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Tuesday October 23, 2007

fieldtrip to the lego skyscraper


Down in Soho (Kenmare @ Lafayette, just NE of La Esquina) there's a tiny gallery called the Storefront for Art and Architecture that's currently showcasing conceptual urban housing designs . One of the designs is this Lego skyscraper and it's amazing.

The whole thing is like a Where's Waldo book where there's 1000 things to look at. Me and Dianne spent a good 20 mins walking circles around the thing checking out every inch - there's Lego people in coffee shops, at the gym, fighting, spraypainting, making out, making love, etc, etc. It's amazing.


See, you can kind of look into the windows on each of the towers and spy into what's going on. (which is weirdly voyeuristically satisfying).


Outside the little Lego pizza place there's a mini Banksy! So awesome.

ps: the original, er, real life, version of this here.


And mini iPod ads, which right next to the mini STOP BUSH flyer, which is right below the tower with the office workers and peeping tom and people having their coffee. Ha!


I actually took a whole bunch of photos of life inside the Lego skyscraper. Go take a look. And if you're in NYC, so down to Soho and check it out!

Storefront for Art and Architecture (thru Nov 24)
97 Kenmare Street @ Lafayette, NYC
Tuesday - Saturday 11:00AM - 6:00PM
Closed Sunday and Monday.

ps: Oh and then we went to go check out the room full 'o dirt on Wooster. Kind of a letdown after a visit to Lego City. Oh well.

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Tuesday October 9, 2007

Everyone loves a good wedding recap: Randy + Lisa get all hitched up in The Brooklyn


Hey! Just because it's October (er, and still 84 degrees in NYC) you didn't think we were done with wedding season did you? Let's rewind two weeks ago (Sept 21) to Randy and Lisa's wedding out in Brooklyn!

(oh real quick, a quick shoutout to anyone who's pics I stole for this recap... there are *hundreds* of Flickr pics from the wedding)


In case you're totally lost here's our little love birds... this pic skips ahead a bit though, let's start at the rehearsal dinner down at Dekk in Tribeca...


Four course meal... and all we've got to do is wear a tux tomorrow!! The steak was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten (note to self: go back to Dekk and see if it's always that good). Grell giving me the stinkeye over the last bite.


All the groomsmen got the hookup from Randy with these hifiny shirts (er, hifiny being Randy's bbblllooooggggg).


I got a brown one. Kid silkscreened them himself! (ps: the kids in Amsterdam were wondering were to get 'em - ha!)


And onto Friday... I cut out of work early as all the groomsmen met up at Randy + Lisa's place in Tribeca for a get-yer-tux-on party. Rentals courtsey of Men's Warehouse - Kyle busted on his shirt to find this nasty blood stain on his sleeve. We tried to imagine how this went down - I like the idea of someone getting clocked in the face at some ex-girlfriend's wedding in NJ, the dude just wiping the blood on his sleeve and being like, "Let's do this!" and then a huge brawl breaks out in parking lot of the Paramus Mall... or whatever.


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Wednesday August 15, 2007

singing-flower stomping on Avenue B

Dianne and I went to dinner at Max's last night (Ave B + 4th). They sat us at this table in the back next to this 10 person birthday party. Not long after we sat down, the waiter brought out this birthday cake with a plastic flower to the top that played the Happy Birthday song (kind of like a birthday card sounds when it has one of those speakers built-in, you know?). Anyway, so the song is singing, the plastic flower catches on fire because of the candle (sparkler?), the girl blows it out and we all had a good chuckle.

And the the stoopid flower thing wouldn't shut up. It played the Happy Birthday song over and over and over for like 20 minutes (until they left). When they got up to leave after paying their bill, one of the guys took it with him and Dianne and I were both like "Thank the sweet Jesus we never have to hear that stoopid song again".

Fast forward about an hour or so (at least!) - after dinner we're walking up Ave B and I hear that song again! Sure enough, about 20 feet ahead of me is the burnt and broken flower - it looks like one of the kids just smashed it on their way out (no doubt because he was sick of the song too). Hahhahahah!

I gave it one more kick to shut it up for good. We laughed for literally five minutes.

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Thursday August 9, 2007

me + dianne at the superbad premiere afterparty (btw - kind of hilarious)

Hey! I got to be Dianne's lucky +1 to the Superbad premiere last nite. Verdict: I liked it! Though watching in a theater packed with members of the film's targer audience probably helped. (I saw The Hulk one summer at one of those hufe Time Squares theaters where it was packed with kids hooting and hollaring and heckling and walked out thinking HULK = BEST MOVIE EVER). Oh, we look all posed up because *we were posing up* (but Johnny Photographer cropped our hands out - mah!)

Two quick things to remember:

+ Special thanks to the random federal appellate court judge we picked up at Mantra 986 (after party venue- so shitty and midtown it's not even in dball) for buying us drinks. Best part: him removing his lapel pin (a secret mic!) so the US Marshall's wouldn't eavesdrop on our drunken conversations.

+ Wore this too-small Black20 shirt J gave me and three people came up to me saying how much they dug the B20 shows. Huh! (and that's not including Mike O'Gorman who I ran into while riding my bike to work - Mike, sorry for shattering your dreams by being the brother of the founder instead of some random super cute girl).

OH! And congrats to Kati London on her special guest appearance on Good Morning American today pimping Botanicalls - plants that talk! Check it out (ps: don't click on the Quicktime controls - its just a screen grab, sucka!)

But you CAN watch by clicking this magic YouTube box...

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Friday April 13, 2007

um, what are we doing in the italian edition of Glamour magazine?

Back in October we hung out with some folks from Glamour Magazine Italy as they were doing a story on social networking that somehow revolved around teendrama. I dunno.

Anyway, the issue is out. Girls in Italy are adding me to their MySpace by the truckload and there's about 1000 words written about us that I can't understand. Me + Kevin + Dianne + Youngna + Chrissy + Courtney + Carney all made guest appearances.

I love that (a) from now on I can say I had a two-page spread (w/ Courtney!) in Glamour mag and (b) me + kevin made the mf'ing Table of Contents - ha!

View the whole 6 page spread (ha!) here.

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Tuesday February 6, 2007

superbowl 2007 = er, I missed the opening kickoff because I was getting my laundry

I had some friends over Sunday to watch the SuperBowl. It wasn't the "most boringest superbowl ever" as I've heard (at least the rain made the turnovers interesting, right?), but Colts vs. Bears? Ugh, who cares. (Cut! That! Meat!)

Maybe on par with last year's (No Data bender -> Hasselback debut), but no real comparison to the year before (me, J + MC Hammer down in Jacksonville!) or the year before that (Gabe's kicker blowout).

ps: Not sure why I didn't going to VT w/ J + Will + Christian... VT got like 8 inches of snow! Anyway...

I mean, the main event wasn't really Bears vs. Colts - it was Notorious PIBs vs. Hogs in Sleeping Bags. (um, PIB = Bigs in Plankets, fools!). The pigs = cocktail franks. The hogs = kielbasa. Are you sure you can handle the close-up?

You know, the PIBs used to be my specialty, but now that I've moved on my Mac and Cheese Masterpieces (see below), the PIBs feel so 2004 you know? Anyway, PIBs came out a little burnt (400°!) and the Hogs were a little undercooked (another 10 mins!)... I may try this one again w/ better sausage. Maybe some salsa? Jalapenos? Think: quesadilla but in a sausage PIB!

