hey, so the Red Sox won the World Series again? How about that! (10/31/07)
Jonathan and Jackie get married - Eight years in the making told in 100 photos (9/12/07)
oh my lord - J & Black20 made a show starring my dear ol' grandma (Ask Gam!) (8/21/07)
600 mile double-header weekened: Sara + Stephen's wedding in VA + lobster cookout back in MA (8/15/07)
Christmas with the Crowley's - ver. 2007 (and bonus New Years in VT coverage! oh, and a video of Matt operating on his toe with a red hot skewer) (1/5/07)
Syracuse Graduation III: This Time it's Katie's Turn (6/5/06)
Christmas with the Crowley's - ver. 2005 (12/29/05)
random weekend in boston (+ dad's 60th bday!) (8/8/05)
happy 21st birthday, Little Sister Katie (aka Las Vegas Family Vacation 2005) (7/14/05)
mother's day weekend back in boston (5/8/05)
operation: superbowl = successful (2/9/05)
weekend roundup (+ teendrama relaunch) (12/13/04)
Wednesday October 31, 2007

hey, so the Red Sox won the World Series again? How about that!

So, how about them Red Sox?? Wooo! I have pics from the ALCS (Game 2 in Boston! And Game 7 at Prof Thoms in NYC) and some pics from the bender I like to call Game 2 of the World Series!!!! (I was back at Fenway with MF - my head still kind of hurts)... buuuuuttt, as always, I'm 800 miles behind from catching up on the teendrama.

For now though, check out this video from 2004 (which I had to dig out of my external drive) - a little flashback to Dad + Gam + Jonathan being interviewed on MSNBC just after the Sox won the World Series. (J was working at NBC at the time, they were looking for a Red Sox family - I guess The Crowley's fit the bill?)

Gam = awesome. "You'll have it!" (btw, for more of Gam's TV internet career see Ask Gam)

ps: that's Kevin + Liz + the crew of the ConQwest 2004 crew up in the background. Good times!

Okay back to work... and Halloween costume planning - no Slutty R2D2 this year, but we'll be at the Flavorpill + Penthouse Bar afterparty.

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Wednesday September 12, 2007

Jonathan and Jackie get married - Eight years in the making told in 100 photos


Hey! Sorry to take so long to get these pics online, but it literally took me *days* recover from the wedding event of the season: J and Jackie's wedding!!! Just breathe that in a bit... my little brother all married up!! Now, let's rewind just about two weeks ago (Aug 31) and lemme walk you through the three-day event. (ps: Is wedding season almost over??? Four down, two to go!)

(Quick special thanks to Erin + Rob.J + Shoops for letting me steal yer pix!)


So, I wish I had some pics of Thursday's roadtrip up - me and McD picking up ten tuxes, grabbing a sandwich, getting stuck in midtown NYC traffic, realizing we're kind-of running late for the rehearsal dinner, then realizing we're definitely going to be late, then fielding the "this is NOT the type of thing you're late for - CLICK" phone call from my Dad, pushing the Hovepod close to 100mph, getting a $250+ speeding ticket (despite pulling the "I'm the best man and I've got all the tuxes in the back!" line)... and then pulling into ever-so-classy Holiday Inn in Schenectady, NY with exactly five minutes to shower and iron it up.


And when I say ever-so-classy, I mean Duct Tape Holding the Soap Dish In Place classy. Ha!

Me + McD, all spruced up, race to the church (20 mins away). Dad calls me while we're stuck in traffic on the Schenectady backroads and gives me the whole "You know, you're so late don't even bother coming... just meet us at the restaurant" (which makes my heart sink - I'm the best man! I need to practice!") but of course ol' Dig is just joshin' me. By the time we rolled in - 20 mins late - the pastor was just getting her rehearse on.


You ever been to a wedding rehearsal? Usually a fifteen minute job - "You stand here. You walk with her. Then someone's going to sing annnndd we're done!" type of thing. Not this time. This one lasted almost two hours (someone back me up?) - we practiced walking in, walking out, waking in, walking out. Jackie and J practiced their vows (all of them!), the "I Do's", everything. By the end we were starving and exhausted. If I was still five years old, I'd be on the floor kicking and crying.


