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Tuesday October 9, 2007

Everyone loves a good wedding recap: Randy + Lisa get all hitched up in The Brooklyn


Hey! Just because it's October (er, and still 84 degrees in NYC) you didn't think we were done with wedding season did you? Let's rewind two weeks ago (Sept 21) to Randy and Lisa's wedding out in Brooklyn!

(oh real quick, a quick shoutout to anyone who's pics I stole for this recap... there are *hundreds* of Flickr pics from the wedding)


In case you're totally lost here's our little love birds... this pic skips ahead a bit though, let's start at the rehearsal dinner down at Dekk in Tribeca...


Four course meal... and all we've got to do is wear a tux tomorrow!! The steak was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten (note to self: go back to Dekk and see if it's always that good). Grell giving me the stinkeye over the last bite.


All the groomsmen got the hookup from Randy with these hifiny shirts (er, hifiny being Randy's bbblllooooggggg).


I got a brown one. Kid silkscreened them himself! (ps: the kids in Amsterdam were wondering were to get 'em - ha!)


And onto Friday... I cut out of work early as all the groomsmen met up at Randy + Lisa's place in Tribeca for a get-yer-tux-on party. Rentals courtsey of Men's Warehouse - Kyle busted on his shirt to find this nasty blood stain on his sleeve. We tried to imagine how this went down - I like the idea of someone getting clocked in the face at some ex-girlfriend's wedding in NJ, the dude just wiping the blood on his sleeve and being like, "Let's do this!" and then a huge brawl breaks out in parking lot of the Paramus Mall... or whatever.


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Wednesday September 12, 2007

20 Hours in Ocean City (aka Randy's bachelor party!)


Hey! Did you know Randy is getting married in September? (wedding #5 of the season, btw!). Last weekend A thousand weekends ago (8/25!) a crew of us got together and made a raodtrip down to Ocean City, MD in celebration of his last days of singlehoodness (Is that a word? Should be. BTW, bachelor party #3 of the summer!)


The adventure starts early Saturday morning (8:30! Tribeca!). The lovely Lisa.S made us some Danish pancake balls ("aebelskivers") and some mf'ng sausages (if you've got an escargot pan aebelskiver pan try making them at home. And if you're awesome - like I'm going to be when I get ane of these little pans - then make those lil' pancake balls and fill 'em with powerdered sugar and bits of bacon and syrup and, oh man, sounds delicious, no?!?)

Anyway, oh yeah MD - we set sail in two cars around 9am... and... with... all... the... traffic... got there aroud 3pm (an hour of that is my fault for missig *one stoopid turn* off the highway which cost us about an hour. Ugh.)

Before we left, Randy laid out a selection of fine men's attire for us to choose from. Here (well, above) all of us (sans Carney) looking like the hottest douchebags you've ever done seen. This was taken with Josh's magical camera which is why it looks phenomenal.


In case you needed better lighting, we moved to the deck. As you may have noticed I got a haircut for J's wedding which looks like a stoopid Lego Person's haircut. Stoopid Astor Place.




We had a half-plan for the night... around 5pm we made the trek to the boardwalk, nine dudes crammed into a minivan cab.


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Tuesday April 10, 2007

The Dealbreaker Video IPO (title blatantly stolen from Krucoff)

Sometime last year (seems like forever ago), me + Randy + Grell + AK + Josh + Carney + Doug + Becca helped Spiers put together a fake recruiting video for a fictional investment banking firm ("A.P. Corgan") for the launch of Dealbreaker.com (her finance/gossip blog).

As Krucoff says on Young Manhatanite:

Here it is, the long lost Dealbreaker promo video that was supposed to be released with the blog's launch last year. It's a mix of improvisation on top of a script written by Elizabeth Spiers and Dana Vachon, based on a JP Morgan recruitment video he "acquired." A final version was never agreed upon so the material sat in various short and long remixes on Randy's laptop. For better or worse (I'd say the former), he's just unleashed the definitive under 10-min final cut on YouTube. "Unauthorized" might be applicable but it's not like John Carney knows anything about law. Ahh, sweet memories.

I play the I.T. guy (of course. fuckers). Grellan + Doug are especially brilliant.


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Tuesday February 6, 2007

superbowl 2007 = er, I missed the opening kickoff because I was getting my laundry

I had some friends over Sunday to watch the SuperBowl. It wasn't the "most boringest superbowl ever" as I've heard (at least the rain made the turnovers interesting, right?), but Colts vs. Bears? Ugh, who cares. (Cut! That! Meat!)

Maybe on par with last year's (No Data bender -> Hasselback debut), but no real comparison to the year before (me, J + MC Hammer down in Jacksonville!) or the year before that (Gabe's kicker blowout).

ps: Not sure why I didn't going to VT w/ J + Will + Christian... VT got like 8 inches of snow! Anyway...

I mean, the main event wasn't really Bears vs. Colts - it was Notorious PIBs vs. Hogs in Sleeping Bags. (um, PIB = Bigs in Plankets, fools!). The pigs = cocktail franks. The hogs = kielbasa. Are you sure you can handle the close-up?