Becca + Jen made some football cupcakes. I liked them!.. . but still Silver Medal compared to the Little Football Men Cake from 2004 @ Gabe's.

I made more of Mrs. Donahue's my secret mac + cheese. This time with kielbasa up in there. Verdict = pretty good (though I like the Italian Sausage better). Next time = bacon + M&Ms.

Late night Becca was making fun of my collection of holiday cards - including this one from the Japanese girl that cuts my hair. Me + Kana = both like the karaoke = meant to be?!?

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Thursday November 16, 2006

teendrama, er, 15 days in review! (w/ exclusive turducken pics!)

I'm behind on teendrama so, loyal reader, you get stuck 12 days worth of teendrama told via 15 pics...

Mon 11/6 - Continuing the "How I Became a Master Chef" thread, JJ and I cooked up some double-breaded fried chicken the other night. That's right, double-dip, double-breaded and then fried up in two inchs of vegetable oil. I think we overdid the double-dip (I felt kind of dirty for like 2 days), but still....

Tues 11/7 - LVHRD (CLL) PHN LCKN (read: Cell Phone Lock-In) @ MOMA. Check your cell phone at the door (they put it in these little ziplock bags) and listen to this really loud band in a really big space with really bad acoustics. Come'on Happy Corp, I'm just busting you - I love you guys! Oh, free beers = good beers.

Btw, every confiscated phone was hung on this 60 ft long wall. Apparently at the end of the night they had some magic internet machine that made all the cellphones ring and light up and the same time. Didn't anyone YouTube that shit? Come'on!

While waiting for the elevator on my way out, I ran into four ninjas (and a Doug.J in a spacesuit). Btw, more pics on Flickr

Wed 11/8 - Jill's Happy Birthday dinner @ Mercadito in the E.Village. Sorry, no photos sucka.

Thur 11/9 - Milberger's #27 bday @ Lolita. Tequila shots = actually not so bad this time. Cool art on the wall made from found refrigerator doors (mrjaymillar, $650 - $1200).


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Friday November 3, 2006

halloween 06 and the penthouse trifecta of awesomeness

Oh, Halloween on a Tuesday, you're so tricky. See, last year Halloween fell on a Monday, meaning that since Monday touches the weekend, people are more apt to dress up *all weekend long* (hence last year's Four Days of Halloween).

But this year, Halloween fell on a Tuesday, which makes it easier to stand-by the "Halloween is only one night a year. I'm only dressing up one night a year" rule. Most of us avoided Carney's collection of 50 Brooklyn-based Halloween parties over the weekend (sorry Mandy. Hey, I even skipped Battjer + Farb's + Scott.F's throwdowns... so, sorry about that too), instead opting to save it up for Tuesday night's Flavorpill party.

About 800 of us met up at Dusk Lounge beforehand, including such teendrama regulars as (let's try to do this left to right):Lindsey (gymnist?), Kevin.K (Marty McFly!), Alison (er, zombie? what?), Becca (Audrey Hepburn), Courtney (someone from Life Aquatic?), Dianne (Robert Palmer guitar girl?), Anne (slutty BoPeep), Jen (crazy spider legs), Grellan (Crocodile Dundee Tom Selleck Burt Reynolds) and me (Slutty R2D2).

Slutty R2D2 = old Amazon box + $33 worth of Filene's basement lingerie (two 36C bras, three pairs of XL panties). I sent this cameraphone pic to my Mom.

I guess she disapproved.

Wait, these pics are out of order. I forgot that we met at the Magician first and *then* took the subway to Dusk. But whatever.

Wise ol' Will McD says: "Even though I was really happy with my costume, I have to say that Kevin was the best by farÖ Any time you can pull of a Michael J. Fox costume you are IT."

We journeyed over to Flavorpill around 11p, cued up in the huge line outside, battled the evil doorgirl (who strangely didn't have any of our names on the list - sweet!) and then made our way through the, what?, six different rooms o' dance parties.


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Monday October 23, 2006

really crunked up weekend recap (read: Brooklyn Special Reserve = Blackout Juice!)

Friday = Jen Funlap had her first solo art show (!!) down in Tribeca. Post HappyCorp HappyHour, me + Dianne + Kevin + Grellan + Randy + YP + <insert the name of every other person we know> went down to check it out. Free drinks served up by special guest Mr. Funlap (in from Qatar! ps: Will, it's in Texas.)

So, from SoHo -> Tribeca -> LES. I had to drop off my stoopid backpack (shutup, laptop!) so I dragged Dianne + Will McD + Matt.U back to my apt. One drink and a freestyle show from JJ in the wheelchair he recently acquired for a video shoot.

Now can anyone guess where we went next? How about multiple choice?

(a) Backroom
(b) Local 138
(c) Magician
(d) Lotus

... If you guesed (b) then you're... WRONG! (kind of - we were supposed to go to Local, but got sidetracked at my apt). Second guess? Backroom? Yes! (we're so lame). Jen was supposed to have her Art Show After Party over at Fontana's, but by the time they got there the place was so packed with Jersey d.bags that everyone ran as fast as they could over to Backroom (which was also packed with d.bags, though Upper East Side d.bags which are much much better than Jersey d.bags). Still, so so so so crowded. Kevin and I left on a scouting mission to find a new venue...

... so we went to the only untapped place I could think of on the Lower East Side (above Delancey at least): Guero. Guero = this kind of sketchy dive bar (read: stripped pole) on Rivington between Ridge and Pitt. it's two blocks east of my apartment and my apt - Attorney Street - is where the hipster gentrification pretty much ends. The few times we've been to Guero it's always been empty - perhaps because the UES tourists are afraid to walk east of Clinton?? (Ha, I just asked HarryH if he's even been there and he was all "Aren't there gangsters over there?")

Anyway, Guero = CLOSED! Well, not closed, but re-opened as Revolver - a place so brand new that the floors still smelled like they were just finished (er, opening night was Thurs). What was weird is that when a new place opens it usually takes a few weeks (days?) for the hipster crowd to figure it out, and then another week for New York magazine to write up a piece on it, and *then* all the tourists (and by toursits, I mean UES bankers in suits) flock on over. But this place, the 2nd day it was open, was packed with UES dudes! In suits! What gives?! It's like someone hit fast forward on the gentrification machine.

Sooooo stayed for a few drinks. Kevin and crew went to karaoke. Will McD almost tore his ACL again doing some freestyle tree climbing. I just called it a night.

To Saturday! Had some drinks at Will McD's, met KK + DM at Beauty Bar and took an 7 hour cab ride down Lucky Jack's to meet up with Little Sister Katie and her brand new boyfriend (!!).

More on the BF in a second, for now let's focus on this "Hipsters Guide to the Lower East Side" that Kevin found at the bar...

... zoom in a bit and there's our very own Sara on the front cover! Hahahahah!

So, one drink at Lucky Jacks then onto Marshall Stack (across the street). Just opened, no? Anyway, we met up with pretty much everyone else we know within 30 mins of grabbing our first drink. (go dodgeball go!)

Here, as my digi balances ontop two glasses of water, Grell, Anne, Chrissy, Courtney, DPS, Shoops and *brand new bf* Matt.

