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Wednesday May 7, 2008

2007/2008 ski season recap in 82 pictures - easily the best season in this history of teendrama!


Hi and welcome to the recap I promised myself I'd get up on teendrama before I left for Sweden: 2007/2008 Ski Season Recap! Normally, I'd do this weekend-by -weekend but I was just so lazy / distracted this winter that I didn't get around to it, which is a huge shame since this was such a super sick season all around. Quick overview before we jump into things (and this is a loooong one) - 30 days, two *big* dumps in VT (15" each?) and *three trips of west* - Jackson Hole, Beaver Creek, Snowmass/Aspen - plus of course Sink or Stoopid Skim (sank, sorry for the spoiler, but you already knew that was coming). Anyway, ready? (oh, this pic? Mount Snow, somewhere around mid-season me thinks).


Early season wasn't looking so hot. Not sure when I took this (early January?) but I think we were all pretty sure this would be a classic VT season - snow, then thaw, snow then thaw, snow then thaw. Accumulation ruined by rain.


Januarys are for black out weekends (MLK), so we hit up Stratton for freeeeeeeee courtesy of my pal Sue (she's the one who was so good to us at the Google Ski Trip!). Thanks Sue! (and hope I don't get you in trouble for writing about this! :)


Stratton + holiday weekend + gondola = lines. McD looks less then thrilled, but if I remember correctly this was a pretty sick day. The parks are so super nice at Stratton (Mount Snow, please take note).


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Friday February 1, 2008

hey, look what I found in teendrama's "draft" folder!

Hey - I just upgraded my version of Movable Type (the software I use to make this stoopid blog). Anyway, during the upgrade I found this old draft of a post - some teendrama entry I wrote that never made it online. So here goes... (I have no idea what these pics even look like - won't see till I post them! The excitement!

ps: this is from July 7, 2005... back in the glory days!
ps2: just took a look. kind of boring. wah!

Thursday is for open bars

I took some time off from the Lower East Side last night to explore a world of open bars with Randy and Grellan.

Stop #1: Details magazine + Absolut party at Gypsy Tea. Lots of editorial assistants queueing up for free drinks. We braved three trips to the bar and then left with our gift bags.

Stop #2: Pizza somewhere around 26th and 7th. I ditched my gift bag on the street after realizing it didn't contain any free liquor samples. Randy gave his to the guy making the pizza. I'm sure Grellan is wearing his new Absolut Summer shirt while reading his complimentary copy of Details as I type this up.

Stop #3: Jenn and Andrea invite us to a new club opening on 27th and 10th (called "Home"). Not really my scene, but hey, free drinks. Girls = VIP = use their secret powers to sneak us in with sneakers on.

I opted for the open bar special (Budweiser bottles) over the $300 bottle of gin. (Though don't get me wrong, I love the bottle service).

We left around 1am or so. Maybe a little earlier. Malcolm Gladwell was sitting behind us (read: best celebrity sighting ever). I took this pic on the way out. Fancy (well, not really).

ps: This weekend = No Data DJs @ Lucky Jacks (on Orchard) for Nathania's annual summer party (2001, 2004). Swing by. 10pm

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Tuesday October 9, 2007

Everyone loves a good wedding recap: Randy + Lisa get all hitched up in The Brooklyn


Hey! Just because it's October (er, and still 84 degrees in NYC) you didn't think we were done with wedding season did you? Let's rewind two weeks ago (Sept 21) to Randy and Lisa's wedding out in Brooklyn!

(oh real quick, a quick shoutout to anyone who's pics I stole for this recap... there are *hundreds* of Flickr pics from the wedding)


In case you're totally lost here's our little love birds... this pic skips ahead a bit though, let's start at the rehearsal dinner down at Dekk in Tribeca...


Four course meal... and all we've got to do is wear a tux tomorrow!! The steak was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten (note to self: go back to Dekk and see if it's always that good). Grell giving me the stinkeye over the last bite.


All the groomsmen got the hookup from Randy with these hifiny shirts (er, hifiny being Randy's bbblllooooggggg).


I got a brown one. Kid silkscreened them himself! (ps: the kids in Amsterdam were wondering were to get 'em - ha!)


And onto Friday... I cut out of work early as all the groomsmen met up at Randy + Lisa's place in Tribeca for a get-yer-tux-on party. Rentals courtsey of Men's Warehouse - Kyle busted on his shirt to find this nasty blood stain on his sleeve. We tried to imagine how this went down - I like the idea of someone getting clocked in the face at some ex-girlfriend's wedding in NJ, the dude just wiping the blood on his sleeve and being like, "Let's do this!" and then a huge brawl breaks out in parking lot of the Paramus Mall... or whatever.


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Wednesday September 12, 2007

20 Hours in Ocean City (aka Randy's bachelor party!)


Hey! Did you know Randy is getting married in September? (wedding #5 of the season, btw!). Last weekend A thousand weekends ago (8/25!) a crew of us got together and made a raodtrip down to Ocean City, MD in celebration of his last days of singlehoodness (Is that a word? Should be. BTW, bachelor party #3 of the summer!)


The adventure starts early Saturday morning (8:30! Tribeca!). The lovely Lisa.S made us some Danish pancake balls ("aebelskivers") and some mf'ng sausages (if you've got an escargot pan aebelskiver pan try making them at home. And if you're awesome - like I'm going to be when I get ane of these little pans - then make those lil' pancake balls and fill 'em with powerdered sugar and bits of bacon and syrup and, oh man, sounds delicious, no?!?)

Anyway, oh yeah MD - we set sail in two cars around 9am... and... with... all... the... traffic... got there aroud 3pm (an hour of that is my fault for missig *one stoopid turn* off the highway which cost us about an hour. Ugh.)

Before we left, Randy laid out a selection of fine men's attire for us to choose from. Here (well, above) all of us (sans Carney) looking like the hottest douchebags you've ever done seen. This was taken with Josh's magical camera which is why it looks phenomenal.


In case you needed better lighting, we moved to the deck. As you may have noticed I got a haircut for J's wedding which looks like a stoopid Lego Person's haircut. Stoopid Astor Place.




We had a half-plan for the night... around 5pm we made the trek to the boardwalk, nine dudes crammed into a minivan cab.


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Tuesday April 10, 2007

The Dealbreaker Video IPO (title blatantly stolen from Krucoff)

Sometime last year (seems like forever ago), me + Randy + Grell + AK + Josh + Carney + Doug + Becca helped Spiers put together a fake recruiting video for a fictional investment banking firm ("A.P. Corgan") for the launch of Dealbreaker.com (her finance/gossip blog).