You know, the PIBs used to be my specialty, but now that I've moved on my Mac and Cheese Masterpieces (see below), the PIBs feel so 2004 you know? Anyway, PIBs came out a little burnt (400°!) and the Hogs were a little undercooked (another 10 mins!)... I may try this one again w/ better sausage. Maybe some salsa? Jalapenos? Think: quesadilla but in a sausage PIB!

Becca + Jen made some football cupcakes. I liked them!.. . but still Silver Medal compared to the Little Football Men Cake from 2004 @ Gabe's.

I made more of Mrs. Donahue's my secret mac + cheese. This time with kielbasa up in there. Verdict = pretty good (though I like the Italian Sausage better). Next time = bacon + M&Ms.

Late night Becca was making fun of my collection of holiday cards - including this one from the Japanese girl that cuts my hair. Me + Kana = both like the karaoke = meant to be?!?

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Thursday February 1, 2007

"is this fridge big enough?"

So, I bought this apt in the East Village. And I'm in the procees of renovating it (ripping walls down, putting walls up, replacing appliances, etc). Anyway, so I was in the Home Depot with Colin (superstar contractor) today and we're looking at fridges. He's asking me if they're big enough and all I can think of is how a year or so ago we went through this phase where we were going to parties, emptying out people's fridges and then squeezing ourselves inside and taking photos.

Er, look here. And here. And here.

Oh, this isn't a fridge pic. It's Krucoff in a shower (which strangely, is in a sample apartment that was built into a storefront on Rivington). I stole this from Youngna's Flickr. Hi!

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Thursday January 25, 2007

who doesn't love a good rodeo?!

This is so almost three weeks ago, but back in early January (1/6) me + Becca went to check out the rodeo @ Madison Square Garden. Wait, not just any rodeo, this is the Professional Bull Riding's Versus Invitational. Tix were, what?, $30 each and despite the kind-of buzz we still couldn't really round up a crew to go... so, onto DATE NIGHT!

The way this works is that they fire up the bull, cue up some slamming AC/DC track and then open the gates. Standard bull ride lasts around 8 seconds? (The rule is you don't earn points until you stay on for at least 8 seconds. Remember, this is *tournament* bull riding!). (btw, this is one of the longer rides we saw all night.) [video]

Buuutttt, after the rider falls off the bull, there's this cowboy on a horse who's job it is to round up the bull and get it back in the pen. And a lot of the time he's got to pull out his trusty lasso to get the job done. We saw it work a few times, but when he missed, man, tough crowd. video

By the way, these guys are good, but they're sure no dpstyels97. [from 2004]

Becca: "If this thing is sponsored by PBR, why are we buying $7 Buds?"
Me: "I think PBR stands for Professional Bullriders."
Becca: "Soooooooooooo!"

Rodeo = good times, though it's a lot of the Same Thing over and over. We got this txt from eagle-eye Krucoff just just before halftime.


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Wednesday January 24, 2007

blog ghetto brawlers, reprezent!

Alex just forwaded me Chris Shott's "Blog Ghetto" piece which appeared in the NY Observer today. Thanks for the tdrama + dball shoutout, but Mr. Shott...

Verbal spats are common, particularly when the neighborhood’s most argumentative old-school blogger, Andrew Krucoff, is involved. But no blogger could recall an actual fistfight.

... what?! Have you not heard the story of me and Andy Krucoff brawling outside the old Barramundi (before it moved to Clinton) back in 1998? We were there for some Jupiter event (Krucoff, I think this is the same night you were trying to pick a fight w/ A.Piras's boyfriend for being French and wearing acid wash jeans)... anyway, a whole crew of us where there and somehow 20 drinks led to me and Krucoff out on the street circling each other, dukes up (... maybe I was trying to protect Piras' honor? Karate Kid II style?) when some random guy in an *ice cream truck* drove down Ludlow street at like 2am (!!), saw us punching at each other, got out of his truck and gave us the 'Whoa whoa - you guys are FRIENDS! You don't want to do this!" speech, which was apparently a good enough reason for us to head back inside and finish our >insert whatever we were drinking back in the dot com heydays here>

So there.

Oh, dball plug below (thanks, Lock). Alex + Kevin's monoki.com also got a shoutout - so old school!). You can read the whole thing here.
Still, a new blogger-centric faction has emerged. A number of prominent bloggers use Dodgeball, a social-networking service for your cell phone, created by Lower East Side denizen and Teendrama blogger Dennis Crowley, that alerts subscribers to your whereabouts and vice versa.

"I’d say it’s more the Dodgeball scene that now rules L.E.S., not the bloggers per se,” said Mr. Steele, himself a Dodgeball member, “but the difference between the two scenes might take an anthropologist to sort out."

Any yeah, I'm real behind on the tdrama again. Things you may have missed out on:

+ John Carney got hit by a car (broken leg, but he's doing okay)
+ I just bought an apt (!! - 8th and B. Floorplans + pics = soon.)
+ Since this ski season sux, I booked a trip to Beaver Creek in Feb (see: 06) and Whistler in March (see: 06)
+ Everyone's at Sundance this week (sniffle)
+ Becca and I went to the rodeo (um, sooo 3 weeks ago). Someday I'll post those pics.
+ Oh, and I'm finally all booked for SXSW in March (Austin, TX). Anyone else going?

