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Wednesday May 7, 2008

2007/2008 ski season recap in 82 pictures - easily the best season in this history of teendrama!


Hi and welcome to the recap I promised myself I'd get up on teendrama before I left for Sweden: 2007/2008 Ski Season Recap! Normally, I'd do this weekend-by -weekend but I was just so lazy / distracted this winter that I didn't get around to it, which is a huge shame since this was such a super sick season all around. Quick overview before we jump into things (and this is a loooong one) - 30 days, two *big* dumps in VT (15" each?) and *three trips of west* - Jackson Hole, Beaver Creek, Snowmass/Aspen - plus of course Sink or Stoopid Skim (sank, sorry for the spoiler, but you already knew that was coming). Anyway, ready? (oh, this pic? Mount Snow, somewhere around mid-season me thinks).


Early season wasn't looking so hot. Not sure when I took this (early January?) but I think we were all pretty sure this would be a classic VT season - snow, then thaw, snow then thaw, snow then thaw. Accumulation ruined by rain.


Januarys are for black out weekends (MLK), so we hit up Stratton for freeeeeeeee courtesy of my pal Sue (she's the one who was so good to us at the Google Ski Trip!). Thanks Sue! (and hope I don't get you in trouble for writing about this! :)


Stratton + holiday weekend + gondola = lines. McD looks less then thrilled, but if I remember correctly this was a pretty sick day. The parks are so super nice at Stratton (Mount Snow, please take note).


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Tuesday September 18, 2007

my pal MF moving up in the world tennis rankings!!!



ps: 3.5 = solid intermediate players. he's moving up to the 4.0 soon. be afraid.
(more on the ranking system here)

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Tuesday July 31, 2007

jill and steve get married! (and the rest of us are invited to the wedding event of the season)


Hello! And welcome to what's about to be the longest teendrama recap ever. As you may have read this is the summer of 1000 weddings (or 6). Mike.d + Jos a month ago, Sara + Stephen two weekends ago and, maybe the highlight of the Friend Summer Wedding Season: Jill + Steve's wedding (july 14!).

Come'on, you know these kids - Jill is literally my Very First Friend from college (you know, I should put that on-line one of these days). We've been friends for, what, 13 years, all the way from Syracuse through NYC. And of course we've still all bestest friends with the rest of the Dinner Club(tm) crew from NYC, the west coast and, er, the midwest and DC and Texas.

Steve is one of MF's bestest friends from college. We met years ago at Bates College, again in Pamplona (6 years ago!) and have survived five trips to Beaver Creek together and hundreds of dollars worth of Big Big Hunter tours.

This was one of the wedding of the events of the season for two reasons - (a) I introduced them (recognize!) way back in, I dunno, 2002? and (b) waaaay back when Jill + Steve first started dating I remember chatting w/ MF and saying, "Can you imagine if they ever got married - what an amazing wedding that would be???"

So anyway...


... oh happy couple (at the rehearsal dinner) just in case you had no idea who I was talking about for the last 3 minutes. I'm just setting the stage here, people.


So Friday! Rehearsal dinner was at 7p so I skipped out on work and drove up w/ Ann (my babygirl date!). Masterplan was to get out of NYC 8am (whatever) and spend the day lounging by the pool at our what-we-though-was-a-luxury-hotel. However, due to the internet and it's procrastination powers (and the fact that I had to pick my newly fixed car) we didn't get out of the city till around 12:30. Oops.


Oh, wedding was up in Skaneateles, way in upstate NY (about 30m from Syracuse). We hit the Friendly's on the way up: waffle fries, grilled cheese, burger and a mf'ing FRIBBLE (Ann, scared of the Fribble brand, opted out and ended up with a milkshake - sucker!)


And five hours later, the sweet-sweet Birds Nest Motel. Nice on the outside...


... pretty shitty on the inside. Nice and 70s'd up, reeking of smoke and sporting a sliding glass door w/ no screen.


Pre-rehearsal, we lounged near the pool w/ Jay.L (Bates + Beaver Creek) and his loveley wife. Enjoyed a few rounds of Bud cans...


... pulled some dead frogs out of the pool (... just a lil' sip, buddy) ...