Matt = good guy. Katie, we like him! "A++++++ #1 Seller!" style! Oh wait... we *did* like him until...

... player dumps a glass of wine all over Kevin.K!. Ha! Or maybe it was Katie that spilled? I don't remember.

What is of note here is that we were drinking something called "Brooklyn Special Reserve" - some apparently rare beer from folks behind Brooklyn Lager that weighs in at 8.2% alcohol by volume (compared to, say, 5.0% for Bud bottles).

I don't want to sound all Johnny Freshman here, but we were just sitting around, enjoying drinks like the adults we are when suddenly all 10 of us were Just Plain Crunked. Mom, I know you hate to hear this but I totally ended up in blackout city. Brooklyn Reserve = Blackout Juice.


+ Courtney, sorry I licked your face.
+ Owners of Marshall Shack, sorry I took off my shirt while visting your fine establishment.
+ Chrissy, sorry I bullied you into signing my chest.
+ Dianne, sorry I pushed you down in the street and busted your elbow up.
+ Jonathan, sorry I punched you 5 times Balrog from SF2 style.

... actually, on the way home Jonathan and I got in a fist fight (me = been taking boxing lessons for the past 5 weeks, eek). I think I punched him once on the street. Then we wrestled in the hallway of our building for a bit (oh, sorry about the noise, Apt 2B) before JJ was like "let's go fight on the roof!!" Er, so we scaled the sketchy ladder to the roof and duked it out Warriors style until we went back to my apt, JJ cooked up some Mac and Cheese for us and I passed out on my couch.

I woke up in the morning with a huge cut on my leg, a smidge of blood on my shirt and a lot more blood on my lucky gray hoodie. Who's blood? Not me or JJ (no cuts or bruises!) Dianne? From your elbow? Maybe from my leg? I swear, I am never drinking [Brooklyn Special Reserve] again. Ugh.

Sunday? Sober alas! I went apt hunting. Watched some teeeveee and JJ and I made the sweetest rigatoni + broccoli + sausage (in a cream sauce - take that Bertucci's!) you've ever done tasted.

Aaaaannnnnndddd, the end.

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Thursday September 28, 2006

"sometimes when you have a rollerskating party Roller Girl comes" - bdiz

Becca's bday = rollerskate dance party @ The Roxy. I got this through the magic email machine the other day...

It's $23 for a night of skating, including skate rental. The lady said we could "probably get an extra discount" ?, so say my name at the door. If there's a discount, they'll give it to you.If there isn't, I guess they'll look at you like you're an asshole. Please wear something awesome.

Me + Kevin + Courtney + Dianne + Grellan met up around 9:30 and waited patiently for the birthday girl to arrive (what the heck!). $18 to get in, $5 to rent skates... lots of drama in the skate rental line as inventory on girls' sizes was running low (and after they charged people $18 to get in, those fuckers!)

Anyway, inside was packed. A good mix of kindo-of normal people and crazy roller disco superfans.

For every half-dozen i-bankers with their ties tucked into their button downs, there's a dude in a mesh top making love to a giant lollipop. Oh, and lots of dolled up American Apparel girls (meow). I had to set my digicam on Kids and Pets Underwater mode to capture the lightning that is rollerdisco.

ps: I haven't been the the Roxy since, when?, Nat's bday in 2003?

You need to sign your life away before getting in. The idea of legally "rollerskating at one's own risk" = awesome. The only reason I even like this pic is beacuse I got in a slight verbal altercation with the manager (owner?) outside ("Why you gotta be taking pictures of that?").

Me + Courtney on the digivideo. Two beers + one shot of tequila is all it takes to unlock the secret powers needed to skate backwards, weaving at unimaginable speeds. [video]

Aprils' prom dress vs. The Jaeger Wig vs. Bdiz's sauciness. (My vote is for the sauciness)

I forgot my disco getup. Dianne styled me up so I'd look more Chelsea. I made only one lap before the lollipop dude starting following me around.

"Couples only for the next five minutes, please." I think I like the B.Boys version more...
Please Clear The Ice For The Zamboni
Thank You
Couples Only For The Next Five Minutes Please
And A
Special Round Of Applauds For Our Zamboni Driver MarioCaldato
Thank You
Thank You
We Have Coupons Avaiable For A Special For Childen Only From 4 To 6 On Thursday The 22nd
Thank You
We're Having A Sale On New Blades At The Skate Shop
Thank You
Honky Rink
White People Only For The Next Five Minutes Please
Booo Booo
Thank You
Around Around Around Around Around...

MAKE OUT! (btw, who brought the blogger? Get your meathook hand out of my photo, you trick!)

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Friday September 22, 2006

pow pow! teendrama week in review!

Why hello Friday! A quick recap from the week?

+ I hit up Spring Lounge twice this week - a Tuesday night bender w/ Harry + Kearney + Carney crew and a rematch Thursday night with celebrity bloggers and Google kids. Both times the guy behind the bar *skipped over my jukebox tracks* (I didn't even know they could do that from behind the bar). Tuesday it was Lionel Richie Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You" (yeah yeah, I know) and last night it was some Ben Folds Five track (not my pick, I swear!). I revolted both nights. At least on Tuesday the bouncer gave me my dollar back.

+ Some friends of mine (and PacManhattan alumn!) are putting on a Big Urban Games festival in NYC this weekend called Come Out and Play. If running around in the streets is your thing, come battle me in Life-sized Space Invaders (awesome) and Identity (tonight @ 8p), StoryMashUp and CrossRoads (Saturday @ 12:30) and Payphone Warriors (!!, Sunday @ 12p)

+ Sat in on a consulting panel this week where someone brought up this guerilla campaign for John Mayer spoofing those ubiquitous "Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar!" flyers in NYC. Clever, though not as clever as Josh.D's camera phone game (out of my class at NYU, pow!) that spoofed them first.

+ That video above? From the GOOD Magazine launch party last night. Lots of white kids dancing (thank you + thank you + thank you, sweet Jesus that the digivideo machine didn't find us). Trapped outside for hours ("we're not letting any more people in till Al Gore leaves!") then trapped downstairs for hours ("Fire Marshall says no more people upstairs! The end!") and then discovering the secret fire escape warp zone to the hip hop dance party. I didn't take any pics, but whatever. ps: Gawker did.

+ Picked up a Nike+ kit this week (and *another* stoopid iPod since it only runs on the Nano). Huh? One piece plugs into your shoe, the other into your iPod and together they keep stats on your running habits / progress *and* let's you set up challenges with friends (most mileage in 10 days, first to 100 miles, etc). Email me if you want to battle.

+ Oh, and I've been getting emails all morning from friends who spotted me on CNN. Apparently they're running a piece on dball that we filmed a few months ago (this one?). Get yer Tivo on:

Friday on HLN between 6:30a-7a
Friday on HLN between 11a-11:30a
Friday on CNN between 11a-noon
Friday on CNN between 2p-3p
Friday on HLN between 6p-7p

Saturday on HLN between 9:30a-10a
Saturday on CNN between 10a-11a
Saturday on HLN between 12:30p-1p
Saturday on CNN between 4p-5p

Sunday on HLN between 8a-8:30a
Sunday on CNN between 9a-10a
Sunday on HLN 1p-1:30p
ps: HLN = CNN Headline News. And no, I didnt type up that schedule, they sent it to me(, you jerks.)

