helicopter rides in whistler (a.k.a the longest teendrama recap ever) (3/22/07)
Christmas with the Crowley's - ver. 2007 (and bonus New Years in VT coverage! oh, and a video of Matt operating on his toe with a red hot skewer) (1/5/07)
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real quick SF roadtrip recap (6/20/05)
Thursday March 22, 2007

helicopter rides in whistler (a.k.a the longest teendrama recap ever)

Hello! And welcome to the first teendrama update in, er, a month?! Great to see you all again!

Anyway, continuting my tradition of crashing other people's ski trips (see: Beaver Creek, Whister 06), I spent a few days out @ Whistler last week with some of PW's pals from SF. This one's actually been in the works forever - I first got word of their trip in November and finally signed on when a bunch of kids committed to doing a day of heli(copter) skiing (which I've been trying to do forever).

So ready for this? Maybe 80 photos and 10 videos - all leading up to the most fun ski trip ever?

Saturdays are for JFK -> VYR flights. I met up with my new BFFs Duncan + Anne @ JFK, logged a bunch of hours playing Mario DS during the flight and eventually rendezvoused with Ali (from SF) + Charlotte + Jake (from Boston) in Vancouver. Flights were delayed all over the place (though nowhere near as bad as the Jet Blue / Beaver Creek / President's Day fiasco) made for plenty of time to pound hot chocolates in the airport bar.

When we gathered everyone from the Early Crew, we hit up the local Wendy's (yes! Super Happy Pet Store!) before speeding away in our sweet Ford Escape, driving top KM speeds through the windy roads of northern Vancouver.

The two hour trek from Vancouver -> Whistler feels more like 8 hours when you've only got one CD to listen to (er, Strokes 1st album).

Hmm... should have taken more pics of the house, but it was this four floor condo with, what, 5 bedrooms? We were a 60 second walk to the trail and a 30 sec ride down to the gondola. The Blackcomb Gondola almost ran right over our roof. So rad.

Anne had a whole bunch of food delivered beforehand (best. plan. ever.) and we picked up some beers on the way. Fresh snowplow residue = great makeshift cooler.


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Friday January 5, 2007

Christmas with the Crowley's - ver. 2007 (and bonus New Years in VT coverage! oh, and a video of Matt operating on his toe with a red hot skewer)

Hello Christmas 2006 recap! Man, I was gone for a good, what, two weeks? And just look at all the action packed excitement you missed! Let's start this off with Christmas Eve (we'll just fast-forward through those three days worth of last minute trips to the mall).

Now, if you remember from last year, Christmas Eve's main event is the Yankee Swap. 20 people + 20 gifts + everyone draws a number. Lowest number picks first, and after you pick (and open) your gift, you have the option of swapping for someone else's (already opened) gift. That person's gift (the one that just got taken) is then allowed to make *another* swap from all the opened gifts (though they can't take back what was just taken from them). Got it? Oh, and since whoever draws the #1 spot doesn't have anyone to swap with, that person gets their choice of *all* the opened gifts at the very end. So, #1 = the best number to draw. #2 = the worst number to get.

Now, let's hand out some numbers!

Poor Gam got stuck with #2(, sucker!)...

... though she chose wisely and got blessed with this this year's Must Have Yankee Swap gift, the garden gnome.

Meanwhile, Rob with #11 traded away whatever crap gift he got (scented candle?), quickly trading up for the gnome. I think the gnome traded hands two or three more times before Rob skillfully ended up with it after the final trade.

Anne drew the Golden Ticket which awarded her my gift - a mini reindeer made from recycled Christmas tree pieces (and yes!, purchased from the same dude that sold Mike + I the reindeer we dragged to Clay's holiday party).

Meanwhile.... Michelle, a dartboard? Other amazing gifts included scratch tickets, bottles of whiskey, some African vase, scented candles, Dunkin Donuts cards and a toy Coast Guard helicopter. What else? (Sorry, no half-eaten hamburgers this year)

Late night (and post Yankee Swap) one of our departing guests found this Yukon Cornelious doll on their car. A crpytic note from the anonymous gift giver was attached. Me + Dig tried comparing the handwriting to the 100 or so Christmas cards my parents had hanging on the walls, but we couldn't find a match. (It's like CSI: Suburbia up in here!)

And then a few hours later, I got an email from Yukon! I tried dorking out with the email headers, but no luck. The gift-giver remained a mystery for another 24 hours until she revealed herself to me over some good'ol townie-bar karaoke.

Okay, Christmas morning. For the non-VIPs who haven't done Christmas with the Crowley's, it goes down like this:

Round 1: Stockings (from Santa)
Round 2: Presents from Santa
Round 3: Family presents
Round 4: Go to Auntie Jeans and eat melted fruit cocktail.