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Tuesday July 17, 2007

sweet jesus! these kids got worked during the Running of the Bulls

I know, I know... I already posted about this but - oh my lord - check out this slide show covering some of the injuries during the Running of the Bulls this year. Seven Americans got it pretty good.


(make sure to click the PLAY button to watch the slideshow w/ captions)

ps: me + Rob + MF + Steve + Nate + Pete did this six years ago (er, me and Rob did it twice). Amazing times though not recommended. Very dangerous. [whole story]

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Friday June 29, 2007

teendrama welcome back party (starring Mike.D's bachelor party!)

Holy sweet Jesus! The first teendrama entry in, what, two months!? Friends, in just a few short hours I will be in my busted ass truck driving back to Boston Cape Cod for Mike.D + Jos' wedding. And on this kind-of lazy Friday afternoon (I just ate about 8 pounds of gnocci), I figured what better way to kick this off with a recap of Mike.D's bachelor party (June 16)!

So, background? Mike.d = one of my bestest pals from high school. Bachelor party = also falls on Father's Day wkd (two for one!). Mike.d's brother Dave was in charge of organizing the whole thing - grabbing us 10 tix to the Sox v. Giants game and planning dinner and drinks. Big Dig scored a handful of tix to the game last minute (Crowley family outing) so me + J ended up catching the early Saturday morning Amtrak back to Boston together.

Amtrak = looonnng. We passed the time with nostalgic hangman. "Things you look forward to?" Middle school half-day! "Things Jonathan hates?" Acorns dumped on this head! Hahahahaha!

2:30p. Dad picked us up at Rt. 128 and gave us a ride into Fenway...

... where we had a contest in the parking garage to see who could create the most realistic throw-up scene given a mouth full of milkshake and a punch in the stomach. Fun!

Annnddd onto Boston Billiards (our default location for pre-game meetups) where we hooked up with the Driscolls (x3), the rest of the bachelor party crew, Katie and Matty (Katie's bf!) and Mom (?). Wait, Mom, where you there?

To the game!

Teendrama superfans, may recognize some of the regulars. Left to right, MF, Rob, mini DPS, Mike.D, Adam.K (aka Mike.D's roommate from school).


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Monday February 26, 2007

Jet Blue is where good times go to die sit on the runway all day. (bonus: four days of Beaver Creek pics!)

Oh Jet Blue, someday we'll be able to be friends again. Last weekend (President's Day) I made the trek out to Beaver Creek, Colorado with the Bates kids (4th year out! Also see: 2006, 2005, 2004) but not without considerable airport drama. I'm sure you heard about it - something like 260 flights cancelled, people sitting on the runway at JFK for 10 hours, 11 JetBlue cities shut down, etc. [NYTimes]

We had pretty solid storm on Wednesday, but by Thursday morning I figured I'd be fine (I had an 8:05 flight). And come morning, sure it was cold out, but the skies were blue. Anyway, I got up around 6am, checked the innernets to find out my flight was still okay to go but by the time I rolled into JFK I was met with this mess...

... hundreds of people waiting to check-in. It was chaos, complete with JetBlue employees standing on counters with megaphones trying to direct the crowds. Thankfully, all the info screens were still telling everyone that all flights were still on-time.

I txt'ed Steve who was flying out of Laguardia on America w/ Rob. No problems for them. I txt'ed MF who was in Boston (flying out w/ Tyler) and while there were weather delays, all hell wasn't breaking loose.

It took me about 40 mins to get through check-in (it's now 7:40a) and I'm thinking with all these people queued to check-in bags, the security lines have got to be light. No such luck. It took me another 30 mins or so to get thru security... which means this part of the story ends with me running through the airport Hertz / OJ Simpson style to make my flight ("it's 8:07 and departs at 8:05!!!"). By the way, people in the security line are stressing out all over the place since there was NO indication that the gates to all the JetBlue flights that were marked "On Time" actually look like this...

Ugh. A mob of people queued up at every gate.

I quickly picked up my airport delay survival kit (Flickr). Those little wafer cookies are my favorite. That f'ing sandwich cost me some $8.