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Tuesday September 19, 2006

the alex + karen wedding experience (dance party + tattoos + limos + karaoke)

Okay friends, are you sure you can handle the awesomeness of this Alex + Karen wedding recap? (and only 10 days late!) Quick background: Alex + Karen = friends of mine from grad school @ NYU (come'on, you already know this!). While Alex and I worked on just about every project at ITP together (how sweet), me + Alex + Karen (and Giselle! Boomer!) worked on larger Special Group Projects together. Oh, and these days I work with Alex @ G on the dodgeball stuff. Good times! So, ready?

Let's start at Friday's rehearsal dinner - reserved for all the VIPs who get to be in the wedding (pow!). I was a Groomsman. Or an usher. Or something. Whatever. I got to wear a tux.

At dinner, family and friends gathered around round-after-round of appetizers and wine. When it came time to sit, we split into a Kids Table and a Grown Ups table. The poor bride and groom-to-be got stuck with the grown ups(, suckas!)

Now before we get too deep into this recap, let me take a second to say that the A+K wedding was perhaps the best wedding I've been to. I mean, everything was so thought out and planned out and pretty much perfect. Let me trying to call out some examples. See, that way I'll be able to remember when it comes time for My Special Day (hopefully with that girl I made out w/ at Steve Swozowski's party in 7th grade).

Best Wedding Ever Example #1: Everything on the menu was picked out by A+K. Right? I mean, it seemed like it. Lobster roll apps? Karen! Pork wrapped in bacon? Alex! Root beer floats! Well done!

I stole this video from Manlio, but here's me breaking down our reherasal dinner strategy - Kevin and I went splitty-splitty. (the 2nd part of the video is from the post-wedding reception, btw) [video]

Manlio says: "I think my favorite part is Kevinís ďI canít believe Iím going to be in this videoĒ look."

Wait, did you hear what I said a second ago? I said *pork wrapped in bacon*. Perhaps the most delicious thing I've ever tasted.

After the rehersal dinner, we trekked about 100 miles over to Floyd, this bar in Brooklyn I've heard of a thousand times (mostly via dodgeball check-ins from A+K). Anyway, bocce courts + drink specials!

Micah in the white. Oliver in the blue. Karen in the black. Amy (?) in the pink. Kevin gesturing wildly in the background.

Only two of these pics in this recap, I swear!

A+K retired early (smart!). Me + Kevin.K trekked into Manhattan and drank till 5am (dumb!). I met up w/ Dianne and Jen.D who were DJing at Backroom (hi!). I kind of heart this photo.

Fast forward to the next morning. Team Groomsmen met up w/ Alex for brunch at Schiller's (why don't I have a pic of this?).

When we went to settle up the bill, I busted out these temporary tattoos that I had made up for the wedding. I brought maybe 15 of them to brunch to give out to the wedding party. We left a few extras behind for the waitstaff.

... but not to worry, there are plenty. (er, you have to order them in batches of 1000 - foreshadowing!)


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Wednesday September 6, 2006

why is it sometimes so hard to remember what happened on saturday?

Met up with Jesse.O and his entourage for drinks @ Dusk late last night. Carney and Kearney were still there(, of course). I spent a good five minutes with Carney trying to remember exactly what we did this weekend (er, two days ago), specifically Saturday. That's kind of sad. The Thurs night VMAs + three day weekend = makes everyone a little hazy.

So, the recap:

Thursday. VMA after party. I posted some pics. Rob posted some pics. Christian made a video??

If you want to go A-list, check out Carney and Krucoff (and that starfucker Matt.U) over on thecobrasnake.com (hint: middle column). If you want to go B-list, you can find Krucoff and Carney again over on Gawker. If C-list is more your thing, I'm an background extra on the Best Week Ever's recap. Post VMAs we ended up @ Annex. Everyone in the world was hungover on Friday.

Friday. Caught up on my Tivo. (Prison Break!)

Saturday. Field trip to the Upper West Side. CZ made dinner. I made out with this girl's headshot. She looks like Rachel Leigh Cook!

Jill text'ed me about Nat getting engaged (congrats, btw!). I sent my congrats to Natasha by mistake. Huh.

Saturday night ends at 2A, er, Backroom.

ps: Dianne, we *totally* should have distracted that girl's friends at 2A with a pizza. So many regrets!

Sunday. Field trip to The Upper East Side (Mel's 30th bday). Me + Steve dressed up in our best above-50th-Street getup.

Mel + Jackie + Beth + Adam. All friends from the Syracuse days.

Then to Lolita -> Sing Sing on Ave A (too crowded) -> then we kicked this stick (named Stickey) all the way to Scratcher.

And when we got sick of playing telephone at Scratcher (die die die to the losers at the far end of the bar who didn't want to play), we hit up Sing Sing karaoke @ St. Marks. We posed with our new NYU freshman BFFs on the way.

Dear Battjer, how do you get your digi to take pics with those magic light effects? I've been trying "nighttime" mode but it sucks. So I switched to "underwater" mode which is brighter for sure, but also crazier. Please advise.

Lolita -> Scratcher -> Sing Sing -> The Automat. Has everyone heard about this already? (from Gothamist. ps: Automat co-founded by an ITP grad) It's like the little ham and cheese vending machines they used to have at the bowling alley, only replaced with fancy + delicious late night food. I had a pocket full of quarters from a day's worth of errands which I totally blew in like 10 minutes (all the machines take quarters, most expesive item is $1.75). There's like six things to order. We sampled as many as my laundry fund could afford:

+ Mac and cheese croquette (A++)
+ Mozarella sticks (A-)
+ Chicken nuggets (B)
+ Chicken wings (B-)

Monday. Nothing really. "Little Ms. Sunshine" w/ Becca (recommended, btw) and some random cookout (via dodgeball) on Rivington/Allen. And then naptime. (the end)

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Friday September 1, 2006

VMA after party = a little banged up today.

Back in my Working-for-MTV days, I got to go to the VMAs. It was fun. I sat in the very very very last row (it was the Brittney + Madonna making out VMAs) and spent most of the time at the bar.

Anyway, since I'm 30 and b-list these days, no more VMAs for me. Instead I'm stuck trying to sneaking into after-parties with Krucoff and Carney (and Kearney), pretending we're on the press list for d-list blogs.

But just when you're thinking you're FD + old + b-list, it all works out and some dude named Bucky pulls you in with his entourage. (thanks for the mini-keg, btw)

And then you end up meeting up with the rest of your friends who scammed their way in. Hey, C + RJ are shooting the party for a record label? Can I get one of those VIP passes, please?

Sweet, thanks! To the green room! (a combination of Strong Island dbags and Johnny Smashing Pumpkins).

Green room = shorter line for the bar....

... and free bottles of tequila! (er, five finger discount) When we had enough of midtown, we hailed a town car (Six in the City!) and headed downtown...

... to the Annex. Was that even a VMA party? Either way, ran into Everyone I Know, had another 800 drinks, went to bed around 4am. I'm pretty banged up today. Summer friday pow pow!

Grellan: "you should petition mtv to have the VMAs monthly. dball traffic would triple."

ps: More pics from Lawrence and Brian.V. Who's Mandy?

ps2: Mandy = bassist for Stellastarr

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Friday August 18, 2006

teendrama week in review! (extra action + dinner club + zolbert goodbye!)