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Monday December 18, 2006

holiday party season 2006 recap (and some ITP show, tree trimmings, 11 spring street action, etc.)

I'm going to try to sum up all of Holiday Party Season 2006 in one post... so let's rewind to last weekend (no, not this past weekend, but the weekend before - 12/9). After telling J that I wasn't going to get a Christmas tree this year, he + Jackie left this makeshirt Charlie Brown Tree outside my apt (which was the nicest thing ever, so thanks). Looks like it's made of a 2 inch piece of leftover stump and a busted off branch. Awesome.

I think that was Saturday night - yes, another night at Marshall Stack - where I ran into none other than my date Medway High's Ring Dance back in 1992, Maria.P! (you may remember Maria.P from such adventures as Thanks.g 05 or Caroline's txt msg banter from Thanks.g 06.)

ps: Ring Dance = where all the sophomores get their class rings! (, dur)

Since these prom photos seem to be a teendrama crowd favorite, here's #3 (of 9!) in the series. Oh, and the reinctment from 2005 here. [Flickr]

Tuesday. Me + Courtney hit up the Pokemon Holiday Party courtesy of McS's invite. You know, the last time we hit a Pokemon party it was a slamming hip hop dance party till the wee hours of the am. For the holiday season, they took a weird turn and hired some transvestite female impersonators (Streisand, Cher, Madonna) which is weird cause it's Pokemon(, right?). And they sub'ed out the hip hop dance party for an employee lip sync contest (huh?) where the winner (chosen by Pokemon CEO) was this girl who took off her top while dancing shaking around to a Shakira track (no singing involved). Huh.

Anyway, this pic = some poor guy who didn't realize the Madonna impersonator was actually a dude. Here he is trying to give him/her the hand-under-the-ass reacharound (this pic would have much uglier has I taken it 20 seconds earlier - he was seriously *all up* in this dude's grill).

To top it off, there was a raffle at the end and just as me + Courtney were walking out - holy shit! - they called our number! So we raced back to the stage to grab our loot from the tranny emcee but *some other girl* had already run up and claimed our prize! Of course, no one was checking numbers and we weren't going to protest at the Pokeon Holiday Party but come'on! Who does that! (btw, I dunno what the prize was - they were all wrapped up). Huh. We promptly left with our goodie bags (Pokemon calendar, Pokemon bathrobe, 2 Pokemon chocolate bars, Pokemon bottle of wine) and headed downtown.

Thursday = Happy Corp holiday party down at Lolita! Besides the woman with crazy eyeshadown (not to mention 14-year old son) who left DRUGS for me in the bathroom (Mom, Denny = drug free!) the night was pretty uneventful. I was also kind of hopped up on cold meds since I've had the BF (bird flu) for like 10 days straight now.

Oh the way out, Becca and I passed this fully decorated tree that was just left on the street. I like to think that Carlo's gf threw him out of the house - "...and take this fucking tree with you!" style - and so he just left it on the street for some happier couple to come by and claim it.

Friday was the opening night of 11 Spring Street. For anyone in NYC, everyone has already blogged the shit out of this (NYTimes, Gothamist #1, Gothamist #2, Wooster Collective Flickr), buuuuuttttt for everyone else: On the corner of Spring + Bowery there's this old building that's become one of the more well known landmarks for street art in NYC. Some developer (read: Rupert Murdoch's son) bought the building and is about to turn it into condos, but before they start demolition / construction, they invited all the big name artists who have covered the outside walls of the building over the years to use the space as a makeshift three-day gallery.

The building was open all weekend long (I heard the line to get in was crazy), though Xtina snuck me on the VIP list for Friday's opening (thx!)


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Monday October 9, 2006

teendrama week (and weekend) in review (mcd's 27th + danners' 30th)

I had to trek out west for a few days for G stuff last week. Got in Tues night (Jet Blue!), came back Thurs afternoon (Jet Blue!). On both flights, the JetBlue CEO was on-board doing his "I like to relate to the little people" thing. He handed out chips and drinks and answered questions. I should have asked why ABC wasn't one of the DirectTV channels and when we were getting wi-fi, but alas, I fell asleep. Yawn. For these weekday trips, I've been staying in Mountain View (about 40 miles east of SF). Ugh.

Anyway, I met Durango for lunch on Wednesday. We sampled some of the finest foods that building #47 has to offer [Smoove]. I'm ashamed of how much food I consumed - I literally couldn't fit any more little plates on my tray (lobster thing + steak thing + lasagna + tuna steak + scallops). Stoopid Fat Denny.

And then after stuffing my face over lunch, I met Nat and Alisa for dinner in SF (Puerto Allegra, Mission district?). I had a burrito the size of a baby's torso. I like Nat's gangster double-point.

Though Nat left us early (teacher + hangover = no good), me + Alisa + special friend (MAKE OUT!) went to see a band at Edinburght Castle. Special guest Pam.B showed up late night - just before we hit up Hemlock Tavern and met up w/ Manlio + Jenn + Sean. I somehow made it back to my hotel in Mt. View around 1am.