I took this pic at 9:22am. At this point, no one had really gone crazy yet but this eventually turned into *4 hours* of sitting on the terminal floor listening to JetBlue employees give us updates about how "the flight to Denver is next out of the gate... as soon as we can find a plane". Oh wait, they found a plane, now all they need to do is get it out of the hanger... "people, people... it shouldn't be any more than another hour and a half". Oh man.


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Monday December 4, 2006

thanksgiving is soooo 11 days ago (bonus: becca trapped in a machine and first wkd skiing!)

Wooo! Thanksgiving recap! Don't tell nobody, but I went home a few days early this year to spend some quality time with Mom + Dad + Princess Zelda. I have a few days of pictures to get through before we get to Turkey Day, but I figured I'd kick off this Thankgs.06 recap off with this pic of my brother with his balls hanging out. Happy holidays!

Wednesday. Picked up Jonathan at the Amtrak in Providence. Mom says no homecooked meals the day before Thanksg. so JJ and I hit up the Dave and Busters in downtown Providence. After milkshakes and ribs, we battled it out on the free throw machine under the understanding that loser is stuck saying Thanksgiving Day Grace. I got smoked. (And I'll take this opportunity to blame my lack of basketball skillz on the fact that I never had a hoop growing up. Thanks a lot, Dad.) video

While sinking crazy threes (er, sure), we missed my big debut on Boston's Channel 7 news talking about The Dodgeball. (Okay, okay I did catch it the night before in town w/ Rob + MF). Mrs. Moore caught the piece and said that I had a "handsome haircut." See for yourself (you'll need to click the "Watch the video" link on the top).

I logged some quality time at the Papa Ginos in Medway Center. Lunch with Mike, dinner with Rob. Fat Denny reprezent!!! Seriously, all this for under $10!

Wednesday nights are for townie reunions at Medway's finest townie bar, Sabina Doyles Mickey Cassidy's. We've been going for years (ever since they cancelled the alumn night at the VFW because there were too many fights) though every year there seems to be fewer and fewer people from our class (1994). I think we may have been some of the oldest dudes there. WTF!

Twenty minutes in and ran into everyone's favorite ex-prom data: Andrea.J!

This one's for all the fans. I was txt'ing back and forth with Caroline (who was also at some townie reunion back in the midwest) and told her I was hanging out w/ my crunked ex-prom date. She wrote back...


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Thursday November 16, 2006

MF = 26.2. mile club

Special teendrama shoutout to MF who finished his first marathon last Saturday (Richmond Marathon in VA).

Megan + Sara Rob were all out to cheer him on. I, like the bad friend I am, was in NYC. Here's Mike pre-26.2...

... and post-26.2 and dressed up like a little Capri Sun pack. Total time: 4 hrs, 42 mins, 11 seconds. Well done! [more pics]

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Wednesday June 7, 2006

philly + red sox roadtrip - ver. 2006

Okay, one entry down so I got Little Sister Katie off my back, but now MF is all up in my grill about the Philly recap (which is, er, so three weeks ago - May 20th).

So, rewind to 2003. I'm bored with my summer job @ MTV. Rob and MF are living in Boston. Steve Simmons is dating my friend Jill (ps: now engaged!). One of us managed to throw together a masterplan that got us to Philly for a weekend eating cheesesteaks and watching the Red Sox play the Phillies in that old shithole of a stadium they had back then. Oh, and sorry, friends of teendrama, but that recap never really made it online (though the 2003 photos are here). A quick outline of that weekend might look like this:

  • drove down from nyc
  • got cheesesteaks (@ Pat's)
  • watched some baseball
  • steve took about $63 playing Moundball
  • almost got stabbed at some townie bar when some fuckers yelled: "Faggity motherfuckers - go back to your suburbs!" *
  • had drinks with reen + chris
  • ate another cheesesteak (@ Jim's)
* To which I replied, "I am in the suburbs... the suburbs of New York City, bitch!". Just kidding, i never said that. That would have been a one-way ticket to stab-city.

Anyway... so, 2006. Mike just finished his first year of law school (cue: "Baby's All Growns Up" reference). Rob's living down in D.C. and we're no longer even friends with Steve (har, just kidding!)... and MF planned up Philly Roadtrip Part II. Rob and MF ended up spending a Friday night in NYC, eating dinner w/ Steve.S + Jill, hitting some random glam-rock-wig-party (huh? models!) and eventually crashing on my couch.