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Tuesday August 1, 2006

I finally got the pics from that Flickr photobooth in SF

Alas, the photos from the Shine photobooth! (Er, did you NOT read the SF / Ewok Village recap???)

And another pic here (thanks, Flickr!).

Shit, while I'll being a Flickr slut, I may as well point you towards Heather.D's pics too.

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Thursday July 27, 2006

five nights in San Francisco (and one day at the Ewok Village)

A few days late here, but whatever. I spent most of last week shuttling myself back and forth between San Francisco (Clift Hotel) and Mountain View (Google). Buckets and buckets of meetings, but the trip was broken up nicely thanks to such distractions as Wednesday's "Welcome to San Francisco, Harry!" party @ Lazlo. (trivia: did you know Harry is working out of Mt. View for the month?).

After showing up two hours late (thanks to the sushi waitress that forgot about us and the 800 miles trek through the sketchiest neighborhood of all time - think: old Detroit City in RoboCop), we met up with a crowd chock full of SXSW alumns and dodgeball superusers including such special guests as: ValleyWag Nick, Ms. Aubrey, Danny Denver, Eris Free.

Thursday night. Grabbed dinner with Sean.S and headed to Boca to see some band called the Extra Action Marching Band. Aaaccccctually, the night before (@ Lazlo) everyone was chatting them up in a "Are you going? You gotta go!" type of way, so when Sean called me and was like "I'm heading to this. You want to go?" I was in.

Two opening bands: #1. a shirtless dude in a cowboy hat riding a pogo stick horse (huh.) and 2. Golem, some Yiddish band that made the place rock like some hipster bar mitzvah (apparently they're from NYC). Extra Action came on next - essentially a, er, hipster marching band complete with huge instruments (tuba, trumbone, drums, etc.) and flag-waving color guard girls in thongs (huh!).

And, so they don't play on stage... they just kind of wander around the venue playing wherever they want (after making a grand entrance from the back of the room). So, the whole place turned into one sweaty, drink-spilling, marching band dance party... which was pretty awesome.

And got more awesomer when they led people out into the streets - Pied Piper style - for another dance party. Girls on cars. People waving flags. Cars honking because they're blocking traffic. Pretty rad.

Anwyay, they're coming to the east coast soon, so check it out. (ps: I bought 2 tix for the Knitting Factory show)

Sat 8/12 @ Kitting Factory [tix]
Tue 8/15 @ Boston
Wed 8/19 @ Brooklyn

CheeseBikini himself, toasting up a round of the worst tasting liquor ever.

Not shown: Anthony Townsend and some other dude who was wearing a Dooker tee.


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Friday July 15, 2005

katie mckiernan gets all married up!

Hi there. Have you met my friend Katie? You may recognize her from the first teendrama entry ever or from elementry school photos (er, she's actually not in this photo, but you get the idea). I've known Katie since kingergarten and we've been pals since 6th grade (she actually introduced me to the world of hanging out with Rob + MF + Mike.D).

Anyway, she got married this weekend. To a fine lad named Scott. I took a bunch of photos.

The wedding was at Boston College. I spent the night in Boston so it was no problem to pick up Mike.d at BU, drive him to pick up his dry cleaning, then go to his apt, then go to the liquor store and then go to the hotel and then race to the wedding in Mass Pike traffic.

Anyway, at the wedding. Actually right before. Me, Mike, Mike and Rob. All pretty well put together (if I do say so myself) with the exception of Mike.D's brown shoes.

(says MF: "Are we not 30 years old?! Get it together!")


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Monday June 20, 2005

real quick SF roadtrip recap

Alex and I spent most of last week hanging out in San Francisco / Mountain View visiting Google HQ. We stayed at the Clift, rode the shuttle bus a few times (mobile wi-fi!) and met up w/ a few friends Wednesday night @ Red Room before we headed back east.

Me + Brian Lam + PW.

Brian is my pal from Wired mag. Pam and I have been friends since kindergarden.

Me + Nat.

Nathania is a friend from Syracuse. She landed a brand new job just 2 hours before this pic was taken.

(this photo was alternatively titled: "cute haircut vs. stoopid haircut")

Me + Mike Yap.

I used to carpool to high school with this kid. I stole his cigarette lighter one time in high school and he hit me so hard I couldn't move my arm for like three days.

Google has a free haircut truck. Rad. (Neither of us braved it)

ps: I'll be back in SF next week (6/28 - 6/30) or so to speak at Where 2.0. Ping me if you want to grab a drink.

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