As Krucoff says on Young Manhatanite:

Here it is, the long lost Dealbreaker promo video that was supposed to be released with the blog's launch last year. It's a mix of improvisation on top of a script written by Elizabeth Spiers and Dana Vachon, based on a JP Morgan recruitment video he "acquired." A final version was never agreed upon so the material sat in various short and long remixes on Randy's laptop. For better or worse (I'd say the former), he's just unleashed the definitive under 10-min final cut on YouTube. "Unauthorized" might be applicable but it's not like John Carney knows anything about law. Ahh, sweet memories.

I play the I.T. guy (of course. fuckers). Grellan + Doug are especially brilliant.


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Monday December 18, 2006

holiday party season 2006 recap (and some ITP show, tree trimmings, 11 spring street action, etc.)

I'm going to try to sum up all of Holiday Party Season 2006 in one post... so let's rewind to last weekend (no, not this past weekend, but the weekend before - 12/9). After telling J that I wasn't going to get a Christmas tree this year, he + Jackie left this makeshirt Charlie Brown Tree outside my apt (which was the nicest thing ever, so thanks). Looks like it's made of a 2 inch piece of leftover stump and a busted off branch. Awesome.

I think that was Saturday night - yes, another night at Marshall Stack - where I ran into none other than my date Medway High's Ring Dance back in 1992, Maria.P! (you may remember Maria.P from such adventures as Thanks.g 05 or Caroline's txt msg banter from Thanks.g 06.)

ps: Ring Dance = where all the sophomores get their class rings! (, dur)

Since these prom photos seem to be a teendrama crowd favorite, here's #3 (of 9!) in the series. Oh, and the reinctment from 2005 here. [Flickr]

Tuesday. Me + Courtney hit up the Pokemon Holiday Party courtesy of McS's invite. You know, the last time we hit a Pokemon party it was a slamming hip hop dance party till the wee hours of the am. For the holiday season, they took a weird turn and hired some transvestite female impersonators (Streisand, Cher, Madonna) which is weird cause it's Pokemon(, right?). And they sub'ed out the hip hop dance party for an employee lip sync contest (huh?) where the winner (chosen by Pokemon CEO) was this girl who took off her top while dancing shaking around to a Shakira track (no singing involved). Huh.

Anyway, this pic = some poor guy who didn't realize the Madonna impersonator was actually a dude. Here he is trying to give him/her the hand-under-the-ass reacharound (this pic would have much uglier has I taken it 20 seconds earlier - he was seriously *all up* in this dude's grill).

To top it off, there was a raffle at the end and just as me + Courtney were walking out - holy shit! - they called our number! So we raced back to the stage to grab our loot from the tranny emcee but *some other girl* had already run up and claimed our prize! Of course, no one was checking numbers and we weren't going to protest at the Pokeon Holiday Party but come'on! Who does that! (btw, I dunno what the prize was - they were all wrapped up). Huh. We promptly left with our goodie bags (Pokemon calendar, Pokemon bathrobe, 2 Pokemon chocolate bars, Pokemon bottle of wine) and headed downtown.

Thursday = Happy Corp holiday party down at Lolita! Besides the woman with crazy eyeshadown (not to mention 14-year old son) who left DRUGS for me in the bathroom (Mom, Denny = drug free!) the night was pretty uneventful. I was also kind of hopped up on cold meds since I've had the BF (bird flu) for like 10 days straight now.

Oh the way out, Becca and I passed this fully decorated tree that was just left on the street. I like to think that Carlo's gf threw him out of the house - "...and take this fucking tree with you!" style - and so he just left it on the street for some happier couple to come by and claim it.

Friday was the opening night of 11 Spring Street. For anyone in NYC, everyone has already blogged the shit out of this (NYTimes, Gothamist #1, Gothamist #2, Wooster Collective Flickr), buuuuuttttt for everyone else: On the corner of Spring + Bowery there's this old building that's become one of the more well known landmarks for street art in NYC. Some developer (read: Rupert Murdoch's son) bought the building and is about to turn it into condos, but before they start demolition / construction, they invited all the big name artists who have covered the outside walls of the building over the years to use the space as a makeshift three-day gallery.

The building was open all weekend long (I heard the line to get in was crazy), though Xtina snuck me on the VIP list for Friday's opening (thx!)


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Thursday November 16, 2006

teendrama, er, 15 days in review! (w/ exclusive turducken pics!)

I'm behind on teendrama so, loyal reader, you get stuck 12 days worth of teendrama told via 15 pics...

Mon 11/6 - Continuing the "How I Became a Master Chef" thread, JJ and I cooked up some double-breaded fried chicken the other night. That's right, double-dip, double-breaded and then fried up in two inchs of vegetable oil. I think we overdid the double-dip (I felt kind of dirty for like 2 days), but still....

Tues 11/7 - LVHRD (CLL) PHN LCKN (read: Cell Phone Lock-In) @ MOMA. Check your cell phone at the door (they put it in these little ziplock bags) and listen to this really loud band in a really big space with really bad acoustics. Come'on Happy Corp, I'm just busting you - I love you guys! Oh, free beers = good beers.

Btw, every confiscated phone was hung on this 60 ft long wall. Apparently at the end of the night they had some magic internet machine that made all the cellphones ring and light up and the same time. Didn't anyone YouTube that shit? Come'on!

While waiting for the elevator on my way out, I ran into four ninjas (and a Doug.J in a spacesuit). Btw, more pics on Flickr

Wed 11/8 - Jill's Happy Birthday dinner @ Mercadito in the E.Village. Sorry, no photos sucka.

Thur 11/9 - Milberger's #27 bday @ Lolita. Tequila shots = actually not so bad this time. Cool art on the wall made from found refrigerator doors (mrjaymillar, $650 - $1200).


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Thursday September 28, 2006

"sometimes when you have a rollerskating party Roller Girl comes" - bdiz

Becca's bday = rollerskate dance party @ The Roxy. I got this through the magic email machine the other day...

It's $23 for a night of skating, including skate rental. The lady said we could "probably get an extra discount" ?, so say my name at the door. If there's a discount, they'll give it to you.If there isn't, I guess they'll look at you like you're an asshole. Please wear something awesome.

Me + Kevin + Courtney + Dianne + Grellan met up around 9:30 and waited patiently for the birthday girl to arrive (what the heck!). $18 to get in, $5 to rent skates... lots of drama in the skate rental line as inventory on girls' sizes was running low (and after they charged people $18 to get in, those fuckers!)

Anyway, inside was packed. A good mix of kindo-of normal people and crazy roller disco superfans.

For every half-dozen i-bankers with their ties tucked into their button downs, there's a dude in a mesh top making love to a giant lollipop. Oh, and lots of dolled up American Apparel girls (meow). I had to set my digicam on Kids and Pets Underwater mode to capture the lightning that is rollerdisco.

ps: I haven't been the the Roxy since, when?, Nat's bday in 2003?

You need to sign your life away before getting in. The idea of legally "rollerskating at one's own risk" = awesome. The only reason I even like this pic is beacuse I got in a slight verbal altercation with the manager (owner?) outside ("Why you gotta be taking pictures of that?").