Teendrama Week in Review! Live from Montauk! (me = on vacation for 10 days!). Woo-hoo!

Actually, I'm a wee bit behind. I got a good 50 photos from Alex's Bachelor Party that I still need to put online (maybe this wkd? Previews here). But today is all about, er, me + Dianne + Youngna roadtripping to Tribeca to check out Extra Action Marching Band at the Knitting Factory last Saturday.

Quick backstory: Sean.S dragged me to see them in SF a few weeks back and now I'm there #1 superfan (Pilot to Gunner, anyone?). Show was a little more tame than the one in SF (perhaps because the crowd didn't know what they were getting themselves into?)

Still marching-band-marching-through-the-crowd is pretty rad.

And color-guard girls (and boys) sporting traditional marching band attire, waving flags, climbing rafters, crawling on floors.

I tried my bestest to convince some of my friends from home (er, MF, Mike.d, Jon, Adam, Mom, Dad... you're all lame) to go check them out when they played in Boston last weekend, but I think everyone stayed home watching the teevee. [video]

They're playing in Brooklyn tomorrow night (Saturday). Go!

Rubulad at 3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave.
Saturday 8/19, 11pm

Post show, met up w/ the kids who went on Lisa.S' fishing trip @ Back Room. Everyone stank of fish. I'm kind-of-clear on why Carney was rolling with rubber gloves, but whatever.

Fast-forward through a pretty uneventful week and we get Wednesday's mini-version of Dinner Club. Dinner Club = old school attempt to get all our Syracuse friends together once a month. All the dudes dropped out / got married / moved away, leaving me, five ladeeeeez and a better-than-you-would-have-expected lobster roll @ Elmo.

(five ladeeeez = Nat (in from SF!), Jackie, Jill, Lauren Hourse, Mel.W)

Dinner to drinks to signature shot at some pretentious spot in the meatpacking district.

Jill.S = engaged.

Mel.W = engaged.

DPS = rocking rings like my name was Chingy.


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Wednesday August 2, 2006

dianne in Time Out NY


Hey, check out Dianne in this week's Time Out NY (Aug 3-9, pg. 17). She's featured in their "I have a cool job" article talking about her trendspotting gig.

She emailed me yesterday and was like "sssh, but check out Time Out tomorrow." To be honest, I was secretly hoping they were going to publish her nerve.com profile.

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Sunday July 9, 2006

baby's first surfboard

I bought a surfboard the other day. From some guy in Brooklyn. Off Craigslist.

It's a 9'0", custom-made board. (Er, not custom-made for me, but rather custom-made for some other dude that then sold it to some other dude who then sold it to me).

Special thanks to Dianne for playing the role of my security detail for the trek out to Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn with a wad of $20s in my pocket. The guy who sold me the board (Yuval) could not have been any less sketchy and gave me a great deal on the board. I'm going to test it out in Montauk this weekend. I'll be sure to report back if the sharks don't get to me first.

ps: more and more.

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Friday June 23, 2006

my birthday was, er, earlier this week.

Hi. Real quick: birthday party on Saturday. Stop by if you're around. And thanks to Randy for cooking up this invite.

Saturday June 24, 10p
@ Loreley
Rivington Street (btw Bowery & Chrystie)

My birthday was actually on Monday. Mom + Dad came down on the Amtrak and took me + JJ out to dinner (read: Bestest Parents Ever). We hit up La Paella in the east village (J's recommendation). White wine + red wine + carafes of sangria = huh.

Three hour later, met up with a bunch of kids down @ Local 138. Mom got into her Kanye West flow, Dad + Dianne made fun of the rest of my friends, J + Dave dorked out with some Mario Kart DS Lite wifi.

Jonathan hooked me up with this sweet card.

Thanks Jay!

While my mom...

... baked me a batch of the same exact cookies I got when I was two years old!

Rumor has it she took a cookie decorating class (!!) just so she could frost these little guys up. Thanks, Mom!

ps: It's also rumored that Ernie + Bert are in the mail on their way down to NYC. Cookie Monster + Big Bird + Oscar look delicious though the Count kind of got the shaft. :)

And from waaaaayyy on the other side of the country, Little Sister Katie mailed me the exact same birthday card (even doctored up the same way too). She also made me a DVD of my most embarassing moments from home videos past (er, Cub Scout Safety Video anyone???). Thanks Shoops!

ps: bonus points for Shoops for using some sticky glitter stuff on the card.

So that's it. Birthday party Saturday. Wear something nice. Recap of that, plus such other slamming adventures as Adult Camp + US Air Guitar Championship + 2 week old World Cup shots (ha!) coming, er, someday (yeah right!).

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Wednesday March 29, 2006

SXSW 2006 recap (finally!)

I know, I know, I know... SXSW was so two two-and-a-half weeks ago, but come'on, I'm busy! The quick recap is that Team Dodgeball (me + Alex + Harry) were down in Austin for five days, er, two weeks ago. SXSW = short for South by Southwest, a two week interactive + film + music festival. Being the dorks we are (or: SXSW rookies), we were only there for the interactive piece (we flew out when everyone else was flying in, but we'll fix that next year). Okay, so ready for this? (It's a long one.)


So, Day 1 = Saturday. I was on a panel called "Online in Offline Spaces" with Scott H. (MeetUp) + Mike.S (Socialight) + Molly.S (Yale) moderated by Heath.R (Squidoo). We were up against James Surowiecki (aka Johnny Wisdom of Crowds) in the room next door, so it was awesome to see that we still had a spill-over crowd. The panel went well and it was a lot of fun (I think panels are always better when you know the people beforehand - e.g I went to grad school with Mike, Molly acted as an informal advisor to my thesis, and I know Scott just from around NYC).

I brought a packback full of dodgeball t-shirts and gave them all out (all 50 of them!) in about 4 minutes flat after the panel.

Fast forward through a day's worth of keynotes + panels and we get to the official Opening Night Party thrown by Frog Design. Our first intro to the SXSW scene = we were swimming in free drinks.

Harry.H chatting up the nice girl he sat next to on the plane. Player = please!

When Frog's free drink tab ended, we headed in search of the next party. Our Brand New Best Friend Justin(tm) (aka Janelle's pal from back in the day) Dan.M's friend (with glasses - hi!) was nice enough to squeeze something-like eight of us in the back of his Jetta. I got stuck riding Alex's lap.


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Monday March 6, 2006

first weekend in march = no data

First weekend of the month = yet another No Data. Yes, at Loreley. Yes, good times.

Me + Randy + Grell met for dinner around 9:30 or before heading downstairs. Nancy (manager) gave us a heads up that there was already a pretty good crowd due to some other private party. Even at 10:45, the place was packed (like almost too-crowded-to-move packed).

We threw rock paper scissors to see who'd play first. Grellan took first shift. I took second. The dilemma - play good music and try to get people to dance... or play shitty music (Grellan!) to try to clear them out before the rest of our friends showed up. (er, what ended up happening?)

Pre-No Data we were shooting some top secret film project (top secret?) - the shirt was part of the outfit. Ctrl + Alt + Dell... clever! Andy.K made it. The letters were just stickers.