We lounged on Saturday, leaving for Philly around 2pm. God bless Lt. Rob for still pimping the dodgeball.

And got into Philly around 5pm or so. We got lost. That's the famous Philadelphia Arch in the background.


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Monday April 24, 2006

can I get a little Easter 2006 shoutout?

Yeah. So Easter. 10 days ago? Whatever! Got time for a few quick photos?

I had this masterplan of cutting out work of early on Good Friday and catching the 4pm Amtrak back to Boston. I even dragged my super big backpack into work. Fast forward a few hours and between Steve's 30th bday...

... Nathania being in town... (Jackie, why you gotta look all spacey?)

... and Chicken Marsala's bday, I decided to stick around for the night. We started off at White Horse Tavern for Steve's pre-birthday drinks (right around the corner from Magnolia Bakery... where I scored all these cupcakes, btw), then went to Lolita to meet up with some Google folk (Susannah + Sean + Dan.B) and then to Orchard Bar for KM's bday (which was packed with hipsters in headbands) and THEN to Libation (I know, I know).

ps: Libation is the only velvet rope club in the Lower East Side. I would never go there in 100 years, but we told Jackie + Cute Haircut Nat that we'd meet them there after leaving KM's. Looong line full of dudes with their collars popped and girls with the worse Strong Island accents ever. On top of that, cocksucker bouncers wouldn't even let us in...

Bouncer: Sorry, but we're not letting single guys in.
Dens: Yeah, but all our friends are upstairs.
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.
Dens: Er, they're all girls.
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.
Randy: Oh, how about if we're together? ("we're" = Dennis + Randy = love)
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.
Dens: How about we go grab some girls and then you let us in?
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.
Dens: How about we just wait in line till my friends get my text message and come down to meet us.
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.

... seriously, what a bunch of monkeys. In my frustration I may have said something along the line "WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THIS LINE WHO LIVE WITHIN 10 MILES OF HERE" but even so, it didn't make a difference.

Nat eventually got my text msg and grabbed us outside (me = her finacee for the night?). Worst place ever. (oh, and $10 cover).

ps: To the girls in the VIP room, thank you for sneaking us in and sharing your $200 vodka.

Anyway, so Easter right? My plan was to grab a few drinks, stop by and say a few happy birthdays and then go to bed at like midnight, take a nap and drive to Boston at 8am. We ended up leaving stoopid Libation at 4am (ugh), I was in bed by 4:30 or so, got up at 8 and was in the car by 8:30 (suck it!).

Made the trek from NYC -> Medway in like three hours (record time!), met up with my Dad + Little Sister Katie for some chicken parm sandwiches. Medway House of Pizza was rocking some "Denny" artwork.

Spend the first part of the afternoon driving around with my Dad, sticking "CROWLEY FOR SELECTMAN" signs in people's front yards.


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Thursday March 2, 2006

beaver creek 2006 (finally!)

Er, so I'm a little behind, but two weeks ago (President Day Weekend), I made the annual trek out to Beaver Creek to hang out with MF and the rest of the Bates College kids.

Back in the day I'd hear of Mike and his friends from school heading out west on this ski trip ("Mike you don't even ski! Hook a brother up with an invite!")... and after like 2 years of lobbying, I finally made it out there.

You see, Mike's friend Pete has this sick house out there. An old Quaker barn deconstructed, transported and rebuilt out at Beaver Creek, Colorado. It's the type of place that, say, you were sitting in someone's bathroom reading the November 2001 issue of Architectural Digest, you wouldn't be surprised to turn to page 54 and see...

... the living room (which is decked out with all sorts of antiques from, um, some long time ago). [click to make bigger]

So, this is actually my 3rd trip out there... and everytime I've been out, it's been during one of those teendrama dry spells, so none of the photos ever made it online (blame NYU thesis in 2004 or the dodgeball / Google hustling marathon of 2005).

I actually had this grand plan of doing this big three-year medley-style recap of the weekend - including all the pics from 04 and 05 to spice it up. But maybe we'll save that until, um, never.. and I'll just take the lazy route and just let you look at the pics from the last two years.