But that's okay cause the rehearsal dinner (!) had this whole raw bar spread! Crab legs, skrimps, oystahs = delicious. We barely made a dent in the thing (foreshadowing) - I mean, do you really need to stuff yer face with raw seafood on a stomach full of Bud bottles just 12 hours before your brother's wedding?


Open bar, family + friends = good times. Please bathe in this magical scene of one of last photos of me + the unmarried version of my brother that you'll ever see on the teendrama.


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Tuesday August 21, 2007

oh my lord - J & Black20 made a show starring my dear ol' grandma (Ask Gam!)

Ask Who?
Ask Me!
Ask Gam!

Oh man - hahahahahahhahahaha!! More here.

ps: I haven't decided if this is amazingly awesome yet. Tune in for more excitement from black20.

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Wednesday August 15, 2007

600 mile double-header weekened: Sara + Stephen's wedding in VA + lobster cookout back in MA


Friends, hello! And welcome to yet another wedding recap (this time Sara + Stephen of DC!). But wait, that's not all, scroll down and you get *special bonus footage* of the lobster cookout at Mom + Dad's back in Medway!

Let's start with Sara + Stephen. Sara = friend from high school. Stephen you would have recognized from Mike.D + JC wedding recap had my laptop + photos not been stolen). And yes, this is wedding recap #3 (of 5!) this summer. So let's rewind a little - back to July 21. Wedding was all the way down in Richmond, VA so I split the trip in two and trained it down to DC on Friday night to meet up with Lt. Rob.


Hey, speaking of which, here's the Lt. holding a picture of himself with the bride to be! Apparently taken a long time ago... what, 1993... aka, back when Rob had hair. Hahahah!


And speaking of good 'ol Rob (again), he just fwd'ed me this. And while GI Joe has no business making an appearance in a Sara + Stephen wedding recap, can Cutter be any more of a rip off of the Rob M. brand??? (even down to the "Lt JG" status! - come'on!)


Oh, see? NYC -> DC. Thanks Google maps! ps: Amtrak is such a joke. Like $170 one-way to DC.


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Friday January 5, 2007

Christmas with the Crowley's - ver. 2007 (and bonus New Years in VT coverage! oh, and a video of Matt operating on his toe with a red hot skewer)

Hello Christmas 2006 recap! Man, I was gone for a good, what, two weeks? And just look at all the action packed excitement you missed! Let's start this off with Christmas Eve (we'll just fast-forward through those three days worth of last minute trips to the mall).

Now, if you remember from last year, Christmas Eve's main event is the Yankee Swap. 20 people + 20 gifts + everyone draws a number. Lowest number picks first, and after you pick (and open) your gift, you have the option of swapping for someone else's (already opened) gift. That person's gift (the one that just got taken) is then allowed to make *another* swap from all the opened gifts (though they can't take back what was just taken from them). Got it? Oh, and since whoever draws the #1 spot doesn't have anyone to swap with, that person gets their choice of *all* the opened gifts at the very end. So, #1 = the best number to draw. #2 = the worst number to get.

Now, let's hand out some numbers!

Poor Gam got stuck with #2(, sucker!)...

... though she chose wisely and got blessed with this this year's Must Have Yankee Swap gift, the garden gnome.

Meanwhile, Rob with #11 traded away whatever crap gift he got (scented candle?), quickly trading up for the gnome. I think the gnome traded hands two or three more times before Rob skillfully ended up with it after the final trade.

Anne drew the Golden Ticket which awarded her my gift - a mini reindeer made from recycled Christmas tree pieces (and yes!, purchased from the same dude that sold Mike + I the reindeer we dragged to Clay's holiday party).