Me + Courtney on the digivideo. Two beers + one shot of tequila is all it takes to unlock the secret powers needed to skate backwards, weaving at unimaginable speeds. [video]

Aprils' prom dress vs. The Jaeger Wig vs. Bdiz's sauciness. (My vote is for the sauciness)

I forgot my disco getup. Dianne styled me up so I'd look more Chelsea. I made only one lap before the lollipop dude starting following me around.

"Couples only for the next five minutes, please." I think I like the B.Boys version more...
Please Clear The Ice For The Zamboni
Thank You
Couples Only For The Next Five Minutes Please
And A
Special Round Of Applauds For Our Zamboni Driver MarioCaldato
Thank You
Thank You
We Have Coupons Avaiable For A Special For Childen Only From 4 To 6 On Thursday The 22nd
Thank You
We're Having A Sale On New Blades At The Skate Shop
Thank You
Honky Rink
White People Only For The Next Five Minutes Please
Booo Booo
Thank You
Around Around Around Around Around...

MAKE OUT! (btw, who brought the blogger? Get your meathook hand out of my photo, you trick!)

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Tuesday September 5, 2006

My Summer Vacation - by dpstyles97

Hi. Man, it's been forever since I took an actual vacation (like a take-time-off-from-work vacation), but last week actually, two weeks ago, I took 10 days off and went out to the house in Amagansett for 10 days. Actually, there was a whole crew of us that took time off - people showing up and leaving every few days. I think we had, what?, 14 people out there over the week. (read: the house = too crowded).

For the first half of the week, I spent most of my time checking email trying to teach myself how to surf. Since the waves are pretty flat at the beach near our house, we trekked to the ditch (Ditch Plains), parked at MJ's place and spent our day at Poles (the break way to the right side of the beach @ ditch).

Back in the days of Montauk 2001 (the summer of unemployment), Randy and I spent a few days trying to learn on shortboards (I've since picked up a 9' longboard = much easier to learn on). Being the stoopid beginners are were back then, we were out in hurricane style surf (the aftermath of some tropical storm) on these little boards literally getting the shit kicked out of us. But that was then and this is now... and I still suck (though Randy is actually pretty good and Grellan can consistantly stand up too), though on day three, I was finally able to get up on the board with some consistency. And walk around the board a bit. Too bad that after day three the weather turned to shit (flat + rainy). By the way, that's Randy in the pic. Not me.

Note to fellow beginners: dark spots underwater that aren't moving are rocks, not sharks. I learned a lot.

My masterplan was to take my new waterproof camera out with us to take some pics, but, er, it was lost in the ocean. So, I had to settle for this lame beach shot of Randy. (When we head back out in Sept, I may try the digicam-in-the-ziplock-bag trick.)

14 people = lots of burgers. Some day I post up a how-to for all the folks that want to make my special DPS BurgersTM at home, but for now remember: one egg, one chopped-up onion, BBQ, some hot sauce, salt and pepper, skittles.

Innernets + Lucas' Mac -> TV connector = a festival of pirated movies. We tried to get some "Who Killed the Electric Car" (nerds!) but got duped into downloading this Making of the Documentary piece from the BBC. Fuckers.

ps: My pal Lucas = the director's evil twin brother???

Thursday. No surf. We spent the day at the beach across the street. KM huddling for warmth, Grellan knee deep in soduku and slow jams.


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Thursday July 20, 2006

summer out in montauk (ver. 2006) - part I

Back in the dot-com heydays of 2001 - after I got laid off from Vindigo and everyone else I knew got laid off from Jupiter - a bunch of us went in on a beach house out in Montauk (Montauk = the end of Long Island, as in past the Hamptons). We lived out in Ditch Plains, paying our NYC rent with our dot-com severence pay and living day-to-day at the beach on the $405/week we were picking up thanks to NY State unemployment. Anyway, Best. Summer. Ever.

And every summer since we've tried to pull it off again, but we've either been too lazy, too poor or too short on people. After bloghaus (don't ask... okay: ask) fell apart in late May, me + Grellan + Randy jumped in on a last-minute share with Lucas + Vipul + friends out in Amaganset (the town *before* Montauk).

(I'll try my bestest to spare you the drama of the summer share - what was supposed to be a 1/2 share turned into a 1/3 share and how everyhing ended up being more money + fewer beds than we bargained for.)

But anyway, this past weekend was our first (of five) weekends out. Hamptons traffic is the worst kind of traffic, so we all skipped out of work on Friday. And to balance out the five-dudes-at-the-beach-vibe, we brought Karen.M (a.k.a. Karen #1) and Karen.L (a.k.a. anything-but-Karen-#2) along for the ride.

It took me a good hour to figure out how to strap my brand new surfboard to the roof of the Hoverpod. Cheapo $55 rack (with a strap like the one on my messenger bag) had me stressed out that the board would end up crushed on the Long Island Expressway before it ever saw water.

ps: Board made it in one piece.... oh, and sorry Melissa, but no pics yet. I will have you know that I did repair both the ding on the nose and the tail successfull though. Randy, you got pics?

Traffic wasn't too too bad on the way out. We hit up the BK on the outskirts of the Hamptions (for reals, there is no fast food East of that Benz dealership on Rt. 27). Chicken Tenders(tm) that look like either chicken feet or fried chicken heads? Bad idea.

(fyi - I am Googling desperately to find that article that cites that McNuggets come in five shapes that were designed to look like what consumer thought were pieces of real chicken... but alas, all I can find is this article about some lady finding a fried chicken head in her batch of McNugs)

update: Sweet Sweet K (huh?) leaves a teendrama comment pointing to this article.

Three days on the beach = awesome. Me + Randy took the boards out on Friday (alas, no pics) when there was a little white water to mess around in I suck, btw... as in can't-even-stand-up-yet suck. But for someone that is (a) not a Strong Swimmer and (b) wicked scared of sharks eating me, I am doing okay with the whole paddle around / spin the board around / get one knee up when trying to catch a wave business. Next weekend for sure.

Note to self: Don't ever roll sleeves up like that again.


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Wednesday July 12, 2006

world cup recap - version 2006

I feel kind of dumb for never posting anything about watching the World Cup in NYC this year. More so because I don't have any kind of recap from the last World Cup (2002, Korea) when the games were at 3am and I'd set my alarm, wake up and ride my bike across town to watch the gamesat Nevada Smiths or Krucoff's.

Anyway, this year was rad. For the first round of games, I tagged along with Grellan (who was writing a story for ESPN on experiencing the games in someplace as culturaly diverse as NYC) which brought me to an AppleBee's clone way out in Jamaica, Queens run by natives of Trinidad and Tobago, dualing Argentian / Brazilian bars in Soho (and one sorry TV with a 5-second delay), not to mention the dipolmatic estate of the U.N. Ambassador to Angola (er, more on this in a minute). If you haven't read Grellan's piece, you really should.