Still, in case you're feeling adventurous and want to dig into the teendrama archives:

2005 - Featuring: keys locked in car + crunked at the lodge + Myya Beck reunion

2004 - Featuring: Vail disco dance party, texas hold em tourney + family photo shoot + hot tub olympics

Okay, so anyway... onto 2006.


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Thursday December 29, 2005

Christmas with the Crowley's - ver. 2005

Hi again! So it's Christmas. Actually, it's after Christmas and I'm at work, er, working from home, er, okay I'm up in Vermont (but not skiing today cause it's raining, so I have all the time in the world on this fine morning to update the teendrama.)

So Christmas. My employeer was nice enough to give us Friday off, so I packed up the truck and headed home late Thursday night with Bee and her bicycle-messenger brother (we left late as to avoid the crazy last-day-of-the-transit-strike traffic).

Friday = all day shopping marathon. Saturday = half-day shopping marathon. Saturday afternoon = Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve. Family comes over around 4:30 and then we leave for church at like 5pm (for the 5:30 mass - gotta get there early to get a seat!). JJ + Katie + me left a few mins later so we could execute "Operation: Raindeer Made Out Of Xmas Lights" (which I was surprised to learn my dad spent all day constructing in the basement - go Big Dig!)

Jonathan said my Dad's only instructions where (a) put them where Mom will see them when she drives up the driveway, and (b) don't make them look like they're humping each other (sorry, Dad).

We threw some $20 in the air for that classy Champagne Room effect.

The Crowley Family @ church. Katie, gang signs aren't for church!

... or are they? I found this pic hanging in the chuch hallway that leads out to the parking lot. Middle School Youth Group Harbor Trip REPREZZZZZENT!


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Tuesday November 29, 2005

six day thanksgiving adventure (+ first day of the season @ mount snow)

Six days worth of Thanksgiving pics. You ready for this? I think there's like 60 of them? (Longest. Teendrama. Entry. Ever?)

Start on Tuesday night where after a quick stop at Andy Krucoff's See You In Four Weeks When You Get Back From Israel party @ Lolita, me + JJ + special Thanksgiving guest British Jess started the trek back to Medway (oh, don't forget Jon Marcel and his pal, English Jess, who won the Free Ride Home raffle). We got home around 1am.

Wednesday afternoon = uneventful. Ran around doing Thanks.g errands - bought some scratch tickets, got my headlight fixed, and saw Harry Potter (all 5 hours of it) with my sister.

Wednesday night = Medway reunion at Sabina Doyle's Mickey Cassidy's. As legend has it, every year, the one townie bar in my cow-tipping small hometown of Medway, MA is packed wall to wall the night before Thanks.g with pretty much everyone you knew growing up.

Me + MF + Rob dined on fine chicken parm subs at Papa Gino's before heading on over to brave the crowds. We picked up Mike.D and his girlfriend Jocelyn on the way.

ps: not a typo.

Regardless of what the digi has to say, I can assure you that Lt. Rob is NOT losing his hair.

Rob laying the groundwork with the British Kitten. (let it be known that he's no MF when it comes to macking on Thanks.g. guests). By the way, that's a lot of beers.


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Tuesday November 22, 2005

weekend recap: kevin's 30th + harvard biz school + pats game

A few days late with the recap here, but I'm trying to see if i can stretch this into weekend recap, so shut up. Friday = Part II of Kevin.K's 30th bday blowout @ Loreley.

For extra credit, check out pics from Manlio + Grellan + Dianne + British Jess.

DJ duties split between Kevin + Alex + Gabe + Randeez (here) + me + Grellan (a.k.a. Worst. Set. Ever.)

ps: jk, Grell. er, not really.

Alex sporting our brand new dodgeball t-shirts (pow!). Super KB sporting, um, well, KB just hanging out.

I was planning on only staying out till 1am or so since I had to catch a train to Boston in the morning (more on that in a second), but that plan didn't work out so well...

