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Thursday April 10, 2008

My Spring Vacation - going to catch up with Eric Fried in Sweden!

Hey, anyone have any places to recommend? Email me! ps: Hitting Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Copenhagen, etc.

Itinerary roughly looks like this:

5/7 - Fly from NYC -> Stockholm
5/8 - Overnight (dance party) ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki
5/9 - Five days in Helsinki / Tallinn
5/14 - Ferry back to Stockholm (3 days in Stockholm)
5/18 - Bus to Jonkoping (where Eric lives) - hang out for 4 days
5/20 - Day trips around - Gotenborg, etc.
5/23 - Train to Copenhagen (3 days)
5/26 - Fly out of Copenhagen

(stole the map idea from Addie, btw)

ps: Eric = my old roommate from college (we lived together 3 of 4 years at Syracuse) After graduation, he moved to London and I moved to NYC. We haven't hung out in a while - should be fun!

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