Thursday. I took the afternoon flight back, which means I stood in the longest security line you've ever done seen. Seriously, 500 people long? After I made it all the way through, Little Ms. TSA confiscated my deoderant, toothpaste and shaving cream because I refused to get out of line (!!) to buy a $0.50 ziplock bag to put the stuff in. The world is safer.

I got stuck in the middle seat on the way back (that's whay you get for changing your flight last minute). To my right some chatty girl from Boston, to my left some kid who was studying for the H&R Block Tax exam. I really really really wanted to take a pic of this, but the poor kid had a three-ring binder that was like four inches thick and spent the whole flight filling out practice 1099s, W2s and 1040s the way you'd practice logic puzzles on the SAT. Oh man, I really can't think of anything worse.

Landed back in NYC around 10pm. Dropped my shit at home and headed to Parkside for Will McD's bday.

Rob took some Flickr pics. We somehow ended up at the Soho House around 3am (which was retarded).


Saturday. While sitting in a cab in traffic on Delancey, I spied this dude in the car next to me. Sorry no teendrama pic - all you get is the text message which I sent to the Upoc Celeb Sightings list (go Upoc!!). Some dude wrote me back immediately. Some other dude replied 5 mins later with "quit". Ha, sucker!


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Friday September 1, 2006

VMA after party = a little banged up today.

Back in my Working-for-MTV days, I got to go to the VMAs. It was fun. I sat in the very very very last row (it was the Brittney + Madonna making out VMAs) and spent most of the time at the bar.

Anyway, since I'm 30 and b-list these days, no more VMAs for me. Instead I'm stuck trying to sneaking into after-parties with Krucoff and Carney (and Kearney), pretending we're on the press list for d-list blogs.

But just when you're thinking you're FD + old + b-list, it all works out and some dude named Bucky pulls you in with his entourage. (thanks for the mini-keg, btw)

And then you end up meeting up with the rest of your friends who scammed their way in. Hey, C + RJ are shooting the party for a record label? Can I get one of those VIP passes, please?

Sweet, thanks! To the green room! (a combination of Strong Island dbags and Johnny Smashing Pumpkins).

Green room = shorter line for the bar....

... and free bottles of tequila! (er, five finger discount) When we had enough of midtown, we hailed a town car (Six in the City!) and headed downtown...

... to the Annex. Was that even a VMA party? Either way, ran into Everyone I Know, had another 800 drinks, went to bed around 4am. I'm pretty banged up today. Summer friday pow pow!

Grellan: "you should petition mtv to have the VMAs monthly. dball traffic would triple."

ps: More pics from Lawrence and Brian.V. Who's Mandy?

ps2: Mandy = bassist for Stellastarr

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Friday June 23, 2006

my birthday was, er, earlier this week.

Hi. Real quick: birthday party on Saturday. Stop by if you're around. And thanks to Randy for cooking up this invite.

Saturday June 24, 10p
@ Loreley
Rivington Street (btw Bowery & Chrystie)

My birthday was actually on Monday. Mom + Dad came down on the Amtrak and took me + JJ out to dinner (read: Bestest Parents Ever). We hit up La Paella in the east village (J's recommendation). White wine + red wine + carafes of sangria = huh.

Three hour later, met up with a bunch of kids down @ Local 138. Mom got into her Kanye West flow, Dad + Dianne made fun of the rest of my friends, J + Dave dorked out with some Mario Kart DS Lite wifi.

Jonathan hooked me up with this sweet card.

Thanks Jay!

While my mom...

... baked me a batch of the same exact cookies I got when I was two years old!

Rumor has it she took a cookie decorating class (!!) just so she could frost these little guys up. Thanks, Mom!

ps: It's also rumored that Ernie + Bert are in the mail on their way down to NYC. Cookie Monster + Big Bird + Oscar look delicious though the Count kind of got the shaft. :)

And from waaaaayyy on the other side of the country, Little Sister Katie mailed me the exact same birthday card (even doctored up the same way too). She also made me a DVD of my most embarassing moments from home videos past (er, Cub Scout Safety Video anyone???). Thanks Shoops!

ps: bonus points for Shoops for using some sticky glitter stuff on the card.

So that's it. Birthday party Saturday. Wear something nice. Recap of that, plus such other slamming adventures as Adult Camp + US Air Guitar Championship + 2 week old World Cup shots (ha!) coming, er, someday (yeah right!).

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Thursday May 18, 2006

west village fieldtrip with the FSU cowgirls

You ever hear of these FSU Cowgirls? A few girls wearing skimpy outfits and cowboy hats to Florida State games were all over the tee-vee thanks to ESPN and eventually ended up all over Maxim and Facebook, blah blah blah. Anyway, Krucoff and Becca told me there we guest bartending at some place in the West Village, so me + Grellan cabbed it over with them to check out what was probably the frattiest event of the season. (Back-2-College night 4eva!)

I guess two of them were there? This girl Jenn and some other blond girl. Easy to pick out since they were pretty much the only females in a sea of frat monkeys. 20 to 1 guy-girl ratio is probably right on.

$7 pitchers = about the price of one Bud bottle @ Back Room.

And three awesome things I saw late night:

1. Girls dancing on the bar; dudes groping them.
2. Some guy spraying a whipped cream mohawk on his head.
3. This one tall dude pass out while standing up, crashing into (and spilling) a table worth of drinks.