So, but back to last Sunday - World Cup Finals between France and Italy. Me + Kevin.K made a solid effort to get to Slainte early enough to snag a seat for the final game, but showing up an hour early left us with standing room early. We searched around for a backup plan - 288 (packed), Pioneer (closed), 4th St. Bar (sent McD and his crutches to scope it out), before we got Youngna's dodgeball message about a block party down in Soho. So we headed down...

... to find a few thousand people crowded onto Spring Street btw Bowery & Elizabeth watching this ad hoc jumbotron (sponsord by Adidas? Where did this thing come from?)

We grabbed some bagels + vitamin water from the bodega next door (disaster, btw) and sm.ooshed in (hi, sm!) with the masses to watch the game.

Two things that sucked:

1. The screen was about 10 feet too low. Meaning that for anyone, say, 5'9" or shorter I could barely see. Who invited all the mf'ing tall people anyway. Oh, and I was standing on the high part of the curb.

2. The cops CUT THE POWER TO THE JUMBOTRON with about 15 mins to go in the first half. What the heck! I have expected a rioting crowd to start looting to Jen Bekman Gallery.


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Friday June 23, 2006

my birthday was, er, earlier this week.

Hi. Real quick: birthday party on Saturday. Stop by if you're around. And thanks to Randy for cooking up this invite.

Saturday June 24, 10p
@ Loreley
Rivington Street (btw Bowery & Chrystie)

My birthday was actually on Monday. Mom + Dad came down on the Amtrak and took me + JJ out to dinner (read: Bestest Parents Ever). We hit up La Paella in the east village (J's recommendation). White wine + red wine + carafes of sangria = huh.

Three hour later, met up with a bunch of kids down @ Local 138. Mom got into her Kanye West flow, Dad + Dianne made fun of the rest of my friends, J + Dave dorked out with some Mario Kart DS Lite wifi.

Jonathan hooked me up with this sweet card.

Thanks Jay!

While my mom...

... baked me a batch of the same exact cookies I got when I was two years old!

Rumor has it she took a cookie decorating class (!!) just so she could frost these little guys up. Thanks, Mom!

ps: It's also rumored that Ernie + Bert are in the mail on their way down to NYC. Cookie Monster + Big Bird + Oscar look delicious though the Count kind of got the shaft. :)

And from waaaaayyy on the other side of the country, Little Sister Katie mailed me the exact same birthday card (even doctored up the same way too). She also made me a DVD of my most embarassing moments from home videos past (er, Cub Scout Safety Video anyone???). Thanks Shoops!

ps: bonus points for Shoops for using some sticky glitter stuff on the card.

So that's it. Birthday party Saturday. Wear something nice. Recap of that, plus such other slamming adventures as Adult Camp + US Air Guitar Championship + 2 week old World Cup shots (ha!) coming, er, someday (yeah right!).

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Thursday June 8, 2006

action packed Memorial Day 2006 - wooooo! (or not)

Hi. Don't get your hopes up for a an action-packed Memorial Day recap - this one is just four dudes chilling at the beach.

Kind of a last minute trip - me + Randy + Grell + Josh drove down to my parent's place on the cape (Eastham, MA) for the wkd.

The forecast was three days worth of rain, but amazingly we had perfect weather (like, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky style weather) all weekend long.

Hit up Arnold's (twice) for the bestest lobster roll ever (better than any place in the stoopid Hamptons, sucka!). $13 bucks gets you a truckload of lobster meat.


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Friday April 28, 2006

friday is for hangovers

It's Friday. Your hungover. I'm hungover. Here's three ways to kill time before you leave work (early):

#1. Grellan's recap of last year's Kentucky Derby got picked up by ESPN (!!) and is currently the #1 most emailed story (!!!). Word.

#2. From last night (@ Spring Lounge). I beat this dude arm wrestling. Lefty! [video]

#3. Then I found a bagel on the street. And threw it at Randy. Lefty! [video]

Tonight's Agenda
8p Polish girl party
10p Doug J's brother bday party
12a Randy DJ'ing at Backroom

ps: Saturday = 2 year anniversary of PacManhattan. Pour a little out!

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Wednesday April 26, 2006

last weekend (told with 15 photos + 2 videos)

Hi there! Nothing too scandalous, just some pics from the weekend. Friday = kind-of No Data @ VoodDoo Lounge (aka the basement of Wakki Wallys) and Saturday = Manlio's going away party @ Loreley.

Friday. Grellan is now on this "no more beer, only liqour" kick which basically means instead of drinking 8 Bud tallboys, he consumes 8 glasses of scotch. The end result consistently looks like this.

On the other hand, Matt.U and his Tiger Lager make the ladies smile.

Rina showed up. It was her birthday. I bit her face.

Meghan showed up too. I told her I'd give her $1 if she could unhook this random guy's helmet from his bag without him knowing it. No luck. (but, how cool would it have been if the dude turned around after getting his drink and - blam! - Meghan's sitting there wearing his helmet! Not so cool? Die.)


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Monday March 6, 2006

first weekend in march = no data

First weekend of the month = yet another No Data. Yes, at Loreley. Yes, good times.

Me + Randy + Grell met for dinner around 9:30 or before heading downstairs. Nancy (manager) gave us a heads up that there was already a pretty good crowd due to some other private party. Even at 10:45, the place was packed (like almost too-crowded-to-move packed).

We threw rock paper scissors to see who'd play first. Grellan took first shift. I took second. The dilemma - play good music and try to get people to dance... or play shitty music (Grellan!) to try to clear them out before the rest of our friends showed up. (er, what ended up happening?)

Pre-No Data we were shooting some top secret film project (top secret?) - the shirt was part of the outfit. Ctrl + Alt + Dell... clever! Andy.K made it. The letters were just stickers.

Special guest appearance by ex-Happy Corp interns Bari (here) and Lindsay. And Grellan Bacardi and Cola.

Oh, and special guest Chelsea (friends w/ Lindsey... er, the other Lindsey).

(btw, I have no idea how to spell "Lindsey" - or "Lindsay". Er, can you spell it both ways? I mixed it up in the last two captions so that at least one of the two will be right. So, sorry in advance)


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Friday March 3, 2006

secret surprise snowstorm @ mount snow

I get shit from people all the time for getting out of the city to go riding every weekend. Especially since a lot of the time there's no snow in the city, it's been warm for weeks and the pics I post of Mount Snow show bare spots all over the place.

But we go up anyway. Every weekend. Because there's always that chance that we'll get hit with that surprise dumping that comes out out nowhere. I mean, the more weekends you're up there, the greater the chance that you'll be there for the surprise dumping, right?

Well, we finally got hit with it last weekend. Saturday night. It actually started snowing pretty good on Saturday night...

... and by the time we got up in the morning, a good 12" had fallen.

