My 8:45 flight delayed 2+ hours - pushing my 12am arrival time, back to around 3am.


Long story short, I told KB to keep everyone out till midnight. She knew I was super delayed and kept people out as late as possible. By the time I rolled up to the SXSW's opening night after-party (er, 3:55am) there were no more beers, no more good times, and Alex and Ron and Manlio and Danny and KB (good bless them) were all Slurry McCrunkedaLot. Still a successful late night reunion!


... just enough time for one of these...


... before making the trek over the bridge...


... to crash with Alex and Karen in their loooovveee suite. And goodnight!


Hello Saturday! The panel I fandangled myself onto ("You Are Here, Gaming and Geolocation") was one of the very first panels of the conference. Bad because the panel isn't as crowded as it would be if it was in the afternoon, good because at least you get it out of the way, leaving you stress free for the rest of the festival.

and ps: "In Between Jobs" is the best job of all jobs!sat_panel.jpg

The panel was good... Ryan from Skyhook moderated, Jeremy from Geocaching confronted some of his geostalkers, Will Carter ripped it up with MobZombies and I showed a bunch of the same slides as I showed last year... but that was the point! Not much has changed in the past year, geolocation on phones is still wonky and the iPhone SKD is not a panacea because apps can't run in the background.

ps: hey, free pass!


Oh, and a pretty good turnout for 11:30am. Why you kids gotta hate on the front row?

Saturday, Saturday... what did we do Saturday? (see, this is the problem with doing a recap like two months later). Prob a hit a few panels, ate some lunch, blah blah blah... (after a few years at SXSW, I've got the panel picking system down... (a) hit all the keynotes - even if they don't sound like something you'd be into and (b) hit the panels with brand-name speakers).

By the way, special thanks to all those who came out to see the panel (ITP kids representing front row!). 10% of said "thank you" goes to Alli Mooney who rolled in just as the crowd was applauding our intellectual musings...


... though I'll give her bonus points for a SUPER HOT BADGE PHOTO! Hahahah!


Oh, so post-panel I realized I didn't have any business cards (er, partly because I don't have no mf'ing job!). So I recruited Karen and Alex (my new interns!) to help me whip up some quickie photocopied cards @ Kinkos.


Pretty good, eh? We're not so good at cutting, so they're all different shapes, which makes them all special. SuperKB even signed some of hers - special limited edition, sucka!


Then I took the kiddies out for Jamba Juice (company offsite!) to thank them for all their photocopyin' hard work.

This is also probably the appropriate point in this story to address my fucking awful haircut. I got at the barbershop down the street that Will McD recommended. For $11 this guy ruined my life. Today, about two months after, it's still a shitty haircut, just longer. I look like LLoyd from Dumb and Dumber.


The nights at SXSW get a little blurry - there's panels all day long and free drinks every night till 4am . On any given night there may be five or six parties to go to... some starting right after panels end (5p), some starting 8, 9, 10pm and then there's always the after party @ Pure Volume Ranch (which Danny Denver + Austin + crew run) which goes from whenever until 4am.

Here? Alex + rims. Kind of a teendrama tradition (and speaking of recaps I wish I wrote back in the day - stoopid teendrama).


Saturday night, with a little help from the archived SXSW schedule, let's recreate this thing (ha, so nerdy). At 6pm, we headed down to Six Bar where Razorfish was throwing a lil party. We headed right to the roof, grabbed a nice big table, 10 freebee beers, ordered a truckload of apps (not free) and reunited (through the magic of dodgeball - who knew?!) with our 1000 closest friends.


Fast forward maybe 2 hours? Party is winding now, everything in the 8pm slot (Frog Party) is going to be packed so we're looking for something to help kill some time. "Hey, what's that up there... looks like there may be a party in the penthouse of that hotel. Let's go check it out!"

So me + Danny walk into the lobby (fancy Chase building?), leaving our entourage of ten people waiting outside for further instruction. We tell the doorman / security guy that we're here for the party upstairs, that some girl invited us last night. He shoots us the "Are you suuuurreeee" look before calling upstairs to double check with the guest list...