These pics are pretty stoopid. Really, the only reason I wanted to put them online was as an excuse to post this facinating video of Jenn the Cowgirl deflecting all the "Daddy bought my boobs" rumors (fast fwd about 1:15 in) [video]

For extra credit here's the rest of the interview.

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Thursday October 27, 2005

Save Krucoff fundraiser (aka Animal Magazine launch party)

Quick recap of the Animal Magazine launch party last night @ BLVD. Met up with Becca + Krucoff + Andrew.S + Kevin for a drink @ Loreley around 8p before slipping by the BLVD velvet rope with our VIP buttons (huh?). Who knew, but the whole thing had some kind of "Save Krucoff" theme.

Cute Girl was handing out buttons at the door. "Suggested donation $1. Almost all proceeds will go to Andrew Krucoff."

I only counted $2.00.

How clever. (Again, in case you have no idea what any of this means.)

(VIP button = the little one. Certainly not the 'Krucoff' one.)

Free drinks = crowded. Andrew.S called it quits almost immediately.


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Tuesday October 25, 2005

andy krucoff is doing just fine. thanks for asking.

Krucoff gets fired and The New York Times covers the story??? Of course the kid's okay. (Though I may still bust out my "Save Krucoff" shirt in hopes of impressing blogger girls.)

And in case you have no idea what I am talking about:

+ "Memo Passed On; Job Is Lost", The New York Times
+ Washington Times
+ Gawker post #1
+ Gawker post #2
+ Gawker post #3
+ "Krucoff" + "Fired" on Google's Blogsearch

ps: my personal favorite: "I went to high school with this guy!" - random blogger starfucker

ps2: God bless you, Doug Jaeger (who sends his apologies to Shepard Fairey). Start printing your flyers + stickers, kids!

[download Adobe Illustrator file, 860k]

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Monday October 24, 2005

IG party (aka champagne dance party)

The good folks at The Intelligence Group (formerly Youth Intelligence) were kind enough to invite Team No Data to DJ their fall 2005 party at Lolita this weekend.

A few words to sum things up: Crowded. Free Red Stripe. Raffle. Surveys. Crunked.

In true IG fashion, they snuck survey questions onto the raffle tickets (clever little buggers!).

"What's the newest thing you're doing that you think most people don't know about?"

Leslie threw down for Dodgeball (thanks, girl!). Dianne fwd me this match-survery-answer-to-person quiz. Please remember to use a #2 pencil.

a. "Mixing Red Bull and Coronas, I call it the 'speedy gonzales"
b. "Watching Fuel TV? Freezing our halfpipe so we can snowboard on it. Pow!"
c. "DJ-ing"
d. "Skype"
e. "Beating Dennis Crowley in arm wrestling."
f. "Blogging and selling my own art online?"
g. "Djing YI..er...IG events."
h. "Incest."
i. "An Italian man."

1. Dennis C.
2. Kevin K.
3. Grellan H.
4. Jen D.
5. Youngna P.
6. Matthew S.
7. Andy K.
8. Dianne McG.
9. Randy K.


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Monday October 10, 2005

stacey and dave's brooklyn wedding throwdown

This past Saturday was Stacey & Dave's wedding - two friends from back in the Jupiter days who fell in love under the spell of dot com magic. They left NYC a while back, moved out to Seattle and (I think) are planning a triumphant return to NYC soon. I've been looking forwardto the wedding forever - many of the best dot com stories (e.g. featuring events hosted by Pets.com, Dealtime.com, uBid.com, Boo.com, Flooz.com, Luke McG.com, etc) included the old Jup crew that were all part of the weddding entourage.

Oh, here's Stacey and Dave. Together = cute like kittens. The wedding was held out at Frankie's 457, a restaurant in Carol Gardens, Brooklyn. Big backyard for the cermeony and an old coach house in back for the reception / hip hop dance party.

The weather this whole weekend was wicked crappy - Saturday included. Pat Kiernan from NY1 told me this morning that we got more rain this weekend than in the entire month of August.

Anyway, so around 4pm, I put on my bestest (read: only) suit and met up w/ Andy + Rina + Gage over at The Krucoff's apt. Cab ride to Brooklyn was a stoopid 40 minutes long (bridge traffic). We should have taken the F.


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Monday September 26, 2005

two day bender: alex's 29th bday and dpj's 30th bday

Ugh. This was the most crunked up weekend ever with two back-to-back 6am nights (I am only slightly of proud of that). Let's start on Friday for Alex's 29th (34th!!) bday throwdown. Dinner + drinks + karaoke (this pic is from like 2am, but we'll get to that).

First up = dinner. Six of us @ Gyu-Kaku, a grill-yer-own-meats type of place near Astor Place. Little corns, little hot dogs, little meats. That bag of foil contains a bunch of mushrooms marinating in butter. Verdict: delicious.

Manlio and Kevin prepare to battle the meats. Beware of Kevin's patented Devil Eyes(tm).

Post dinner we hit up Porch Bar on Avenue C. About 20 people stopped by x 4-5 drinks each (or so it seemed) and the tab only came to like $150 = a birthday gift from the waitress?