Anticipating the Best Day Ever(tm), we were all pretty lame on Saturday night. We went to bed early so we could motivate early the next morning. We pulled into the parking lot Sunday morning @ 7:45am. Lifts open at 8am.


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Monday February 13, 2006

Worst. Blizzard. Ever. (aka six inches in VT)

Hi! So, let's get this out of the way first: "26.9 inches! Holy shit! The skiing in Vermont must have been crazy!"

Sure, it was a good weekend, but up at Mount Snow we only got hit with about 6 inches. Oh well. (this pic, btw, is late late late Sunday in NYC)

Friday night and we pulled the standard leave-at-8pm drill, though this time we spiced it up by stopping by Norwalk, CT to pay a surprise visit at Josh Newman's 30th Birthday Party.

Special guest Brian Battjer came along for the ride (though sucker took the MetroNorth home). I threw together a quick bday package for Stoopid Newman...

... as Brian said, "Happy birthday! Promote my company!".

ps: package = all messed up as we stomped the shit out of it in the parking lot.

Okay onto Saturday. We've seen this a few times over the past few weeks, but if there's even the slightest chance of snow in VT, the crowds just flock to the mountain. Saturday was no exception.

Normally when the Main Face of the mountain starts feeling too crowded, we'll head over to the North Face where it's usually pretty quiet. By the time we made our way over there on Saturday one of the lifts had busted, leaving perhaps one of the worst lines I've ever seen at Mount Snow. (btw, that one long line is the singles line)


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Thursday February 9, 2006

superbowl weekend part 2: hungover superbowl party

So, four days later, here's Part II of SuperBowl Weekend. Don't get too excited, this part is pretty boring. I had a bunch of kids over Sunday to watch the game. We were all pretty beat up from the No Data the night before.

Seattle vs. Pittsburgh = not a particularly exciting game (esp compared me + Jay travelling to Jacksonville last year to see the Pats vs. Eagles), but I went to high school with Matt Hasselbeck (er, and Boston Rob, if you really want to dig up deep cut D-list celebs) so we were rooting for Seattle.

Youngna took a bunch of pics. In fact, I stole a lot of these pics from here. You'll easily be able to tell which are mine and which are hers. Her digi is very fancy.

Janelle, Will, Randy, Lindsay. I think we squeezed in seven on my couch.


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Tuesday February 7, 2006

superbowl weekend part 1: (er, my) first No Data of 2006!

Saturday = No Data. This weekend was was the first weekend I've been in the city pretty much all winter (or at least in 2006). We did it up at Loreley again on Saturday night with 800 of our closest friends.

Miri was sporting the season's hottest No Data fashions (and rollerskate shoes).

Me + Randy + Grellan dj'ed again. Randy = best. Me = second best. Grellan = last place. Seriously, how many girls have to come up to me and say "Um, when is your friend's set over?" before we do something about this problem?

ps: K2 was not one of those girls.

We started late. Around 11pm. It got crowded around midnight. I have a few more of these pics.


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Tuesday January 24, 2006

me + randy + alexa + alli + jenny + nicky in vermont (read: Die MeatRovr, die!)

Hello! Yes, another weekend in Vermont (er, is teendrama starting to read like Groundhog Day?). Me + Randy + Alli + Alexa + Jenny.J + Nicky.V make the trek up on Friday night.

When we got to the house around midnight, we found our grill smashed to pieces in the driveway - as if someone had come to the house, picked it up and threw it off the porch. Huh. So before we even unpacked our stuff, I was picking up shattered grill pieces and chasing around the propane tank that was rolling around the driveway.

Randy went to work creating a fire. Not sure how this photo came out so great (I mean, it looks like the fire is roaring, no?), but he had like 3-4 logs piled up like a stack of Legos. We (er, Randy) burned through like 4 days worth of newspapers (and cardboard boxes) trying to get the thing started. (er, we broke down and bought some mf'ing Duraflame for Saturday night)

We got in two days. Saturday = 45 degrees and sunny for most of the day. It's been super warm all month (too warm actually, I mean it's January, come'on!) and the mountain is in pretty sorry shape. Ali + Jenny + Alexa took a lesson in the morning while me + Randy + Nick made some runs. Clouds rolled in pretty quick around 3pm and Mount Snow ended up shutting down the lifts due to the lightning threats.

Nick and I actually rode up on one of the last chairs with a guy from Ski Patrol. We were able to hear on the radio how they were closing the lifts early... all this as the guy is telling us about how if lightning even strikes one chair, we're all pretty much fried. Sweet.


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Thursday December 29, 2005

hifiny.com = best photos of 2005

Good pal Randy just threw up his Best Photos of the Year(tm) on hifiny.com. Please do take a look, my friend.

(for bonus points, check out his recaps from 2004 + 2003 + 2002 + 2001. A lot of the pics really are something special.)

(and not to try to one-up Randizzle, but I'll try to get my Bestest Videos of 2005 up sometime soon. Take a look at 2003's winners if you're bored... did I really not do a Best of 2004? For real? Teendrama sucks!)

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Tuesday December 20, 2005

Will.S presents Holiday Brunchaoke (bonus: ad hoc, late night No Data)

Last week I got an email from Will that said:

December 17th
Sing Sing on St. Marks
2-5 pm
Egg nog, holiday punch, food and Total Eclipse of the Heart
... so I want to send a special thanks to Will for throwing this together and Lisa.E and Janelle (because I stole just about all these pics from their Flickrs). Me + Randy + Lindsey rolled in around 4pm (despite Ali's warning that we'd be too crunked to hit up her birthday party).

All Around Good Guy Kevin K. had some "Wanted Dead or Alive" cued as I walked in the door. Grellan should know better than to call mid-performance.


In the style of Pearl Jam (??).


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no data holiday party v.2005

Last Thursday = the follow-up to last year's slamming No Data Holiday Party @ 12". This time around? Eh, not so crowded (it was wicked cold out + threat of transit strike), no video crew in tow (last year that French video crew was filming a piece on dodgeball)...

... and the PowerPoint was a little last minute (er, I made it like an hour before we started playing music), but still the whole scene was a pretty good time. [video, 9mb]

Thursday @ midnight was also when the transit strike was supposed to hit (it got postponed till, er, today). Joe had the teevee on so we could watch the strike countdown. I cued up some Quad City DJs (Choo Choo Train!). It really was something special.

(btw, video lifted from Katie Mc.K's wedding)

Grellan, occupied with his company holiday's party, didn't roll in till around midnight... crunked (like, crunked) and empty handed (after lots of talk about showing up w/ 800 company holiday party girls).

Dianne sent me this pic of me trying to copy Grell's signature dance maneuvers ("either THE cutest thing I've ever seen or the FUNNIeST thing I've ever seen"). Btw, not sure who's hat that this (Becca?)...