... meanwhile, our entourage (Boomer, Case, Mike, KB, Alex, Ali, Dan, KK, etc) decide not to follow orders and use our conversation with the security guard as cover to bolt through the lobby and into the elevator.


Which is when I had to break the news to those kids that they were in the express elevator to some fancy wedding upstairs (the security guard was like "... you're not on the list. Are you sure you're here for the wedding?" and Danny and I look at each other and are all "um, wrong party."

And eventually the elevator returned and we left. Ha!

Next up, and 800 person sushi dinner, somewhere a stone's throw from the Chase Prom Wedding Party. If anything, watch how quickly $250 of sushi disappears.


And after that? Hmmm... again blurry. Just like every other night, we ended up at Pure Volume (Danny's party) late night. Inside, DD, Mike Sharon, Aubs and a really creepy looking D.Raffle (sorry man!).


Also, special guest panel moderator Ryan Saver and his babygirl. Who's the dude packing an nGage?


This pic is called "how_danny_rolls.jpg". 19 year olds in the front, Sweet Sweet Pound Sign (er, more on that later) on the side. Creepy Vampire dude in the background.


Late night. The Rainertz pulling a Camero TNO in the elevator. (ZING to all you link clickers! A younger, rowdier Dennis Crowley would have actually linked to that photo!)


Saturday. Like 4am. Danny's Hotel (my 2nd home of the weekend) has this late night lounge where you can buy frozen Ellios pizzas and microwave them up. So so so super delicious. And goodnight!

And the quick crashing scoresheet so far:
Fri: Crashed w/ Alex + Karen
Sat: Crashed w/ Danny + Austin + Dan


And hello Sunday! Did I even go to any morning panels? Two 4am nights in a row were making me a feel a little cracked out already (er, and we're not even a third of the way through this recap!).

Looks like the 3:30 panels were kind of weak (overheard via dodgeball shout: "Can anyone tell me where I can find some black tech bloggers?").


Around the same time, more dodgeball advice on how to kill time between some of the more boring panels. (they really booked a bridal conference right next to the SXSW All Dude Factory? Ha!)


Sunday night, our buddy Justin (a local) rounded up a whole crew of kids for a field trip out to The Salt Lick - a BBQ place about 35 mins outside the city. This goes on every year, but we always miss out due to poor planning and/or lack of cars or seats or whatever... but this year we make the cut... and in style in this Dukakis-Mobile. Awesome!


35 mins drive = totally worth it. All you can eat BBQ pork and... actually, hold on:

"Family Style: Heaping portions of beef brisket, sausage and pork ribs served with potato salad, cole slaw and beans. $18.95/person"

... really kind of amazing. Look at us stuffing out lil piggy faces.


... and our friends at table #2 behind us doing the same. ps: BYOB = Lone Star 12 packs at the grocery store, $8 bucks!


Is it gross that looking at the leftovers / aftermath is making me hungry? This place was super super good.


Oh, and how could I forget that over dinner as were talking about the JetBlue crazyness I experienced on the way down (2+ hour delay), and the secret plans I had with Karen to rendezvous with the ITP kids at midnight, turned 1am, turned 2am, turned 3am, turned crunked city... I dug up the the best snippit of text message conversation ever from KB...

"Weeee'veeeee still sliiiiiccceeeee!"

(which of course became the battle cry of the weekend - hahahahaha!)


Okay, so we make the trek back to Austin, headed over to 6th street for a few hundred beers, hit the ATM ($5.25 ATM fee are you FUCKING KIDDING ME! I skipped it, btw) and then headed over to Sidecar (a SXSW 2007 favorite) to crash the Gawker Media (read: Valleywag) party. Which. was. packed...


... but packed with everyone we knew, which was good. 10p and people were already getting a little rowdy. Lots of ITPers in the house - including former student Steven "Pecan" Jackson who I bet $20 US dollars he couldn't get a girl to slap him in the face in less than five minutes...


