boston fieldtrip recap (10/3/05)
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Monday October 3, 2005

boston fieldtrip recap

I was in Boston for a few days last week to speak at MIT's Emerging Technologies conference. Me + Josh Schachter (Del.icio.us) + Chris Heathcote (Nokia UI) we're on a panel together. (Stewart got swapped out last minute).

The folk at MIT where nice enough to throw us a reception post-conference. That's me at 3:00, then clockwise: Delicious Josh (best. nickname. ever?), Bryan Cantrill (a fellow TR35'er), Vanessa, Bryan's wife, Marissa, and Chris.H. (Sorry to Stewart + Brian's sister, who apparently didn't make the cut.)

ps: note my b-list, red speaker badge... which I swapped out on Thursday for a fancy (yet purple) TR35 Honoree badge.

Post-reception, we lost Chris first, then split with Stewart and Josh.S. I ended up heading in town with Vanessa and Marisssa and meeting up w/ MF and Genja (who were just getting out of class).

Next = drinks at the Beantown Pub. Okay, ready for Small World Story #1? G is telling me that Vanessa looks really familiar. And Vanessa is telling me about her twin sister from Penn. And then the two get talking and it turns out that G was roommates with Vanessa's twin sister during some random summer session at Penn State. Who knew?

Good story, eh? Anyway here's Marissa sporting her autographed copy of Technology Review.


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Monday August 8, 2005

random weekend in boston (+ dad's 60th bday!)

I took the stoopid delayed-by-two-hour redeye from LA -> NYC on Thursday night and get into my apt to find this note (left by my parents who stayed in my apt Wednesday night).

Nothing spectacular, but note (a) my mom made me another batch of cookies (this time, from the famed Neiman Marcus chain letter recipe. verdict = okay) and (b) my dad signing it with "Rock On". Ha!

Anyway, so with Dad's birthday on Sunday (#60!!) I decided to head back to Boston to surprise him. The trip normally takes about four hours. With Friday traffic, it took me about 3 hours just to get into Connecticut. Six hours total to get home. Sucks.

And then when I got off Rt. 495 in Mass (about 8 minutes from my house), I ran into about 45 mins of traffic due to a surprise hurricane that blew through our town, knocking down all sorts of trees (this one near Mike Geary's street - Stoneybrook Lane or something?)

This one down West Street (where I got all agro from the traffic and debated just driving under the fallen limb).

So, I rolled into Dad's surprise birthday dinner about an hour late. No worries though as the hurricane had knocked out the power all over the place. (Which is why you get this cool night-vision shot).


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Monday August 1, 2005

nathania's summer throwdown - ver. 2005

This Saturday = Nathania Summer Party ver. 2005 (also see: 2001, 2004) = a truckload of girls from Syracuse in NYC for the weekend all hanging out in the basement of Lucky Jack's.

Nathania was nice enough to let Team No Data play some music this time around. Grellan's playlist was on its best behavior.

Shots + upskirts.


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Monday July 25, 2005

vermont welcomes The Little Gym Company Reunion!

This weekend = yet another weekend in Vermont. Me + Randy + Grellan took off on Friday night. (I'll spare you the details of how I dropped $120 at Mohegan Sun). Rolled into VT around 3am.

We made plans to meet up with Genja saturday afternoon, so we killed some time in the morning hiking up Mount Snow. (We opted for the "moderate difficulty" one this time).

Half way up, Randy busted out his trusty hand-towel bandeeze.



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Friday July 15, 2005

katie mckiernan gets all married up!

Hi there. Have you met my friend Katie? You may recognize her from the first teendrama entry ever or from elementry school photos (er, she's actually not in this photo, but you get the idea). I've known Katie since kingergarten and we've been pals since 6th grade (she actually introduced me to the world of hanging out with Rob + MF + Mike.D).

Anyway, she got married this weekend. To a fine lad named Scott. I took a bunch of photos.

The wedding was at Boston College. I spent the night in Boston so it was no problem to pick up Mike.d at BU, drive him to pick up his dry cleaning, then go to his apt, then go to the liquor store and then go to the hotel and then race to the wedding in Mass Pike traffic.

Anyway, at the wedding. Actually right before. Me, Mike, Mike and Rob. All pretty well put together (if I do say so myself) with the exception of Mike.D's brown shoes.

(says MF: "Are we not 30 years old?! Get it together!")


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Tuesday June 21, 2005

29th bday three-day adventure

So, birthday #29 is a play in three acts -> Fri @ Montauk, Sat @ South Hampton / No Data, Sun @ NYC. Longest teendrama entry ever? 60 photos? Go grab a sandwich.

Things started early Friday morning (7am!) when Good Guy Grellan picked me up at the airport (post SF redeye). The master plan was to get on the beach by noon.