... I ended up leaving around 3:30 and swunging by Harry's apt (Harry = dodgeball employee #3!) to see if his "It's 30 Degrees in November and I'm Having a Party on My Roof" party was still going on. After buzzing the wrong apt for like 10 minutes, me + Krucoff snuck our way upstairs to find a bunch of people making out and a crunked Harry nursing a 40oz bottle of the cheapest tequila that could be found in the LES. I was in bed by 4am.

Zzzzz. I got up at 7:30am, left my apt at 8am and caught the 9am train to Boston. Ravi and Sonia, the hosts of the hit in-car talkshow "DriveTime", picked me up from at around 1:30 and gave me a ride Harvard Business School.

[video of me on DriveTime coming soon, I promise]


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Monday October 3, 2005

boston fieldtrip recap

I was in Boston for a few days last week to speak at MIT's Emerging Technologies conference. Me + Josh Schachter (Del.icio.us) + Chris Heathcote (Nokia UI) we're on a panel together. (Stewart got swapped out last minute).

The folk at MIT where nice enough to throw us a reception post-conference. That's me at 3:00, then clockwise: Delicious Josh (best. nickname. ever?), Bryan Cantrill (a fellow TR35'er), Vanessa, Bryan's wife, Marissa, and Chris.H. (Sorry to Stewart + Brian's sister, who apparently didn't make the cut.)

ps: note my b-list, red speaker badge... which I swapped out on Thursday for a fancy (yet purple) TR35 Honoree badge.

Post-reception, we lost Chris first, then split with Stewart and Josh.S. I ended up heading in town with Vanessa and Marisssa and meeting up w/ MF and Genja (who were just getting out of class).

Next = drinks at the Beantown Pub. Okay, ready for Small World Story #1? G is telling me that Vanessa looks really familiar. And Vanessa is telling me about her twin sister from Penn. And then the two get talking and it turns out that G was roommates with Vanessa's twin sister during some random summer session at Penn State. Who knew?

Good story, eh? Anyway here's Marissa sporting her autographed copy of Technology Review.


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Tuesday September 13, 2005

rob's ad-hoc 29th birthday party

Friday afternoon and MF dials me up and asks if I want to go to DC for the weekend.

Me: "Why would I want to go to DC??"
MF: "It's Rob's 29th birthday, idiot!"
Me: "Oh yeah."

So, despite the fact that I was all fired up for my first weekend in NYC all summer, I packed my shit up on Saturday afternoon and got on the Amtrak.

I get down there at like 6:30, take the Metro out to Dupont Circle and try to rendevous with MF and Rob. MF, the sneaky sucker that he is, didn't tell Rob he was coming down and managed to surprise him as he was coming out of a Chipotle (delicious, btw). Meanwhile, I'm walking around aimlessly (Rob didn't know I was coming down either), until I spot the two of them walking on the other side of the sidewalk. I give MF the 007 secret spy nod, walk past them, cross the street and start following them. I tried to get as annoyingly close as I could without Rob noticing, which was pretty close. At one point I was literally on his heels for like 2 blocks, then on his heels and coughing, and then finally just kicked him in the legs which caused him to figure it out. Har har - best surprise birthday party ever! (and poor Rob was looking forward to just hanging out by himself).

We went to dinner (Chipotle!), got some beers then headed up to Rob's friend Brooke's apt (two floors up). She made him a cake.

Which I nightshot-blogged the shit out of. My Mom is going to be so proud of this shot.

ps: 40 years old!


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Friday July 15, 2005

katie mckiernan gets all married up!

Hi there. Have you met my friend Katie? You may recognize her from the first teendrama entry ever or from elementry school photos (er, she's actually not in this photo, but you get the idea). I've known Katie since kingergarten and we've been pals since 6th grade (she actually introduced me to the world of hanging out with Rob + MF + Mike.D).

Anyway, she got married this weekend. To a fine lad named Scott. I took a bunch of photos.

The wedding was at Boston College. I spent the night in Boston so it was no problem to pick up Mike.d at BU, drive him to pick up his dry cleaning, then go to his apt, then go to the liquor store and then go to the hotel and then race to the wedding in Mass Pike traffic.

Anyway, at the wedding. Actually right before. Me, Mike, Mike and Rob. All pretty well put together (if I do say so myself) with the exception of Mike.D's brown shoes.