Meanwhile.... Michelle, a dartboard? Other amazing gifts included scratch tickets, bottles of whiskey, some African vase, scented candles, Dunkin Donuts cards and a toy Coast Guard helicopter. What else? (Sorry, no half-eaten hamburgers this year)

Late night (and post Yankee Swap) one of our departing guests found this Yukon Cornelious doll on their car. A crpytic note from the anonymous gift giver was attached. Me + Dig tried comparing the handwriting to the 100 or so Christmas cards my parents had hanging on the walls, but we couldn't find a match. (It's like CSI: Suburbia up in here!)

And then a few hours later, I got an email from Yukon! I tried dorking out with the email headers, but no luck. The gift-giver remained a mystery for another 24 hours until she revealed herself to me over some good'ol townie-bar karaoke.

Okay, Christmas morning. For the non-VIPs who haven't done Christmas with the Crowley's, it goes down like this:

Round 1: Stockings (from Santa)
Round 2: Presents from Santa
Round 3: Family presents
Round 4: Go to Auntie Jeans and eat melted fruit cocktail.


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Monday June 5, 2006

Syracuse Graduation III: This Time it's Katie's Turn

Hi. So, er, this is so 3 weeks ago (May 13), but Little Sister Katie is all up in my grill about putting a special Little Sister Katie's Gradumacation update on the innernets, so here goes:

Hi (again!). My name is Dennis. You may have heard that I went to Syracuse Univ. (graduated in 1998). You may also know that as soon as I graduated, my brother started as freshman (graduated: 2002). But did you also know that my sister Katie *also* went to Syracuse? She started just as JJ finished... and graduated just a few short weeks ago. I've told this story to a few folks and always get the same two questions:

Q: Why Syracuse? Did your parents go there or something?
A: Nope. Way back in Spring 1994, I was trying to decided between going to school at Ithaca or Syracuse (er, both made the final round as they both had good communicatons programs). Most of my friends had already figured out where they were going (MF = Bates, Rob = Coast Guard Academy, Mike.D = Harvard), not sure why I was the last one to figure it out. Anyway, I remember calling Mike.D's house one day, getting his mom on the phone and her asking me about my college plans (to which I had no good answer) and she was like (btw, you need to say this in your best Mike.d's Mom VoiceTM), "Dennis, I know you... you want to go to a big school with lots of people. I think you should go to Syracuse." And so that was pretty much it. Oh, and then while I was at school, Jonathan would come visit and presumably saw what good times were at Syracuse (he also wanted to do the Newhouse / communications thing) and decided to go to SU as well. And while *he* was in school, Katie would come visit, see what good times were to be had and also decided to spend four year Syracuse.

Q: Yeah, but why Syracuse?
A: I dunno. In retrospect, I would never send my kids there. It's freezing. It's in the middle of nowhere. There's not even a good ski place nearby. (Actually, maybe I would send my kids there... but certainly not all 3 of them. I wonder if things would be more interesting - ??? - if me + JJ + Katie all went to different schools?)

Anyway, so oh yes, Katie's graduation: a three day event including our family + Gam + Anne + the Doherty's (aunt / uncle / cousins)... and Special Guest 2nd Cousins, The Doyle's (since my 2nd cousin Greg.D was also graduating). Me + J skipped out of work early on Friday (ssh) and made the five hour trek from NYC -> Syracuse juse in time to meet up Mom + Dad + Katie for happy hours @ Chuck's.

... now sorry for this super long intro paragraph, but I also wanted to mention that I've been to Syracuse twice since I graduated, er, 8 years ago (!!) - once for Homecoming 1999 (when that Crazy Girl bit me in the shoulder!!) and again for JJ's graduation (2002). And, since a bunch has changed since then, I broke some of this stuff down like this:

How Syracuse is Different #1: The old Chucks space (aka Hungry Charlie's) = now a Vietnamese restaurant, and the new Chucks moved into the old Sutton Mill (??) space. So, Chucks is now on the street level with big windows and high ceilings. Huh.