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Thursday September 22, 2005

nick denton / arianna huffington loft party

Stopped by Nick Denton's loft party (welcome to NYC party for Arianna Huffington?) en route to the LES.

Champagne only = bring your own tall boys. Dannielle is simply too high class for 24oz cans of Foster.

Lots of other pics here. (here = Flickr, of course)

ps: mack mack mack it up, Krucoff!

ps2: Other spotted friends of teendrama include: Kate Lee and Spiers, Clare, Remy, Zach, Duncan Watts (!!) and Michael Stipe.

ps3: Arianna's official recap here (on Yahoo!?!)

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Monday September 19, 2005

weekend no data + blind skateboards party

Pre-No Data on Saturday, me + Grellan + Randy headed down to the Blind skate store in Soho. The were holding a fundraiser for Andy Kessler (injured in skate accident?) where they were auctioning off some art as people were skating the bowl and a jazz band played on the floor.

Place was packed (these pics don't really do it justice), but these guys were killing the ramp.

Not much space on the deck, but a ton of people managed to squeeze up there anyway. The perimeterof the ramp is covered by this thick netting which a lot of us where holding onto to make sure we didn't fall off the edge. Not too many loose boards to dodge, but after the failed grind, I got knocked back into the net and had a drink spilt on me. Danger!

The crowd behind and below us. I didn't bother to brave the line.


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Wednesday August 24, 2005

U-Turn parking ticket resolved: NOT GUILTY (!!!)

I went to Traffic Ticket Court yesterday. Way down on Rector Street. The story goes like this: Back in May, I was driving around w/ Krucoff and got pulled over for "Making an Illegal U-Turn in a Business District". The story is a little more complicated - the "No U-turn" sign was hidden by a tree, there was a cop watching me as I made the U-Turn and then he pointed at me (which I intrepreted as "Go!" and which he said meant "Don't make that U-Turn!"). So, I took it to the courts. (that sounded much more glamorous than it actually was).

In case you wanted to brush up on the back story, read the letter I sent in protest to the parking ticket people. Also, here's a pic that I sent in with the letter... and brought to court as evidence. (thanks for the print-out, Alex)

The hearing was at 1pm. I was in and out of there in like 12 minutes. Conventional wisdom says the only way to win at a traffic hearing is if the cop pull a no-show, but this guy was there at 1pm sharp. I was the second hearing. The judge called us both up, the two of us did the whole raise-your-right-hand thing and then we both got to tell our story - cop goes first, then I get to plead my case.

A few excerpts:

Me: ... so then the office pointed at me, which I took as a sign to go, and...
Judge: So, did you make the U-Turn or not?

Me: If I really wanted to make an illegal U-Turn, I would have done it way back on Delancey and Essex where it was convenient. I wouldn't have waited until I got to an intersection where a cop was sitting and waiting.

Judge: The city prohibits making a U-Turn in a business district.
Me: How am I supposed to know what's a business district and what's not? The whole city is a business district!

Judge: What is this that you're giving me? I have no idea what I am looking at? (when I handed him the print out of the photo above)

Anyway, after a few minutes of arguing, the Judge told me he'd give me the "benefit of the doubt" and I got off as NOT GUILTY!


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Tuesday June 21, 2005

29th bday three-day adventure

So, birthday #29 is a play in three acts -> Fri @ Montauk, Sat @ South Hampton / No Data, Sun @ NYC. Longest teendrama entry ever? 60 photos? Go grab a sandwich.

Things started early Friday morning (7am!) when Good Guy Grellan picked me up at the airport (post SF redeye). The master plan was to get on the beach by noon.

I barely slept on the plane and just passed out when I got into the Hoverpod. I woke up at 10:30am, just as we were pulling into Montauk. We grabbed some egg and cheese sandwiches in town...

... before meeting up with Marc Johnson and Annee out at the ditch.


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Tuesday June 7, 2005

weekend away at Adult Camp

So, this past weekend was Adult Camp. The story goes something like this: Becca's friend Dana used to be a camp counselor at this camp up in the Berkshiers (right on the MA / NY border). Every year, the folks at the camp allow the old counselors to come back with some of their friends a few weeks before the camp opens to the kids (hence, "Adult Camp"). Last year, Becca and crew had the Best Time Ever(tm) - this year we were invited to tag along.

This is actually the last pic I took before we left, but I figured I'd lead off with it anyway. There were about 15 of us total that made the trip.

(ps: Lots of recaps for this one. Also see: Becca + Youngna + Josh over at sixfive.net)

Dana sent an email around a few days before telling us what we needed to bring: towels, sheets, some cards, a blanket. I underpacked I guess, thinking we'd be locked away in our warm little cabins. Instead, we were rolling with three-wall cabins (three bunks per cabin). Good times, for those with sleeping bags (hold on, we'll get to that).

Team Big Red 2.0 (me + Grellan + Becca + Youngna + Krucoff) left NYC Friday around 6pm. The route is pretty straightforward for about 95% of the trip, with the last 5% being crazy unmarked, uncharted roads. We made plans to meet Dana at a local pub right near the camp so she could guide us back.

One burger and two beers later, we left to make the 10 minute trip to camp. As I was backing my car our of my parking spot (a little fast admittedly), a cop car was rounding the corner. And, er, I nearly clipped him.