Special guest appearance by ex-Happy Corp interns Bari (here) and Lindsay. And Grellan Bacardi and Cola.

Oh, and special guest Chelsea (friends w/ Lindsey... er, the other Lindsey).

(btw, I have no idea how to spell "Lindsey" - or "Lindsay". Er, can you spell it both ways? I mixed it up in the last two captions so that at least one of the two will be right. So, sorry in advance)


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Thursday February 9, 2006

superbowl weekend part 2: hungover superbowl party

So, four days later, here's Part II of SuperBowl Weekend. Don't get too excited, this part is pretty boring. I had a bunch of kids over Sunday to watch the game. We were all pretty beat up from the No Data the night before.

Seattle vs. Pittsburgh = not a particularly exciting game (esp compared me + Jay travelling to Jacksonville last year to see the Pats vs. Eagles), but I went to high school with Matt Hasselbeck (er, and Boston Rob, if you really want to dig up deep cut D-list celebs) so we were rooting for Seattle.

Youngna took a bunch of pics. In fact, I stole a lot of these pics from here. You'll easily be able to tell which are mine and which are hers. Her digi is very fancy.

Janelle, Will, Randy, Lindsay. I think we squeezed in seven on my couch.


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Tuesday December 20, 2005

no data holiday party v.2005

Last Thursday = the follow-up to last year's slamming No Data Holiday Party @ 12". This time around? Eh, not so crowded (it was wicked cold out + threat of transit strike), no video crew in tow (last year that French video crew was filming a piece on dodgeball)...

... and the PowerPoint was a little last minute (er, I made it like an hour before we started playing music), but still the whole scene was a pretty good time. [video, 9mb]

Thursday @ midnight was also when the transit strike was supposed to hit (it got postponed till, er, today). Joe had the teevee on so we could watch the strike countdown. I cued up some Quad City DJs (Choo Choo Train!). It really was something special.

(btw, video lifted from Katie Mc.K's wedding)

Grellan, occupied with his company holiday's party, didn't roll in till around midnight... crunked (like, crunked) and empty handed (after lots of talk about showing up w/ 800 company holiday party girls).

Dianne sent me this pic of me trying to copy Grell's signature dance maneuvers ("either THE cutest thing I've ever seen or the FUNNIeST thing I've ever seen"). Btw, not sure who's hat that this (Becca?)...


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Sunday December 4, 2005

internet dating = everyone's doing it

Little Sister Katie IM'ed me the other day looking for HTML advice. So, I'm trying to figure out what the heck Katie needs to know HTML for when she fwds me this URL for a class project she's working on (for an entrepreneurship class?) - a dating site that features me + my innernets girlfriend, Dianne, as stock-photo models. Sweet.

DM, want to make out?

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Friday December 2, 2005

hello, holiday party season!

Our wise friend CZ once said, "Only suckers pay for drinks in December." I suppose we officially kicked off Holiday Party Season last night, stopping by both the Wired store and the Adidas store down in Soho to collect our free drinks.

Wired store first - they don't sell anything, it's just a showroom for all the gear that shows up in the pages of Wired magazine. Of the more interesting items we got to play with was this BrainBall game ($19,000!), where you put on this headband with little metal things that touches your forehead, sit at this special table across from another person (who is also wearing the headband), and then try to relax more than your opponent. The ball moves across the table based on who is more relaxed.

Noah In The Wired Jacket said the game worked "by measuring alpha waves", but more likely the headband is monitoring heart rate / pulse (?) (not unlike other biofeedback video games).

Anyway, Dianne whipped me.

Then she whipped Jen. [video, 12m]

But then she got tooled by Johnny Guy In A Suit.

So we left and went around the corner to the Adidas store.

Packed with breakdancing hipsters. Dianne and I found Grellan + Ali + Alexa in the corner spilling drinks all over themselves (and Adidas merchandise).

(Overheard: "I was dancing by myself in the changing room. That's how crunked I am.")

All the rum you can drink, courtesy of Bacardi's "Live Like You Mean It" campaign (retarded).

Then we took a cab to Essexy @ 12" (Essexy = girls dj night). Crowded + crunked = we didn't last past 12:30a. Youngna showed up with cookies...

... but without her digicam (It got stolen in Barcelona, remember?). Btw, be a pal and donate to the Save Youngna Camera Fund . I told her I'd match whatever she gets dollar-for-dollar (401k style) so cowboy up.

Oh anyway, she temporarially replaced her digi with this Polaroid. The rest of the pics are up on Le Flickr.

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Tuesday November 15, 2005

Pedometer Party (featuring celebrity chef Nate Tate!)

This is our pal Nate Tate. He spent the summer in China travelling around collecting recipes for a cookbook he's writing. On Saturday he offered to cook us up some dinner so he could beta test his instructions.

(ps: check out them nuts on that goat)

Jen.D and Nate Tate were cooking it up in my kitchen, breaking out all sorts of mystery ingredients such as potatos, green stuff and lotus roots.

(JJ says: "You just know you're a nasty cook when you bring your own lotus root.")

Special sauce was prepared pre-dinner, but most everything else was just thrown in the hotpot.

ps: Nate just emailed in with the menu: Mongolian Hotpot with peanut sauce, Sichuan spicy green beans, and fried bananas (with Mrs. Butterworth syrup).

You can find out more into on the cookbook at http://feedingthedragon.blogs.com


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Monday November 7, 2005

november no data @ loreley

Another Saturday = another No Data... this time in the basement of Loreley on Rivington. Me + Randy + Grellan showed up early and dined on fine German food before heading downstairs. Pedro and his girl Rita had their video setup going in the background. All the people in this pic you don't recognize are leftovers from an early birthday party (for whom? no idea.) JJ, don't you know that girl in the front?

Special thanks to Grellan to negotating everything (read: drink tickets).

You know, this is a weird recap since I didn't really take any pics till like 2am. Things were quiet early on and then just like that got really rowdy late night. (Steve Ross, sorry I pushed you - agitating the ankle that I helped to break 6 months ago).

Randeez. Me.
Happy. Angry.


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Tuesday November 1, 2005

four days worth of halloween

Four days of Halloween is a little much, no? See, that's the problem with these Monday holidays. I'm looking forward to taking tonight off.

(Costumes? Oh, we'll get to that.)

Start on Friday with Youngna's 23rd birthday @ Dove (happy bday, yp!). Friday = too early to be wearing costumes so I went as a Johnny Red Sweater. Actually, no one was really dressed up except for The Happy Corp kids - Doug rolled into Dove in this giant domino suit... and 4 hours later (by the time we were all at the Magician) Matt rolls in wearing, er, another giant domino costume (hence the "Die domino die!" dodgeball message for anyone left confused).

Anyway, late night + Youngna's birthday + Youngna really crunked + Youngna's super tiny frame + giant domino costume = Youngna toppled over, on the floor, wearing this stoopid suit and unable to get up turtle-on-its-back style. Hahahahahahaha.

ps: Youngna b'day party = setting dodgeball records for most people checked-in at one place.

ps2: For extra credit, check out YP's Flickr pics.

On to Saturday. Again, too early to dress up, though that didn't stop Jackie and JJ. Jackie as a unicorn (, obviously!) and Jonathan as, um, a cat. Seriously?

Jay was giving me shit for leaving the house without a costume so he gave me these sweeeeeet tribal arm band and Sigma Chi tattoos.