How Syracuse Is Different #2: The Regatta (the bar at the Sheraton Hotel, remember?) is now called The Seasons (lame). They took all the crew decor and junked it and made this place a generic, shitty hotel bar. $3 pitches though (for reals!). We took this pic on our Friday afternoon quest to hit all the bars on campus (er, we hit two bars + three pitches before we quit)

Okay, so back to this story. Crowleys + Doherty's (cousins) + Doyle's (2nd cousins) all met up for dinner at some places called Joey's (downtown Syracuse?). Mom told us to dress up all nice, but when we rolled in there the places was packed with frat boys in shorts / sororiety girls in flip flops and their grandma's.

Speaking of grandmas, Gam + Anne made the trek back from Florida for Shoop's big day. Here's Gam.

Me + JJ got Katie a brand new digicam as a pre-graduation gift. (Best Brothers Ever)

After dinner we headed back to campus to hit up Darwins (unchanged, btw, for all the SU kids out there)... though not sure why I don't have any pictures (boring?). Overall, I was a little disappointed at the lack of mayhem going on on Marshall Street considering at the weekend of my graduation we were jumping fences and ducking through windows to sneak past the 100-people deep lines for the bars. Not to mention how we were lighting shit on fire in the streets for JJ's graduation in 02. But this year the bars felt pretty empty. Huh.

Anyway, we called it quits around 2am, gave Greg.D a ride home and were about to call it quits and head back to the hotel... but wait, what is this? After hours on Livingston? Sure we'll come in and hang out with your friends, Greg!

Oh, beruit? Yes, I've played this before.


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Thursday December 29, 2005

Christmas with the Crowley's - ver. 2005

Hi again! So it's Christmas. Actually, it's after Christmas and I'm at work, er, working from home, er, okay I'm up in Vermont (but not skiing today cause it's raining, so I have all the time in the world on this fine morning to update the teendrama.)

So Christmas. My employeer was nice enough to give us Friday off, so I packed up the truck and headed home late Thursday night with Bee and her bicycle-messenger brother (we left late as to avoid the crazy last-day-of-the-transit-strike traffic).

Friday = all day shopping marathon. Saturday = half-day shopping marathon. Saturday afternoon = Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve. Family comes over around 4:30 and then we leave for church at like 5pm (for the 5:30 mass - gotta get there early to get a seat!). JJ + Katie + me left a few mins later so we could execute "Operation: Raindeer Made Out Of Xmas Lights" (which I was surprised to learn my dad spent all day constructing in the basement - go Big Dig!)

Jonathan said my Dad's only instructions where (a) put them where Mom will see them when she drives up the driveway, and (b) don't make them look like they're humping each other (sorry, Dad).

We threw some $20 in the air for that classy Champagne Room effect.

The Crowley Family @ church. Katie, gang signs aren't for church!

... or are they? I found this pic hanging in the chuch hallway that leads out to the parking lot. Middle School Youth Group Harbor Trip REPREZZZZZENT!


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Monday August 8, 2005

random weekend in boston (+ dad's 60th bday!)

I took the stoopid delayed-by-two-hour redeye from LA -> NYC on Thursday night and get into my apt to find this note (left by my parents who stayed in my apt Wednesday night).

Nothing spectacular, but note (a) my mom made me another batch of cookies (this time, from the famed Neiman Marcus chain letter recipe. verdict = okay) and (b) my dad signing it with "Rock On". Ha!

Anyway, so with Dad's birthday on Sunday (#60!!) I decided to head back to Boston to surprise him. The trip normally takes about four hours. With Friday traffic, it took me about 3 hours just to get into Connecticut. Six hours total to get home. Sucks.

And then when I got off Rt. 495 in Mass (about 8 minutes from my house), I ran into about 45 mins of traffic due to a surprise hurricane that blew through our town, knocking down all sorts of trees (this one near Mike Geary's street - Stoneybrook Lane or something?)

This one down West Street (where I got all agro from the traffic and debated just driving under the fallen limb).

So, I rolled into Dad's surprise birthday dinner about an hour late. No worries though as the hurricane had knocked out the power all over the place. (Which is why you get this cool night-vision shot).


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Thursday July 14, 2005

happy 21st birthday, Little Sister Katie (aka Las Vegas Family Vacation 2005)

Guess who turned 21 last week? Yup, Little Sister Katie!