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Friday December 9, 2005

fancy hotel, meet rowdy spring lounge kids

Thursday. The Wired showroom was throwing another party courtesy of Flavorpill. We got there early (again) thinking it would be packed (free drinks + some fancy DJ) but alas, it was pretty quiet. We downed two freebee Dos Equis, grabbed our new friend Theo and headed over to Spring Lounge.

We randomly met up with Steve Ross on the street and Youngna through the miracle of dodgeball, had 800 beers at Spring Lounge, nearly got in a tussel with some salty fireman at the bar after he called Randy "Skipper", and chatted up these two random girls from Smith College. Grellan rocking his 1am hair at 9:30pm. Theo planning her escape.

Got the text from Slavin that he was hanging out at The Hotel on Rivington so we packed up and headed out.

Had to pose against the firebox on Spring + Mulberry for old time's sake. Listen, I'm like 5'9. This thing is taller than me. And Gabe hurdled it. Legend. (Read the story and watch the video. Come'on, it's Friday!)

ps: #229

The Hotel on Rivington: the fanciest hotel I've ever done been at. We whisked by the bouncers in the front, snuck our way up the elevator and into the lobby bar ("Lobby bar is for guests only, sir") and met up w/ Slavin and his entourage.

Fourtinately for us (them?) most of the high rollers had called it quits already. Passed Jeff Jarvis on the way out. One of the German VCs representing on the right. Dan.M and Mike.S from Team Socialight also saying hello.

Special thanks to the entourage for the champagne and Brooklyn Lagers. Youngna rounded up some of the suits for a photoshoot. (YP, pics? uploaded some pics)

From: Randy
Subject: Re: the cosby show
Date: December 9, 2005 12:32:06 PM EST
To: Dens, Grellan

(last night we were getting these super-cool group portrait photos taken by youngna in the rivington hotel with the rich germans and just before she takesthe picture, dennis whips his shirt off. they had no idea. it was hilarious.)

More photo shoots in the backroom.

They asked us to leave right around here. (Sorry, cute bartender)

So we got in the elevator and went up to the 20th floor. No luck finding the exit to the roof so we just ran around the hotel hallways for a while then left. In bed by 2:30 (ugh).

Woke up this morning to a good 4 inches of snow in NYC with an even better forecast for Vermont. (Two days of snow followed by a warm Saturday = perfect!)

Sorry in advance to all the holiday parties I'm skipping out on this wkd (Google + Spiers' bday + Pete.S + Sarah.B). I hope we can still be friends.

Leaving around 8pm tonight. Wendy's @ Exit 40 by 9:30. Last call at Snow Barn at 12:05am. Five dudes in the hoverpod = Meat Rover. Good times.

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Monday December 5, 2005

will the kids ever get enough of the No Data?

Snowy saturday = another No Data @ Loreley. I met up w/ Xtina + John.G early, dined on a fine sausage / sauerkraut sampler then met up with Randy + Grell downstairs. 10:30 rolls around and the place was empty (besides the people still eating downstairs). It was s starting to look like the Worst No Data Ever(tm) before we hit midnight and magically the place was packed.

Special guests included the Girls from Apt 1RE (well, Rachel and Kalyna in the middle), Welcome Back to NYC (for the 4th time) Sarah.B on the right and Ms. Jenn on the left.

Youngna, still sans camera, rolled in an iPod voice recorder for a replacement (lame... or at least I thought till she just emailed me the clips... hahahahahah. YP, please put them online.)

ps: Don't forget to donate to the Save Youngna Camera Fund!!!

Special Guests Round 2: soon-to-be rockstar with the kkkkrazy yellow eyes, Ms. Caitlin K.


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Tuesday November 22, 2005

LVHRD Master Diaster Fashion Dual (take 2)

Me + Randy + Grellan DJ'ed LVHRD's 2nd Master Disaster Fashion Duel last night @ Rock Candy. Super clever event: Two designers (Corey Pak vs. Rebecca Turbow), each gets a model (Julia vs. Angel), a basket of raw materials and an hour to design an outfit that fits the night's theme ("villainy"). A panel of judges from the fashion world crowns a winner at the end. [more details here]

ps:: Recap from the 1st Fashion Duel here.

We played music and dined on $8 beers while the girls cut + sewed.

DJ Randizzle (sorry, man) gets a shoutout from Julia With the Pointy Chest.

The championship trophy went to Team Corey + Julia. A fashion shoot with spotlights and fans blowing ensued. Surreal.

ps: Heading back to Medway for Thanksg tonight (sssh), perhaps with British Jess in tow. Master plan = Foxwoods tonight, townie bars on Wednesday, eat on Thursday, ski Fri + Sat + Sunday. Come'on, Nor'easter!

ps2: And the kids at LVHRD just put a bunch of photos up on Le Flickr.

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weekend recap: kevin's 30th + harvard biz school + pats game

A few days late with the recap here, but I'm trying to see if i can stretch this into weekend recap, so shut up. Friday = Part II of Kevin.K's 30th bday blowout @ Loreley.

For extra credit, check out pics from Manlio + Grellan + Dianne + British Jess.

DJ duties split between Kevin + Alex + Gabe + Randeez (here) + me + Grellan (a.k.a. Worst. Set. Ever.)

ps: jk, Grell. er, not really.

Alex sporting our brand new dodgeball t-shirts (pow!). Super KB sporting, um, well, KB just hanging out.

I was planning on only staying out till 1am or so since I had to catch a train to Boston in the morning (more on that in a second), but that plan didn't work out so well...

... I ended up leaving around 3:30 and swunging by Harry's apt (Harry = dodgeball employee #3!) to see if his "It's 30 Degrees in November and I'm Having a Party on My Roof" party was still going on. After buzzing the wrong apt for like 10 minutes, me + Krucoff snuck our way upstairs to find a bunch of people making out and a crunked Harry nursing a 40oz bottle of the cheapest tequila that could be found in the LES. I was in bed by 4am.

Zzzzz. I got up at 7:30am, left my apt at 8am and caught the 9am train to Boston. Ravi and Sonia, the hosts of the hit in-car talkshow "DriveTime", picked me up from at around 1:30 and gave me a ride Harvard Business School.

[video of me on DriveTime coming soon, I promise]


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Tuesday November 15, 2005

Pedometer Party (featuring celebrity chef Nate Tate!)

This is our pal Nate Tate. He spent the summer in China travelling around collecting recipes for a cookbook he's writing. On Saturday he offered to cook us up some dinner so he could beta test his instructions.

(ps: check out them nuts on that goat)

Jen.D and Nate Tate were cooking it up in my kitchen, breaking out all sorts of mystery ingredients such as potatos, green stuff and lotus roots.

(JJ says: "You just know you're a nasty cook when you bring your own lotus root.")

Special sauce was prepared pre-dinner, but most everything else was just thrown in the hotpot.

ps: Nate just emailed in with the menu: Mongolian Hotpot with peanut sauce, Sichuan spicy green beans, and fried bananas (with Mrs. Butterworth syrup).