(says MF: "Are we not 30 years old?! Get it together!")


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Tuesday June 21, 2005

29th bday three-day adventure

So, birthday #29 is a play in three acts -> Fri @ Montauk, Sat @ South Hampton / No Data, Sun @ NYC. Longest teendrama entry ever? 60 photos? Go grab a sandwich.

Things started early Friday morning (7am!) when Good Guy Grellan picked me up at the airport (post SF redeye). The master plan was to get on the beach by noon.

I barely slept on the plane and just passed out when I got into the Hoverpod. I woke up at 10:30am, just as we were pulling into Montauk. We grabbed some egg and cheese sandwiches in town...

... before meeting up with Marc Johnson and Annee out at the ditch.


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Sunday May 8, 2005

mother's day weekend back in boston

I was back in Boston this weekend. The trifecta of Little Sister Katie's return from a semester in France, Gam and Anne returning from a winter in Florida, and the chance to wish Mom a happy Mother's day in person was all very interesting, but it was ultimately the promise of a Chinese Food Mother's Day Bonanza that got me on the Amtrak Friday evening.

Here, Saturday morning. Mom snapped this photo before we left to pick up Shoops @ Logan Airport.

We waited at the airport for an hour or so before Katie busted through customs and I had the chance to sport my "Welcome Back" banner.

Hold on a sec as we rewind to about an hour earlier... Back at my parent's house as I admire my artistic handiwork:

Dad: Er, you spelled "sister" wrong.
Me: Fuck.


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Monday April 18, 2005

weekend recap #2 // dianne's birthday

Saturday = Dianne's bday party at the No Data Loft(tm) (aka Steve's apt). Seriously, Steve was nice enough to let Dianne throw her birthday party at his Tribeca loft (sound familiar?) and Dianne was nice enough to invite Team No Data (me + Randy + Grellan) to DJ.

Dianne was also kind enough to make 800 cupcakes.

These pics are all over the place. I have almost nothing of the pre-party. The night was slow starting, even around 12:30 the place was looking empty.

We got there are 9:30. I snapped this pic at the bodega downstairs at 9:34p. Taking inventory.


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Sunday April 17, 2005

weekend recap #1 // friday birthday roundup

As promised, we kicked off Friday with the FREE PIZZA PARTY I won at 12" (business card drop, remember?). Strangely, there was another pizza party there (though not a FREE one) - actually it was more of an office party. We locked ourselves into the VIP corner for safety.

Then we went to Janelle's bday party at The Dove over in the West Village. For some reason I don't have any of my own photos from this, so I stole this one from Youngna. She has a ton of pics - some of which are just amazing.

ps: Jess has some pics on Flickr too.

We left around midnight to hit Karen Marsala's birthday @ Sweet and Vicious. I found this discarded gem en route.


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Friday April 15, 2005

new york city welcomes MF

Dear Ladies of New York,

Watch out. MF - man, mystery, legend, slamdancer - is in town for the weekend.

We'll see you tonight?

9pm @ 12"
10pm @ Dove (Janelle's bday)
12pm @ Sweet & Vicious (Karen.M's bday)

ps: I snapped this pic way back in October of 2003 @ Botanica. I left Mikey alone for two minutes and by the time I get back he's all up in this praying mantis-esque Brazilian model's bizness. Player, please!

The sad, sad backstory is that this is the same night poor MF left his autographed Michelle Branch photo at the bar. Sniffles.

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Monday February 14, 2005

snowy weekend in VT


Tough to see from my shitty camera phone shot, but we hit about 6 new inches of snow over two days in Vermont this past weekend. Jill + Steve + MF + Youngna + Heather.D + Gina + Julie + special Medway guest star Danielle Galante all made the trek to Mount Snow.

Teendrama sucks, so no pics here, but Youngna's got a bunch on Flickr. Take a look.

ps: I leave for a weekend with the Bates kids in Beaver Creek, CO on Thursday. Wooo! [last year's pics]

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Friday November 12, 2004

weekend in vermont

After finally wrapping up with ConQwest (and MF was in post-election mode), I headed up to try out place in Vermont. I think 10 of us went in all - special guests Rob (and Vero) and MF (and Meg) from Boston.


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