Back in the day (er, the Jupiter days for me) we used to take Crowley Family Vacations(tm) to Las Vegas. I was 24 I guess, Jonathan was probably just 21, meaning Katie was 17 or so - which is no fun in Las Vegas (especially when you need to be 21 to gamble). So about 5 years ago (last time we were in Vegas) my Dad promised Katie that when she finally turned 21 we'd all head back out to Vegas for her birthday.


Sunday. I actually was up in VT for the first part of the weekend. I woke up at 5am on Sunday morning and drove from VT to Boston to meet my parents at Logan Airport. By the way, when I say "Crowley Family Vacation", I mean Crowley Extended Family Vacation - I'm talking me + Jonathan + Katie + Mom + Dad + Gam + Anne + Auntie Jean + Uncle Neil + Cousin Michelle + Cousin Paul + Erin.

We flew America West (I know, I know... as Ms. Karen Marsala said, "America West? Who flies America West!?). Stoopid ghetto terminal didn't even have a bathroom!

Okay, so I left VT at 5am. Airport by 7:30am. Flight it at 10:30am. I dunno why we always need to get there so early. Grellan hit Katie up with an early birthday present - an autographed copy of the craps book that fucked us at Mohegan Sun the last few weekends. Enjoy!


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Sunday May 8, 2005

mother's day weekend back in boston

I was back in Boston this weekend. The trifecta of Little Sister Katie's return from a semester in France, Gam and Anne returning from a winter in Florida, and the chance to wish Mom a happy Mother's day in person was all very interesting, but it was ultimately the promise of a Chinese Food Mother's Day Bonanza that got me on the Amtrak Friday evening.

Here, Saturday morning. Mom snapped this photo before we left to pick up Shoops @ Logan Airport.

We waited at the airport for an hour or so before Katie busted through customs and I had the chance to sport my "Welcome Back" banner.

Hold on a sec as we rewind to about an hour earlier... Back at my parent's house as I admire my artistic handiwork:

Dad: Er, you spelled "sister" wrong.
Me: Fuck.


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Wednesday February 9, 2005

operation: superbowl = successful

Well, Jonathan and I successfull survied the SuperBowl. After crashing with some dude I met on Craigslist, dealing with the city of Jacksonville and d-bag Eagles fans (sorry) AND surviving the trifecta of the no cabs / no shuttle bus scenario, the drive back to Oralndo and sleeping on the floor of the airport, we rolled back into NYC Monday morning.

I know JJ is hard at work at putting together a solid recap, so for now you're stuck with the pics from my camera phone. Take a look.

ps: Flickr is pretty rad.

Special shoutout to Krucoff for giving me a plug on GridSkippah

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Monday December 13, 2004

weekend roundup (+ teendrama relaunch)

Hi! A few things...

1. Back in 2002 my grandmother sent me an email that said "Your website sucks". So the new design is my brand-new attempt to make her a little happier and to keep the updates a little more consistent.

2. NO DATA dj night this Wednesday (12/15) @ 12" (Houston & Essex, 10p). Put it on your iCal - half NO DATA, half dodgeball Christmas party (can I say that?), featuring a french documentary filmmaker who's doing a story on dball. Wear your bestest "bad office party" attire.

3. Of course, every teendrama update comes with a freshly updated quoteboard.

4. No, Jonathan's pic won't be up there forever. It'll rotate someday, auto-swapping new photos in. It'll be cool.

5. Special shoutout to Grellan for recoving my lost cell phone. Quick vesion of the story: Lose my phone in a cab on our way to Grammercy Park hotel Saturday night; we call the phone and get the cab driver who's on his way to Astoria; we make plans to meet up w/ the cabbie later but he gets in a car wreck (no joke); since he only has Grellan's number, Grellan finally gets in touch with him late Sunday and makes the recovery. I was like a Christmas miracle. Well done, Grellan.

6. Verizon sucks. $285 phone bill. One month. I swear, they will go out of their way to fuck you in any way possible.

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