... and sure enough five minutes later I turn around and this girl just WALLOPS him right across the face. Oh man, so I run over to make sure I didn't just cause World War 3 at the Valleywag party and Pecan tells me that the girl slapped him because he told her to.

Me: "Did you tell her about the bet tho? You can't do that, it's cheating!"

"Oh, it was a bet???" she says and then *throws her drinks in his face!* Hahahah awesome! $10 for the slap, $10 for the drink toss = what a steal!

Anyway, here's a little proof that slapping and drink-tossin' aside, we're all BFF.

So what's next? Hmmm... probably some party hopping and then back heading back to Pure Volume. We ran into CZ at one point (our Technicolor friend from NYC) who apparently made it to the late night party before I did..


... texting in this BS propaganda onto the big projector screens over the dance floor. Ha!


And another sloppy end to an evening. I ended up crashing in Danny's room with six other people. Lil Ms. Mickey literally spooned me off the bed leaving me sleeping on the floor (1000x more comfortable).

Hotel crashing scorecard:
Fri: Crashed w/ Alex + Karen
Sat: Crashed w/ Danny + Austin + Dan
Sun: Crashed w/ Danny + Austin + Dan + like 3 other people

And yes, I'm cracked out even more from my third 4am+ evening in a row. (by the way, did you notice that this is the first picture so far that features sunlight - oh man).


Okay, where are we now? Monday? I hit up Alice's "internet famous" roundtable in the morning (she gave a similar talk at ROLFCon in Boston this past weekend, and ps: I got a shameless shoutout in the CNet recap - ha, thanks Caroline). Was this even Monday?


Either way, on the way out I ran into Sweet Sweet Nora (from Germany / Burda / Etsy and that awesome night where she scored Pearl Jam tix at Irving Plaza!). Sadly, she was taking off in just a few hours. Gosh, look how fucking retarded my haircut is. Help!


And then there was the Zuckerberg Keynote (er, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook). If you're a dot-com nerd like myself, you may already know about this whole story, but the keynote conversation between Zuck and Sarah Lacy (Newsweek) was a trainwreck... Lacy asking Zuck stoopid questions, being all Sarah McFlirty, audience members who were expecting something more interesting were voicing their frustrations on the back-channel (Twitter), until someone finally shouted out "Talk about something interesting!" and the whole crowd turned against Lacy.

It was a crappy interview and a boring keynote which turned kind-of exciting at the end (from all the drama). You can read all about it here, here and here if you're still interested (er, 2 months later).


And then sometime after that the sleeeeeeppppyyssss caught up on me and I crashed on some couch (secret spy Alex took this pic, btw)


Post sleepy time, I rallied for drinks w/ KK and Caroline Waxler and Alli and crew. Alli left early, celeb-sighting on her way out. I was too distracted by the free ice cream truck to care. (Is this the same night at the Yahoo / Fire Eagle party when Zuck walked by and BRUSHED MY SHOULDER!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!)


Um, anyway... oh, so while we're having drinks, Kevin K. tells us about this seafood place he went for dinner. "They just pile it on your table!" We were sold once we saw the iPhone pic.


... so fast forward an hour or so and me + KB + Alex are sitting at the Boiling Pot (downtown, 6th Street just past Red River). All sorts of skrimps + crawfish + corn + mussels + sausage cooked up and, yup, just dumped on your table. Kind of awesome (and definitely recommended).


Closer. ("for a good time call Kevin Kearney" - ha!)


Closer! (oh wait, this is the "before" pic - oops. Looks good tho, right?!)


Post-dinner, we headed to another freebee party down on 6th (no idea for what or for who, btw Adobe party!)... but I do know that they had shuffleboard (sweet, we crushed these crackers btw) and...


... holy shit, an ARM WRESTLING TABLE! Alex and I tied 1-1 (one righty, one lefty). But who cares about dudes...

... let's see the ladies go at it. This is so awesome. I need one of these in my apt me thinks.


Poor Dan feeling the AGONY OF DEFEAT.