You can find out more into on the cookbook at http://feedingthedragon.blogs.com


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Friday November 11, 2005

jill's 29th bday + we love you, miss taxi internacional!

Hey, happy 29th birthday Jill! Jill = one of my bestest friends since Day 1 of college. As the legend goes, she picked me out of the Freshman Facebook the summer before college and declared that we'd be Best Friends Forever.

A bunch of us met up a Niagara in the East Village...

... by a bunch of us I mean, (hi, I forgot your name, you on the left) + Scuba Steve + er, Jill + Kevin DEVIL EYES K.

Not pictured = The Lauren Horse, Rob.G + Pablo + Ja Rule's pal Paul, Juila + Erica, Randy K., miscellaneous Bratskeir employees, and Josh Nova.

Wait, what's this? Scuba Steve with the program for the 2005 Miss Taxi Internacional beauty pageant! Let me see that!

Miss Taxi = a beauty pageant held every year out in Queens. Looks like the dispatch girls (?) compete against one another for fame and fortune, cash and prizes.

A few excerpts from an interview with Nadira, one of the contestants:

What is your opinion of a beauty pageant in the Taxi industry?
Oh, it's very good for the image of the Taxi industry. It was so exciting for drivers and all spectators. The pageant created a tremendous interest and the word is buzzing.

Do you think it should be expanded to include limousine, Black Car and yellow industry?
Absolutely, the more the merrier. May I suggest a new name? What do you think of Miss Universal Taxi?
Rumor has it the pageant is going down tonight (!!). It is my destiny to get into this event. My translators are working on it as we speak.

ps: Weekend forecast: Warm weather + no snow = looks like Killington isn't opening till next weekend. Sooooo, I have no plans!

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Monday November 7, 2005

november no data @ loreley

Another Saturday = another No Data... this time in the basement of Loreley on Rivington. Me + Randy + Grellan showed up early and dined on fine German food before heading downstairs. Pedro and his girl Rita had their video setup going in the background. All the people in this pic you don't recognize are leftovers from an early birthday party (for whom? no idea.) JJ, don't you know that girl in the front?

Special thanks to Grellan to negotating everything (read: drink tickets).

You know, this is a weird recap since I didn't really take any pics till like 2am. Things were quiet early on and then just like that got really rowdy late night. (Steve Ross, sorry I pushed you - agitating the ankle that I helped to break 6 months ago).

Randeez. Me.
Happy. Angry.


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Tuesday November 1, 2005

four days worth of halloween

Four days of Halloween is a little much, no? See, that's the problem with these Monday holidays. I'm looking forward to taking tonight off.

(Costumes? Oh, we'll get to that.)

Start on Friday with Youngna's 23rd birthday @ Dove (happy bday, yp!). Friday = too early to be wearing costumes so I went as a Johnny Red Sweater. Actually, no one was really dressed up except for The Happy Corp kids - Doug rolled into Dove in this giant domino suit... and 4 hours later (by the time we were all at the Magician) Matt rolls in wearing, er, another giant domino costume (hence the "Die domino die!" dodgeball message for anyone left confused).

Anyway, late night + Youngna's birthday + Youngna really crunked + Youngna's super tiny frame + giant domino costume = Youngna toppled over, on the floor, wearing this stoopid suit and unable to get up turtle-on-its-back style. Hahahahahahaha.

ps: Youngna b'day party = setting dodgeball records for most people checked-in at one place.

ps2: For extra credit, check out YP's Flickr pics.

On to Saturday. Again, too early to dress up, though that didn't stop Jackie and JJ. Jackie as a unicorn (, obviously!) and Jonathan as, um, a cat. Seriously?

Jay was giving me shit for leaving the house without a costume so he gave me these sweeeeeet tribal arm band and Sigma Chi tattoos.

I went out as Johnny Grey Sweater this time and got in a sword fight with Lisa at Motor City Bar.

I certainly did not pass out in Becca's bed with Dianne.


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Saturday October 29, 2005

"tell them that we're awesome"

Watch this. Randy is a genius. [from hifiny.com]

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Monday October 24, 2005

IG party (aka champagne dance party)

The good folks at The Intelligence Group (formerly Youth Intelligence) were kind enough to invite Team No Data to DJ their fall 2005 party at Lolita this weekend.

A few words to sum things up: Crowded. Free Red Stripe. Raffle. Surveys. Crunked.

In true IG fashion, they snuck survey questions onto the raffle tickets (clever little buggers!).

"What's the newest thing you're doing that you think most people don't know about?"

Leslie threw down for Dodgeball (thanks, girl!). Dianne fwd me this match-survery-answer-to-person quiz. Please remember to use a #2 pencil.

a. "Mixing Red Bull and Coronas, I call it the 'speedy gonzales"
b. "Watching Fuel TV? Freezing our halfpipe so we can snowboard on it. Pow!"
c. "DJ-ing"
d. "Skype"
e. "Beating Dennis Crowley in arm wrestling."
f. "Blogging and selling my own art online?"
g. "Djing YI..er...IG events."
h. "Incest."
i. "An Italian man."

1. Dennis C.
2. Kevin K.
3. Grellan H.
4. Jen D.
5. Youngna P.
6. Matthew S.
7. Andy K.
8. Dianne McG.
9. Randy K.


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Friday October 21, 2005

hi bee + spring lounge bender

I'm walking on the subway platform the other day and run into Kevin's friend Bee who I haven't seen in forever (and never see amongst the lineup of familiar subway people faces). So we're talking and it turns out that she lives in the building that faces my building (across the courytard), like my-window-looks-into-her-window style. So, when I get home after work I made this sign out of masking tape.

Fast forward a few hours, KTDD is giving me a haircut (thanks, btw) and JJ is eating some Thai food and Bee I guess sees my homemade welcome sign and comes running out waving from her balcony across the courtyard. JJ suggested we set up a zipline or at the very least a tin can cellphone setup.

(that's her on the balcony, see?)

Anyway, so huh. Right across the courtyard.

Okay, so that story was kind of dumb. I'm sorry but I'm wicked hungover. Like got-home-at-5am hungover. I love you, Spring Lounge (kind of).

You may have read about Grellan is such magazines as Crunked Weekly. I whooped Matt Spangler in an arm wrestling battle (not really) soon after this.

Random girls at the bar. (Dianne in mid sneeze?) Sorry, Youngna, but you didn't make any of the photos(, loser!)

I gave Randy a ride home after I busted his ankle with a sweet Karate Kid-esque sweep-the-leg move (sorry about that, dude). The end.

ps: No Data = Saturday @ Lolita. Swing by after midnight.

update: Randy = at the hospital getting x-rays cause I reeeaaallllyyyy may have broken his ankle?! Oh man. (4:43pm)

update 2: Ankle = badly sprained. And Randy is now sporting a cane! Awesome! You should be thanking me, man!