I went out as Johnny Grey Sweater this time and got in a sword fight with Lisa at Motor City Bar.

I certainly did not pass out in Becca's bed with Dianne.


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Monday October 24, 2005

IG party (aka champagne dance party)

The good folks at The Intelligence Group (formerly Youth Intelligence) were kind enough to invite Team No Data to DJ their fall 2005 party at Lolita this weekend.

A few words to sum things up: Crowded. Free Red Stripe. Raffle. Surveys. Crunked.

In true IG fashion, they snuck survey questions onto the raffle tickets (clever little buggers!).

"What's the newest thing you're doing that you think most people don't know about?"

Leslie threw down for Dodgeball (thanks, girl!). Dianne fwd me this match-survery-answer-to-person quiz. Please remember to use a #2 pencil.

a. "Mixing Red Bull and Coronas, I call it the 'speedy gonzales"
b. "Watching Fuel TV? Freezing our halfpipe so we can snowboard on it. Pow!"
c. "DJ-ing"
d. "Skype"
e. "Beating Dennis Crowley in arm wrestling."
f. "Blogging and selling my own art online?"
g. "Djing YI..er...IG events."
h. "Incest."
i. "An Italian man."

1. Dennis C.
2. Kevin K.
3. Grellan H.
4. Jen D.
5. Youngna P.
6. Matthew S.
7. Andy K.
8. Dianne McG.
9. Randy K.


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Friday October 21, 2005

hi bee + spring lounge bender

I'm walking on the subway platform the other day and run into Kevin's friend Bee who I haven't seen in forever (and never see amongst the lineup of familiar subway people faces). So we're talking and it turns out that she lives in the building that faces my building (across the courytard), like my-window-looks-into-her-window style. So, when I get home after work I made this sign out of masking tape.

Fast forward a few hours, KTDD is giving me a haircut (thanks, btw) and JJ is eating some Thai food and Bee I guess sees my homemade welcome sign and comes running out waving from her balcony across the courtyard. JJ suggested we set up a zipline or at the very least a tin can cellphone setup.

(that's her on the balcony, see?)

Anyway, so huh. Right across the courtyard.

Okay, so that story was kind of dumb. I'm sorry but I'm wicked hungover. Like got-home-at-5am hungover. I love you, Spring Lounge (kind of).

You may have read about Grellan is such magazines as Crunked Weekly. I whooped Matt Spangler in an arm wrestling battle (not really) soon after this.

Random girls at the bar. (Dianne in mid sneeze?) Sorry, Youngna, but you didn't make any of the photos(, loser!)

I gave Randy a ride home after I busted his ankle with a sweet Karate Kid-esque sweep-the-leg move (sorry about that, dude). The end.

ps: No Data = Saturday @ Lolita. Swing by after midnight.

update: Randy = at the hospital getting x-rays cause I reeeaaallllyyyy may have broken his ankle?! Oh man. (4:43pm)

update 2: Ankle = badly sprained. And Randy is now sporting a cane! Awesome! You should be thanking me, man!

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Monday October 17, 2005

foliage field trip to vermont (plus: bonus corn maze!!!)

Me + Randy + Becca + Dianne + Leslie + YP made the trek to Vermont this weekend. Dianne had put together a wicked agenda (apple picking + corn maze!). We took lots of photos.

Not sure where you're at, but here in NYC it rained for like 8 days straight. Like record-setting rainfall. It continued to pour the whole ride up (er, and all weekend).

Arrived late late late Friday night. Big Dig left a pile of wood that needed stackin' (one cord!)

(er, just ignore the fact that it's like high noon in this photo)

Randy and I brought our skate decks up in hope of spending some quality time with the halfpipe we built. Rain = no such luck. (and the water damage to the ramp is pretty bad too). I think we're going to pull the tarp for the winter, freeze the thing and snowboard on it once the snow falls (or maybe use the snowdeck???)


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Friday September 9, 2005

no data loft party fundraiser

Team No Data dj'ed a fundraiser loft party down in NoHo last night. The fundraiser was for an agency fighting human trafficing in NYC. (Katrina fundraiser = tonight).

Anyway, Grellan's friend-of-friend was kind enough to donate his loft to the cause. We brought speakers and CDs.

Here's a look at the advanced technology used by such superstar DJs as ourselves. I have put this technology to great use in bringing hit songs to the masses. (click it!)

This one time when we were posing for a photo shoot for Youngna in Williamsburg, she said to Randy "Look hard!". Randy was like "Hard like a gangster?". This appears to be what she was going for.

Late night. Big bottle = bottle of champagne (which was spilled all over my digi during this shot, hence the blurryness of the rest of the photos).


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Monday August 22, 2005

real quick weekend recap

Another random weekend in Vermont. Cast of characters = me + Grellan + Dianne. My car spit this warning at us on the drive up. Translation: EAS = busted. (EAS = "Electronic Air Suspension", sucker). Perhaps it was the 800 lbs. of wood we piled in the car last wekened that did it?

I had Grellan check the manual: "Under no circumstance whatsoever should you operate the vehicle if the EAS is malfunctioning. The vehicle could flip, tip or even explode." (page 31).

ps: We made the trek up and back flip-free.

Drizzling rain = lazy Saturday. I started reading "Freakanomics". Grellan posed it up in my skate wear. (the skate ramp has already taken a bit of weather damage thanks to the shitty tarp - more on that after Labor Day)

We hit the poor-man's Growler city on Saturday afternoon (Wilington, not Bennington). Picked up a too-expensive bottle of Patron (tequila) because (a) Grellan said it was delicious (lies) and (b) we saw an ad for it in a magazine and it looked delicious (more lies).

Sunday was lazy too. We hit up Dots for breakfast (bacon + eggs + cheese on a hero = pow!) before going to visit Bartender Steve at the pool. We drank some foo-foo drinks, I finished reading my book (er, first book I've finished in like 2 years!) and found this abandoned wedding setup on the Mount Snow campus.

Hmm... that's about it. We hit up the Friendly's on the way home ("I love you, supermelt!") and got back around 1am. I'm off to the beach next weekend, but, mark my words, I'll be back for the Brewfest (Labor Day) and the October Crafts Show (oh, wait, no I won't... that's Stacey and Dave's wedding - !!!). Craft shows are stupid anyway.

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Friday August 12, 2005

making the sweet sweet love

Last night @ Local 138 we were making up hand signals that could be used in the place of saying "doing it" (as in: "When you and Amy went to the prom, did you, well, you know, DO IT?", says my Mom, circa 1994).

Anyway, here's my favorite, as illustrated (and scanned) by DM.

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Thursday July 14, 2005

36 hours in vermont

I'm a little behind on the teendrama, but fresh from Where 2.0 (we're talking July 2nd here), I trekked up to VT with a carload in Big Red 2.0. We were met with another mini-van full of kids late Friday night. The plan? I wake up at 5am on Sunday morning to meet my parents at the airport (Vegas!) while I leave the NYC crew unsupervised to trash the house.

Here, the 2.5 hour hike up the mountain Saturday afternoon (read: much harder than expected)

That's it from me, this is one of Janelle's pics. I was looking at this pic while I was out in Vegas thinking to myself, "What the heck is Becca doing under the picnic table?"

Oh, Dens + Tico. Hahahahahahahah.