After we were good and exhausted from a few rounds of arm wrestling, a hundred freebee beers and a heaping table full of skrimps + crawfish, we pulled out the iPhone for another "Weeee'veeeee still sliiiiiccceeeee!" moment only to realize that there was *more* to the conversation. Hahahahaha! (try reading these aloud in your best backwards-record voice for full effect!)


Ooohhhkkkay so moving on. The must-do for Monday was the Frrvrr party - er, Buster McLeod's make-believe startup. Whatever, Tokyo Police Club was playing... and the line was probably 800 people long. Luckily Benson Buster hooked me up with one of the special purple VIP wristbands a few hours earlier. And then once I snuck inside, I borrowed another two from Rick Webb. And then made, er, three trips in and out, temporarily attaching the bracelets to friends' wrists with gum and hairpins and then sneaking people in through the VIP line.


The end result being all of our friends inside with zero waiting in line. Whew! (Harry.h can you try to look a little more PISSED OFF. Perfect, PERFECT!)


Wooo, Toyko Police Club. Wooo!


Wooo, take a dump on the toilet. Wooo!


When we couldn't fandangle any more free drinks, we headed next door to Club DeVille (once home to the best dodgeball / Google dance party the world has ever seen).

Here, Alex and KB with Jonathan Levine (Alex's friend from college and the superstar director behind The Wackness and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane).

The Wackness premiered at SXSW to awesome reviews (remember, SXSW is also a film festival) - I'm headed to see it at the Tribeca Film Festival on thursday!


... and here's said superstars emerging from the lineup or portapotties.

Oh man, is this night still going on? Even though there's not so many photos left, this night is still getting started. Next stop = the super VIP Facebook party at some stoopid douchebag club far, far away. Lemme just say for a second that part of the greatness of SXSW is that it's got a very dive bar feel to it - all the parties are held at chill places, there may be lines to get in, but there's never ropes or asshole bouncers or douchebags in shiny shirts who took a bubble bath in Axe body spray... and then we went to the Facebook party.

No pics, sorry (and no offense to Steve.O who's an investor in whatever club we were at), but this party was awful. #1. Velvet rope (er, we snuck by when there was some commotion over the list). #2. No open bar! $15b valuation and you can't even hook a brother up with some free drinks?! #3. $10 cocktails. F* this place! #4. A band that was SINGING SONGS ABOUT FACEBOOK! I shit you not, check out this video...

Oh man. What a disaster. We stayed about 5 mins. Long enough for me to say hi to Stephen and then jet.


KB's Flickr has this pic of us leaving - the headline kind of sums it up perfect. Ha. So what's next? Man, I think we hit the Etsy / MooCard party (some famous person DJing?) before we met up with CZ and crew and headed back to Pure Volume (again).

CZ's a film guy. About to crash an internet party he asked me for suggestions on what line he should give about where he does (no one cares about film at internet parties!)... "Tell the ladies you work for Plaxo and you'll be golden".


Let's see, there was a limbo party, a crazy crazy dance off (Alli and KB you owe me many many drinks each for not putting the video online!) and another 4am night...


... it ended like this. Even the cute cute bartender at Pure Volume cut me off. Annnnddd goodnight!

Hotel crashing scorecard:
Fri: Crashed w/ Alex + Karen
Sat: Crashed w/ Danny + Austin + Dan
Sun: Crashed w/ Danny + Austin + Dan + like 3 other people
Mon: Crashed w/ Alli


And Tuesday. Four 4am nights in a row. The only thing that can un-crack me out at this point would be the sweet sweet taste of breakfast burritos... and thank the Sweet Lord Jesus, but that's what the Pure Volume ranch was offering at 10am. I dunno how I was up so early, but with most of the interactive stuff winding down on Tuesday (Alex and Karen and Kevin all flew back on Tues afternoon), I spent the rest of my time in Austin cramming in films (Gold speaker's badge = gets you into every films for free!).