So, the cop turns around, follows me for a minute or so, throws on his lights and pulls me over. The conversation went a little like this:

Him: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: Sure, I pulled out a little quick and almost hit you as you turned the corner.
Him: Yup. You been drinking tonight?
Me: I had one drink with dinner.
Him: Step out of the car, please.


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Tuesday May 31, 2005

memorial day 2005: lots and lots of driving

Memorial Day Weekend 2005. So, me + Dianne + Grellan + Andy set off Friday night to spend a weekend up in Vermont. We werenever able to get our shit together enough for a Montauk beach house (sniffle) and nothing was really going on in NYC, so we figured we'd spend the weekend just lounging around, maybe hike the mountain (Mt. Snow), whatever. As long as we were getting out of the city, right?

So we left around 8pm. Made the obligatory stop at Exit 40 (read: Wendy's) and then decided why not just go to Foxwoods?

So we did. Kind of. We went to Mohegan Sun instead. Rolled in around 11pm, valet parked and hit the craps tables. By the time we left at 1am, Grellan had learned how to play craps (and was up $40), Dianne lost her slot machine virginity (and was down $20), Krucoff was up $150 from one lucky pull at the slots and I was up about $240 thanks to the Spanish-speaking woman who stood next to me at the craps table rolling hard eights for 20 mins straight. (the the record, Grellan and I held the dice for about 180 secondstotal).

ps #1: Def Leppard and Tesla on June 27th.

ps #2: Cinderella + Quiet Riot + Firehouse on July 21st.

(btw, Mohegan Sun pit stop = the new Exit 40. Just wait till ski season kicks off again)

$240 up and about 1.5 hours out of our way. Next stop Vermont.

We rolled into Vermont around 3:30am to find the place a little cold and with NO RUNNING WATER. That means no sink, no showers, no flushing. Mom and Dad just put a new washer and dryer in there so I figured maybe the water never got turned back on. We all went to bed thinking we'd just deal with it in the morning.


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Friday May 27, 2005

baby's first U-Turn traffic violation

No sooner than 3 hours after I put my new plates on my car (er, 2.5 weeks ago), I got pulled over for making an "Illegal U-Turn in a Business District". Long story, but I am going to fight it.

An excerpt from my letter to the parking ticket people:

I waited at the red light until the green arrow appeared. Across the intersection from me was a police officer in one of those one-man Police Scooters. As the light turned green, he pointed directly at me – a gesture I interpreted as “Get going – the light just turned green!” I made my U-Turn onto Delancey (now facing East) and he promptly pulled me over.

Full not-guilty letter to the parking ticket folks after the jump.


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Tuesday May 24, 2005

no data prom :: the recap

I know, I know... the NO DATA prom is sooo two days ago. Especially since Younga + Jess + Jake + Ross + Becca + Becca +
Dianne + Grellan already Flickr'ed the shit out of it.

So, the theme was "Redneck Prom" (which we realized in hindsight didn't really mean anything). People's interpretations ranged from Jersey Trash to 70s Tuxes to Pregnant Prom Queen.

ps: Seriously, when you get bored of my pics, check out:

+ Youngna
+ Youngna (, again)
+ Jake.D
+ Grellan
+ British Jess
+ S. Ross
+ Becca
+ Dianne
+ Janelle
+ Krucoff (recap)

We stuck The Girls on the Decorations Committee (1 helium tank + 300 balloons)...

... while we stuck Randy with the drill. Grellan got to stress over the logistics of the prom's corportate sponsor and I got to stress over the guest list. Thanks to drama from parties-past, we had to get a bouncer + guest list to prevent any theft / vandalism / tagging. We cut the list at about 170 people (not including plus-ones).


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Monday May 16, 2005

weekend recap (not too scandalous)

Pretty quiet weekend after what was a pretty crazy week. ITP threw an alumni reception on Saturday where they had a little champaign toast for Me + Alex + dodgeball + Google. No, we didn't have to give a speech.

I gave Midori the autographed Pat Kiernan (NY1, come'on) photo I wrestled from Adam Balkin. (thanks adam!)

It's autographed, "To Midori - Thanks for watching. See you in the morning!" See you in the morning! Ha! Player, please!

Saturday night = test drive the new grill. Propane on my porch = highly illegal. Homemade burgers = delicious (secret: throw some Dinosaur BBQ sauce up in that ground meat).


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Thursday May 12, 2005

post dodgeball close :: dance party @ 12"

Wednesday was a better than average day. After a full afternoon of rounding up documents, signing paperwork, last minute Kinko's runs and conference calls with lawyers, we closed on Google's acquisition of dodgeball. 5:32p calls for celebratory tallboys.

After another hour of launching the new site, sending out an email to all our users and dealing with last minute bugs and post-close customer service, Alex and I headed to the ITP show to see end-of-semester final projects and then to 12" for both Girls DJ Night (aka "Essexy" or "Ho Data") and an ad-hoc dodgeball launch party.

(man, I need a haircut.)

The regulars. Except for 6'5" here - where you been Josh?

Becca bought me some roses from the guy that walks around from bar to bar with flowers in a bucket.


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Friday May 6, 2005

what happened last night?