(Tico = Genja's little dog)

Anyway, Grellan + Youngna + Chris + Dianne + Becca + Jen + Jannelle pretty much Flickr'ed the shit out of the weekend. Take a look:

+ Dens (yup, me)
+ Janelle
+ Youngna
+ Youngna(.com)
+ Grellan

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Tuesday May 31, 2005

memorial day 2005: lots and lots of driving

Memorial Day Weekend 2005. So, me + Dianne + Grellan + Andy set off Friday night to spend a weekend up in Vermont. We werenever able to get our shit together enough for a Montauk beach house (sniffle) and nothing was really going on in NYC, so we figured we'd spend the weekend just lounging around, maybe hike the mountain (Mt. Snow), whatever. As long as we were getting out of the city, right?

So we left around 8pm. Made the obligatory stop at Exit 40 (read: Wendy's) and then decided why not just go to Foxwoods?

So we did. Kind of. We went to Mohegan Sun instead. Rolled in around 11pm, valet parked and hit the craps tables. By the time we left at 1am, Grellan had learned how to play craps (and was up $40), Dianne lost her slot machine virginity (and was down $20), Krucoff was up $150 from one lucky pull at the slots and I was up about $240 thanks to the Spanish-speaking woman who stood next to me at the craps table rolling hard eights for 20 mins straight. (the the record, Grellan and I held the dice for about 180 secondstotal).

ps #1: Def Leppard and Tesla on June 27th.

ps #2: Cinderella + Quiet Riot + Firehouse on July 21st.

(btw, Mohegan Sun pit stop = the new Exit 40. Just wait till ski season kicks off again)

$240 up and about 1.5 hours out of our way. Next stop Vermont.

We rolled into Vermont around 3:30am to find the place a little cold and with NO RUNNING WATER. That means no sink, no showers, no flushing. Mom and Dad just put a new washer and dryer in there so I figured maybe the water never got turned back on. We all went to bed thinking we'd just deal with it in the morning.


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Thursday May 26, 2005

tribeca loft party :: series finale

I am deeply saddened now that the kids from the Tribeca loft now officially evicted. We had one last celebratory destruction-fest there last Saturday night.

It started off with buckets of Chinese food. (dumplings and General Tso's = ta-dow)

Chiense food time turned into lounge time.

And then eventually into nap time for me (we were drinking earlier at work = bad idea). Strle woke me up w/ some Tallboy smelling salts.


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Tuesday May 24, 2005

no data prom :: the recap

I know, I know... the NO DATA prom is sooo two days ago. Especially since Younga + Jess + Jake + Ross + Becca + Becca +
Dianne + Grellan already Flickr'ed the shit out of it.

So, the theme was "Redneck Prom" (which we realized in hindsight didn't really mean anything). People's interpretations ranged from Jersey Trash to 70s Tuxes to Pregnant Prom Queen.

ps: Seriously, when you get bored of my pics, check out:

+ Youngna
+ Youngna (, again)
+ Jake.D
+ Grellan
+ British Jess
+ S. Ross
+ Becca
+ Dianne
+ Janelle
+ Krucoff (recap)

We stuck The Girls on the Decorations Committee (1 helium tank + 300 balloons)...

... while we stuck Randy with the drill. Grellan got to stress over the logistics of the prom's corportate sponsor and I got to stress over the guest list. Thanks to drama from parties-past, we had to get a bouncer + guest list to prevent any theft / vandalism / tagging. We cut the list at about 170 people (not including plus-ones).


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Monday May 16, 2005

weekend recap (not too scandalous)

Pretty quiet weekend after what was a pretty crazy week. ITP threw an alumni reception on Saturday where they had a little champaign toast for Me + Alex + dodgeball + Google. No, we didn't have to give a speech.

I gave Midori the autographed Pat Kiernan (NY1, come'on) photo I wrestled from Adam Balkin. (thanks adam!)

It's autographed, "To Midori - Thanks for watching. See you in the morning!" See you in the morning! Ha! Player, please!

Saturday night = test drive the new grill. Propane on my porch = highly illegal. Homemade burgers = delicious (secret: throw some Dinosaur BBQ sauce up in that ground meat).


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Friday May 6, 2005

what happened last night?

It was all Randy's idea. He sent the email asking everyone to meet at Loreley - this German place with an outdoor garden down on Rivington. I walked in to find Randy + Krucoff drinking out of mugs the size of coffee pots. Come'on!

Then everyone showed up. Cinco de Mayo? + nice weather? + dodgeball? + random Razorfish reunion party? - I dunno what it was, but everyone was there.

Jill rolled in around (ha - I have no idea what time) with Sweet Sweet Kate and Sweet Sweet Juila. Both look this blurry in real life.


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Sunday May 1, 2005

saturday are for birthdays and loft parties

I stayed in Friday and did work, so this edition of Weekend Recap kicks off on Saturday night way over on the west side where Rudy (from Ken and Rudy fame) was celebrating his 40th birthday (with his evil twin brother - just kidding, he's not evil, though it would be a much cooler story if he was).

Anyway, the party was over at The Park (18th and 10th Ave) - Pete Sargent and Marc. J (both friends from my Jup days) warned me ahead of time that it was a fancy, fancy place (read: no sneakers). So, I went out an bought these fancy (er, more-fancy-than-sneakers) shoes...

See? Of course, stoopid Mark Johnson rolled in wearing a pair of Canadian-flag Nikes(, dick). Pair of Legs #3 belong to Marc's gf Anne (or Annie? or Annee? Hi.)

Me + Marc + Ken + shoryuken = blurry. Thanks again, you piece of shit digicam.

Next stop = College Humor party @ the Leonard Street loft.


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Monday April 25, 2005

(no data x 2) + (prom dates / brazilians) = Better Than Average(tm) times

You know, this bender I've been on for 6 days or so has been buckets of fun. Starting with the loft party last weekend, then the 12" anniversary party, followed by the Jest magazine launch party and late night at Apt 5C to No Data on Friday and then again on Saturday, every night seems to be an exponentially better time then then last. I think it all kind of peaks tonight with the LVHRD Dance Off. After tonight, we should all just retire (if our heads don't explode first).

Anyway, Friday we DJ'ed at Epsteins, a kind-of new bar on Stanton and Allen. It was our first time DJ'ing at a bar not called "12 inch". The evening was slow to start. Really slow. Like 10-people-there-until-like-1am slow.

(ps: Jill and Steve earned their +1 teendrama point for just for showing up in this photo. Booooo!)

That's around when we hit the Tipping Point(tm) - when Jen.D rolled in with Youngna + crew sporting oddly-placed stamps from the Local Magazine launch party.


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Monday April 18, 2005

weekend recap #2 // dianne's birthday

Saturday = Dianne's bday party at the No Data Loft(tm) (aka Steve's apt). Seriously, Steve was nice enough to let Dianne throw her birthday party at his Tribeca loft (sound familiar?) and Dianne was nice enough to invite Team No Data (me + Randy + Grellan) to DJ.

Dianne was also kind enough to make 800 cupcakes.

These pics are all over the place. I have almost nothing of the pre-party. The night was slow starting, even around 12:30 the place was looking empty.

We got there are 9:30. I snapped this pic at the bodega downstairs at 9:34p. Taking inventory.


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