By the way, here's what the film lineup looks like. Seven theaters, each showing something from 11am to 1am. Crazy, eh? The circled ones are what I wanted to see (basically suggestions from friends, etc) though I was only able to make it to four of them. Anyway, first film up:

We Are Wizards (click for trailer)
In 1997 the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone exploded onto the literary scene, captivating readers all over the world, and quickly spawning cinematic versions. WE ARE WIZARDS tracks the influential figures leading the creative subculture surrounding the popular series. The film follows a set of individuals ranging from web journalists, authors, artists, filmmakers and musicians, as they enhance and expand the Harry Potter story, often in unexpected ways. WE ARE WIZARDS is a portrayal of creative fans with a common goal: to make their voices heard.

... I dragged Eric Case and Andy (from Jaiku) and Alli (wait, Alli did you come with?). Pretty good. If anything, it turned me on to the work of Brad Neely (features as one of "The Wizards" in the film). If you haven't seen his George Washington clip, watch it now:


And then... hmmm... some walking around. With the internet kids heading to the airport and all the music kids rolling in, Austin started to pick up a different more energetic crowd (which may have been that ALL THE INTERNET KIDS WERE CRACKED OUT FROM FOUR DAYS AT PURE VOLUME!)

Anyway, picked up this FREE GUM from some promo guy on the street... I guess your band has really hit rock bottom when you're advertised inside a Dentyne park? (or maybe that's a sign of superstardom? I dunno anything about how this Music Industry works).


Met Andy (Jaiku, sucka!) and friends for dinner at Iron Works (delicious, btw) - never been able to eat here at SXSW since it's always too crowded (for future reference to anyone reading this, *always* stay that extra day... decompress a bit, eat at the places that were too crowded a day ago, see some films, blah blah blah). Anyway, over dinner I fandangled another hotel room to crash in from Andy (thanks, man!)


... which by tomorrow morning will put me in four different beds in five nights. By Tuesday my shit was scattered all over downtown Austin (backpack, jackets, phone chargers, etc) and I had to keep the room numbers scribbled on my arm to keep it all straight.

"You get some digits?"
'Um, no those are all the hotel rooms I've been crashing in."


I had to run out of dinner a little early (sorry Andy) to catch the next film on the roster:
Second Skin (click for trailer)
Second Skin takes an intimate, disturbing look at computer gamers whose lives have been transformed by the emerging genre of computer games called Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs). World of Warcraft, Second Life, and Everquest allow millions of users to simultaneously interact in virtual spaces. Second Skin introduces us to the real people who populate these online virtual worlds. Couples who have fallen in love without meeting, disabled players whose lives have been given new purpose, those struggling with addiction, Chinese gold-farming sweatshop workers, wealthy online entrepreneurs and legendary guild leaders- all living in a world that doesn't quite exist.

... I thought Second Skin was awesome - the "Air Guitar Nation" of SXSW 2008. I had a chance to meet the directors and, um, I kind of nerded out and asked 800 questions during the post-screening Q&A (they brought a bunch of the guys featured in the film to Austin). Actually, just had a screening of Second Skin here at my apt for all my WoW nerd friends to see (thanks again, Andrew!).


And then right after Second Skin we caught a cab to the Alamo downtown to catch:
Nerdcore Rising (click for trailer)
"Nerdcore Rising" is a documentary that uncovers a new wave of hip-hop called nerdcore. The film follows the godfather of the genre, MC Frontalot, on his first national tour. Frontalot and band interact with fans across the country: a special breed of loyal and super smart dorks who can't get enough of the Front, making nerdcore hip hop a fascinating and endearingly comedic sociological phenomenon. Commentary from industry notables like Weird Al Yankovic, Prince Paul, and Jello Biafra pepper the film to examine the legitimacy of nerdcore as a subgenre of hip hop, the larger rise of geek culture, and the desperation of one MC who's trying to achieve nerd stardom.

... which was pretty good. Not as crazy-entertaining as Second Skin, but still worth the trip out... (btw, this pic = MC Frontalot freestyling during the Q&A)


... especially as the Alamo is the theater that let's you order food during the movie ("grilled cheese and a black and white milkshake, please").