It was all Randy's idea. He sent the email asking everyone to meet at Loreley - this German place with an outdoor garden down on Rivington. I walked in to find Randy + Krucoff drinking out of mugs the size of coffee pots. Come'on!

Then everyone showed up. Cinco de Mayo? + nice weather? + dodgeball? + random Razorfish reunion party? - I dunno what it was, but everyone was there.

Jill rolled in around (ha - I have no idea what time) with Sweet Sweet Kate and Sweet Sweet Juila. Both look this blurry in real life.


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Friday April 22, 2005

3 friday links for you

Sweet Friday! Please enjoy these three links:

1. Just ran across this Kristin rant about her + Elliott and their Dodgeball vacation with Andrew Krucoff.

2. Sweet Sweet Lindsey named as one of the up and coming NYC bloggers. (of course, as judged by Krucoff)

3. A picture of my big floating head. Taken by Ms. Youngna at last night's Jest party @ The Delancey.

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Thursday April 21, 2005

this weekend = (no data x 2)

Back-to-back No Data's this weekend - Friday @ Epstein's and Saturday @ 12". Swing by Friday if you're around as it's our first time DJing a bar that isn't called "12 inch".

Also noteworthy: Yesterday was the one year anniversary of 12"! Andy celebrates with a hat won in a raffle and complementary hot dog. Awesome.

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Monday April 18, 2005

weekend recap #2 // dianne's birthday

Saturday = Dianne's bday party at the No Data Loft(tm) (aka Steve's apt). Seriously, Steve was nice enough to let Dianne throw her birthday party at his Tribeca loft (sound familiar?) and Dianne was nice enough to invite Team No Data (me + Randy + Grellan) to DJ.

Dianne was also kind enough to make 800 cupcakes.

These pics are all over the place. I have almost nothing of the pre-party. The night was slow starting, even around 12:30 the place was looking empty.

We got there are 9:30. I snapped this pic at the bodega downstairs at 9:34p. Taking inventory.


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Sunday February 27, 2005

no data :: the revenge!

Youngna is really something special behind the camera. After an all-day photo shoot out in a part of Brooklyn that is only accessible by the G train, she shot another 2 flash cards full at Saturday's No Data. Check out the rest of her pics (and recap) here.

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Thursday February 3, 2005

Two NO DATAs in one week? Part II


So, part II of our two-No-Datas-in-one-week spectacular takes place down in Tribeca. Rewind a few months ago when Grellan's friend Steve offered his giant Tribeca loft for the first No Data offsight - they bought the alcohol, we picked up the DJ equiptment and invited 300 of our closest friends.


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Wednesday February 2, 2005

Two NO DATAs in one week? Part I


Just catching up on some old pics here. Last week we DJ'ed two No Datas in three days - the first on Wednesday (1/26) @ 12" as a warm-up to the Tribeca loft party.

We gave Alex a special guest slot to start off the evening. Don't let the Funkmaster Flex pose fool you; we're just playing CDs.


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Sunday January 23, 2005

bottle service + 3B = crunked ^ 2


My Friday night:

10:30p Meet Jill + Steve + Lauren + Mel + Beth + Adam + Kim + Joe at Odea (Broome & Lafayette) for Vicky (and Ashley's?) birthday party. Sip $7 Amstel bottles in a private bungalo, and strategize on how to marry the waitress.

12:05a Take a cab to Rothko (Rivington & Stanton) and meet up with Kristen and Battjer (welcome back!) to check our Grant's brand Fiasco.

1:30a Grab One-More-Drink(tm) with Jill and Steve at Barraumndi (Clinton btw. Stanton & Rivington). Wait in line for a bathroom that three girls have locked themselves in.

2:00a Say my goodbyes and head back home to 125.... only to get a dodgeball message as I turn the corner telling me that Little Brother Jonathan is 3 blocks north.

2:05a Meet up with Jay + Will + Mike, two random girls, some birthday-girl stripper and her bodyguard at 3B (3rd Street & Ave B).

We got crunked. I took off my shirt. Check out Jonathan's recap for the photos.


And, while we're on the topic of getting crunked, let me introduce you to something I like to call Thursday Night Bottle Service(tm).

Last week (1/13), after an innocent round of drinks at Baramundi, me + Andy + Randy + Grellan journed to Epstein's (the brand new, always-empty bar on Stanton and Allen). We were greeted by this sign...


$99 for a bottle one Ketel One and three carafes of mixers! Of course we'll take it?


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Wednesday December 22, 2004

no data holiday party


Last Wednesday we hosted the No Data Holiday party down at 12" - thanks for coming out!


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Saturday December 11, 2004

random tribeca loft party

Somehow found myself at a loft party in Tribeca Friday night. Somehow also managed find a whip. Huh.


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Thursday December 9, 2004

12" + bingo + no data

Hi. We're the NO DATA djs. We spin records down at this bar called 12" on Houston & Essex. Actually, we're just playing CDs. Now that I think of it, we're not even technicaly DJing since we're just cue'ing up songs. But we also play bingo.


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Wednesday December 8, 2004

Santa Claus on IM

Hey - Heather.D forwarded me Santa's IM. How clever.

Superfans may remember my similar exploits with SmarterChild or Krucoff's adventures as SmartestChild.

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