Tuesday September 13, 2005

rob's ad-hoc 29th birthday party

Friday afternoon and MF dials me up and asks if I want to go to DC for the weekend.

Me: "Why would I want to go to DC??"
MF: "It's Rob's 29th birthday, idiot!"
Me: "Oh yeah."

So, despite the fact that I was all fired up for my first weekend in NYC all summer, I packed my shit up on Saturday afternoon and got on the Amtrak.

I get down there at like 6:30, take the Metro out to Dupont Circle and try to rendevous with MF and Rob. MF, the sneaky sucker that he is, didn't tell Rob he was coming down and managed to surprise him as he was coming out of a Chipotle (delicious, btw). Meanwhile, I'm walking around aimlessly (Rob didn't know I was coming down either), until I spot the two of them walking on the other side of the sidewalk. I give MF the 007 secret spy nod, walk past them, cross the street and start following them. I tried to get as annoyingly close as I could without Rob noticing, which was pretty close. At one point I was literally on his heels for like 2 blocks, then on his heels and coughing, and then finally just kicked him in the legs which caused him to figure it out. Har har - best surprise birthday party ever! (and poor Rob was looking forward to just hanging out by himself).

We went to dinner (Chipotle!), got some beers then headed up to Rob's friend Brooke's apt (two floors up). She made him a cake.

Which I nightshot-blogged the shit out of. My Mom is going to be so proud of this shot.

ps: 40 years old!

We drank at least 100 beers at Brooke's place (all these kids were there too) before heading to this club called Dragonfly - $7 beers, no flip flops (Jeff!), and lots of techno music with no words.

Special guest star Robyn dropped by. I haven't seen this girl in forever. (forever = MF's 27th bday in NYC, circa 2003)

Hi there. Nothing too scandalous this time around.

Clockwise from left: Pam (aka "Beaver Creek Pam"), MF, Rob, Brooke, dpstyles97, Laura.

Not sure how many drinks we had there (I think we were all double-digit deep, esp after Brooke's pre-bar), but we thought it best to follow Robyn at 2am to another place.

Not sure where we were heading, but I do know that MF belongs in this window display.

MF, sans window display.

(ps: I like this pic. Youngna, that Canon nightshot mode is like magic!)

Our next destination. Not sure what the name of this place was (or how Robyn got us past the huge bouncer for free, er, after the club had closed) but inside was chock full of the trashiest Eurotrash I ain't even done seen.

(Girls were cute though.)

The walk home. 3am maybe? Robyn promised us empanadas, but we ditched her with Chicken McNuggets dreams on our minds. When the McD was closed, Jeff rallied and ordered up the most delicious mini pizza of all time.

Sunday afternoon = football at some random dive bar. You can still smoke in D.C. bars which, after being in smoke-free NYC and Boston, is retarded.

Sunday night = field trip to the White House. Cops on Segways all over the place.

When Rob saw this pic he said: "Jesus Den, you're short!" which is exactly what Ken Allard said the last time a pic like this was taken.

We stayed Sunday night, and I Amtraked it back with MF in the wee hours of the morning (we left Rob's place at like 4am - ugh).

Operation: Ruin Rob's Stay-at-Home Birthday = successful!


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