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Thursday February 16, 2006

me = heading to beaver creek, in, er, 5 hours (!!)

In just a few shout hours I'll be trekking from JFK -> Colrado for the Beaver Creek 2006 trip. Our friend Pete (on the left. aka. MF and Steve's friend from college) is nice enough to host a bunch of us at his place out in Beaver Creek.

I've been the last two years (this = trip #3 for me), so if you're bored at work today (or tomorrow, suckers!) check out some the pics from BC trips past. (sorry, not real teendrama recap... I guess I was too lazy / busy??)

2005 - Featuring: keys locked in car + crunked at the lodge + Myya Beck reunion

2004 - Featuring: Vail disco dance party, texas hold em tourney + family photo shoot + hot tub olympics

The forecast looks pretty good - snow showers for the next few days. With any luck I'll be able to meet up w/ Mike Anderson + Manlio + Rachel H. before heading back to NYC.

(by the way, the pics above are from Beaver Creek 2005. If anything, check out the 04/05 pics so you can see how sick this house is).

In other news, me + Jill dragged the Lauren Horse down to J.Cool last night. It was a little more crowded than usual (which is good - somebody needs to keep this place in business). I think we have it down to a five-roll science:

+ Spicy Tuna Sandwich
+ Black Dragon Roll
+ Tropical Roll
+ Crazy Roll
+ Crunch Roll or Thai Beef Roll

(ps: steer clear of the J.Cool roll + Sunshine roll)

(the end)

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