Post movie, grabbed the crew (Case, Andy.. who else?) and headed back downtown, just in time to catch...


... Stacey Herron (!!) who was in town for SXSW Music (teendrama superfans may remember Stacey from The Jupiter Days or Stacey and Dave's wedding!).

For my last night in Austin we ended up back at Six Lounge (er, the scene of the crime from our first night, um, if the crime is being defined as the moment we decided to crash that wedding on Monday. Whatever.)

Not sure what was going on at Six Lounge (who's party?) but they had a Rock Band tourney and Marc Cuban was throwing up DEVIL HORNS as we SLAYED some "Wanted Dead or Alive".


DPS on the vocals, Andy on the bass, Latti on the gui-tar and [Stacey's friend - hi! What's your name again?] Dija on the drums. WE ARE. THE. FLAMING. DOCTOR. PEPPERS!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! [you gotta say it in your best Becca voice]


And, n case you haven't heard, this is how rock stars get it done. (why does my face look all melty?)


Weeeell, what next? Back to Pure Volume once again (Jesus, five nights in a row!) Hey, maybe I'll go to bed early tonight! Or not... cause the dancing robot is in full-motherfucking-effect!

(by the way, with the internet crowd out and the music crowd just getting settled it, it was nice and not-as-crowded at Pure Volume... meaning big dance party instead of lots of people just smooshed together. Awesome.)


Full bottle of wine? And that's how Rick Webb became the 5th member of the Flaming Doctor Peppers.


Robot, you're back again?! Of course you are!


Poor Brian the AV guy. Next year you can be DJ.


And late night I ran into my babygirl iJustine (who just happens to be a huge black20 fan - who knew?!)


Late night dance party #1. Limited edition of 20, signed by the artist. $19.99.


Late night dance party #2. Limited edition of 20, signed by the artist. $19.99.


Late night dance party #3. Limited edition of 20, signed by the artist. $19.99.

Now, I'd like to slow down this recap a little... just enough to introduce you to the THIRD ANNUAL SXSW HILTON LOBBY BACKSTROKE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS! (read that again if you have to, it's okay.)

Now this is something that started three years ago, taking place on the last day of SXSW Interactive down in the lobby of the Hilton. Can we dim the lights for a little history lesson, please?

2006. Danny Denver, unopposed, slays his way through the rough tides of the Hilton marble floor. Watch and learn, kids.

2007 The competition intensifies. Newman will run unopposed no more. An older, yet determined competitor takes it to the marble. Danny leaves Austin undefeated.

2008. The year of the dragon! (or maybe not, I just made that up). The field has grown three-fold as six competitors enter the tournament. (Video shot and edited by Heather.B, aka Sweet Sweet Pound Sign). Let's roll the tape, shall we?

Oh man, I love this video! Watch the rookies smashing into furniture and spinning in circles. Hahahaha. And then the random couple trying to get back into the elevator so they can get their Make Out in! Hahah! The bigger story? Can Danny Newman ever be stopped? He is a machine! Anyway, sadly we'll have to wait till 2009 to see. For me, less blogging, more training. Hope to see all the athletes again next year.

ps: and maybe now all those "let's go swimming!" dodgeball shouts make sense? And yes, we were all escorted out.


And that just about wraps things up. Well, that and some post swim-meet Moons Over My Hammy at 5am with 30 of your closest SXSW friends. Austin rocking his "crusher of dreams" shirt on the left, Andy in the middle, Sweet Sweet Pound Sign on the right.


And bedtime. 6:30am. Oof.

Hotel crashing scorecard:
Fri: Crashed w/ Alex + Karen
Sat: Crashed w/ Danny + Austin + Dan
Sun: Crashed w/ Danny + Austin + Dan + like 3 other people
Mon: Crashed w/ Alli
Tue: Crashed w/ Andy

My flight on Wednesday was around 3pm. Had just enough time to catch one. more. film. Bananaz (the documentary on the making of the band Gorillaz) before taking off for NYC.

And that ends it. Thanks again for coming out, see you next year!

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