I barely slept on the plane and just passed out when I got into the Hoverpod. I woke up at 10:30am, just as we were pulling into Montauk. We grabbed some egg and cheese sandwiches in town...

... before meeting up with Marc Johnson and Annee out at the ditch.


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Monday June 13, 2005

"so we meet again, Mohegan Sun" (plus bonus Cape Cod roadtrip)

Two weeks ago it was a Cape trip with a Mohegan Sun pitstop. This weekend was a Mohegan Sun trip with pitstop at the beach. I mean, last time we stopped at 'The Sun they were just giving away money. This time we returned with what we thought was better calculated luck thanks to Grellan's newly acquired Beat the Craps Table manual.

Leslie spend some quality time in shotgun studying up the differences between the Big Red and the Big 6.

I took advantage of the slow moving 95 scene to brush up on my proposition bets.

10:45pm. We left the truck with the valet and we made our way to the tables.


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Tuesday May 31, 2005

memorial day 2005: lots and lots of driving

Memorial Day Weekend 2005. So, me + Dianne + Grellan + Andy set off Friday night to spend a weekend up in Vermont. We werenever able to get our shit together enough for a Montauk beach house (sniffle) and nothing was really going on in NYC, so we figured we'd spend the weekend just lounging around, maybe hike the mountain (Mt. Snow), whatever. As long as we were getting out of the city, right?

So we left around 8pm. Made the obligatory stop at Exit 40 (read: Wendy's) and then decided why not just go to Foxwoods?

So we did. Kind of. We went to Mohegan Sun instead. Rolled in around 11pm, valet parked and hit the craps tables. By the time we left at 1am, Grellan had learned how to play craps (and was up $40), Dianne lost her slot machine virginity (and was down $20), Krucoff was up $150 from one lucky pull at the slots and I was up about $240 thanks to the Spanish-speaking woman who stood next to me at the craps table rolling hard eights for 20 mins straight. (the the record, Grellan and I held the dice for about 180 secondstotal).

ps #1: Def Leppard and Tesla on June 27th.

ps #2: Cinderella + Quiet Riot + Firehouse on July 21st.

(btw, Mohegan Sun pit stop = the new Exit 40. Just wait till ski season kicks off again)

$240 up and about 1.5 hours out of our way. Next stop Vermont.

We rolled into Vermont around 3:30am to find the place a little cold and with NO RUNNING WATER. That means no sink, no showers, no flushing. Mom and Dad just put a new washer and dryer in there so I figured maybe the water never got turned back on. We all went to bed thinking we'd just deal with it in the morning.


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Tuesday May 24, 2005

no data prom :: the recap

I know, I know... the NO DATA prom is sooo two days ago. Especially since Younga + Jess + Jake + Ross + Becca + Becca +
Dianne + Grellan already Flickr'ed the shit out of it.

So, the theme was "Redneck Prom" (which we realized in hindsight didn't really mean anything). People's interpretations ranged from Jersey Trash to 70s Tuxes to Pregnant Prom Queen.

ps: Seriously, when you get bored of my pics, check out:

+ Youngna
+ Youngna (, again)
+ Jake.D
+ Grellan
+ British Jess
+ S. Ross
+ Becca
+ Dianne
+ Janelle
+ Krucoff (recap)

We stuck The Girls on the Decorations Committee (1 helium tank + 300 balloons)...

... while we stuck Randy with the drill. Grellan got to stress over the logistics of the prom's corportate sponsor and I got to stress over the guest list. Thanks to drama from parties-past, we had to get a bouncer + guest list to prevent any theft / vandalism / tagging. We cut the list at about 170 people (not including plus-ones).


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Monday April 25, 2005

(no data x 2) + (prom dates / brazilians) = Better Than Average(tm) times

You know, this bender I've been on for 6 days or so has been buckets of fun. Starting with the loft party last weekend, then the 12" anniversary party, followed by the Jest magazine launch party and late night at Apt 5C to No Data on Friday and then again on Saturday, every night seems to be an exponentially better time then then last. I think it all kind of peaks tonight with the LVHRD Dance Off. After tonight, we should all just retire (if our heads don't explode first).

Anyway, Friday we DJ'ed at Epsteins, a kind-of new bar on Stanton and Allen. It was our first time DJ'ing at a bar not called "12 inch". The evening was slow to start. Really slow. Like 10-people-there-until-like-1am slow.

(ps: Jill and Steve earned their +1 teendrama point for just for showing up in this photo. Booooo!)

That's around when we hit the Tipping Point(tm) - when Jen.D rolled in with Youngna + crew sporting oddly-placed stamps from the Local Magazine launch party.


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