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Thursday October 20, 2005

LVHRD vending machine challenge (er, from monday)

Went to check out the LVHRD Vending Machine Challenge @ Pioneer Bar on Monday. Got there around 9:30 and the place was packed. Check out the Yellow Arrow entourage representing with their portable neon signs.

Vending Machine Challenge = four teams, three people each face off to see who can be the first to clear out the entire contents of a vending machine. Think competitive eating with Skittles and Kit Kats replacing the hotdogs and waterlogged buns.

First up was the crew from Yellow Arrow vs. The Rockwell Group (architecture firm?).


Which went from full -> empty in like 30 minutes. Surprisingly no one got ill. I heard the Fritos and the peanut butter crackers were the hardest items to put down.

Next up was Team NYC Ballet vs. J. Walter Thompson (ad agency). I didn't stick around till the end, but I have feeling the ad guys won took this round.

What else from this week?

Tues: me + DSJ crushing college kids at foosball
Wed: $0.10 Croxley wings with Randy and Becca and a crunked Jesse.O @ B3
Thurs: (scheduled) haircut time with KTDD + Spring Lounge field trip
Fri: Happy 28th bday, Manlio!
Sat: No Data @ Lolita (come around midnight)
Sun: Rain?

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Monday October 17, 2005

foliage field trip to vermont (plus: bonus corn maze!!!)

Me + Randy + Becca + Dianne + Leslie + YP made the trek to Vermont this weekend. Dianne had put together a wicked agenda (apple picking + corn maze!). We took lots of photos.

Not sure where you're at, but here in NYC it rained for like 8 days straight. Like record-setting rainfall. It continued to pour the whole ride up (er, and all weekend).

Arrived late late late Friday night. Big Dig left a pile of wood that needed stackin' (one cord!)

(er, just ignore the fact that it's like high noon in this photo)

Randy and I brought our skate decks up in hope of spending some quality time with the halfpipe we built. Rain = no such luck. (and the water damage to the ramp is pretty bad too). I think we're going to pull the tarp for the winter, freeze the thing and snowboard on it once the snow falls (or maybe use the snowdeck???)


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Wednesday October 5, 2005

"hey, let's grab ONE drink at spring lounge"

ps: the girls are dj'ing tonight at 12" (essex & houston). swing by.

ps2: two. links.

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Monday September 26, 2005

two day bender: alex's 29th bday and dpj's 30th bday

Ugh. This was the most crunked up weekend ever with two back-to-back 6am nights (I am only slightly of proud of that). Let's start on Friday for Alex's 29th (34th!!) bday throwdown. Dinner + drinks + karaoke (this pic is from like 2am, but we'll get to that).

First up = dinner. Six of us @ Gyu-Kaku, a grill-yer-own-meats type of place near Astor Place. Little corns, little hot dogs, little meats. That bag of foil contains a bunch of mushrooms marinating in butter. Verdict: delicious.

Manlio and Kevin prepare to battle the meats. Beware of Kevin's patented Devil Eyes(tm).

Post dinner we hit up Porch Bar on Avenue C. About 20 people stopped by x 4-5 drinks each (or so it seemed) and the tab only came to like $150 = a birthday gift from the waitress?


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Monday September 19, 2005

weekend no data + blind skateboards party

Pre-No Data on Saturday, me + Grellan + Randy headed down to the Blind skate store in Soho. The were holding a fundraiser for Andy Kessler (injured in skate accident?) where they were auctioning off some art as people were skating the bowl and a jazz band played on the floor.

Place was packed (these pics don't really do it justice), but these guys were killing the ramp.

Not much space on the deck, but a ton of people managed to squeeze up there anyway. The perimeterof the ramp is covered by this thick netting which a lot of us where holding onto to make sure we didn't fall off the edge. Not too many loose boards to dodge, but after the failed grind, I got knocked back into the net and had a drink spilt on me. Danger!

The crowd behind and below us. I didn't bother to brave the line.


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Friday September 9, 2005

no data loft party fundraiser

Team No Data dj'ed a fundraiser loft party down in NoHo last night. The fundraiser was for an agency fighting human trafficing in NYC. (Katrina fundraiser = tonight).

Anyway, Grellan's friend-of-friend was kind enough to donate his loft to the cause. We brought speakers and CDs.

Here's a look at the advanced technology used by such superstar DJs as ourselves. I have put this technology to great use in bringing hit songs to the masses. (click it!)

This one time when we were posing for a photo shoot for Youngna in Williamsburg, she said to Randy "Look hard!". Randy was like "Hard like a gangster?". This appears to be what she was going for.

Late night. Big bottle = bottle of champagne (which was spilled all over my digi during this shot, hence the blurryness of the rest of the photos).


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Tuesday August 16, 2005

operation: halfpipe = successful!

I'm happy to report that Operation Halfpipe was a success. No severed fingers, no leftover wood, no unhappy neighbors (er, yet). As I'm putting these pics together, I still can't believe we built this thing - going from the pic on the left to the pic on the right in two days (er, 14 hours of building!). I borrowed about 80% of these pics from up-and-coming photo superstar Youngna (thanks!), so you can thank her for the great shots in this recap.

Friday night. I left work around 6pm and ran around the city borrowing tools from friends (special shoutouts to Paul.K and the Barcade circular saw, Steve.R and the No Data Prom drill, and Strle and her trusty jigsaw). Me + Randy + Youngna left the city just after 8pm.

We made a pit stop in New Haven to pick up Youngna's friend Brook - who just happens to be getting his Master's degree in Architecture from Yale (read: knows how to build shit). Lucky us, Brook also let us raid the woodshop to fill in the blanks on our "Required Tools" checklist.

Saturday morning. Randy and I were up early to hit Home Depot just as the doors opened.

The Home Depot in Bennington, VT: "Where Halfpipe Dreams Come True."


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Friday July 29, 2005

hey, look what I found when teendrama's "draft" folder!

Hey - I just upgraded my version of Movable Type (the software I use to make this stoopid blog). Anyway, during the upgrade I found this old draft of a post - some teendrama entry I wrote that never made it online. So here goes... (I have no idea what these pics even look like - won't see till I post them! The excitement!

ps: this is from July 7, 2005... back in the glory days!

Thursday is for open bars

I took some time off from the Lower East Side last night to explore a world of open bars with Randy and Grellan.

Stop #1: Details magazine + Absolut party at Gypsy Tea. Lots of editorial assistants queueing up for free drinks. We braved three trips to the bar and then left with our gift bags.

Stop #2: Pizza somewhere around 26th and 7th. I ditched my gift bag on the street after realizing it didn't contain any free liquor samples. Randy gave his to the guy making the pizza. I'm sure Grellan is wearing his new Absolut Summer shirt while reading his complimentary copy of Details as I type this up.

Stop #3: Jenn and Andrea invite us to a new club opening on 27th and 10th (called "Home"). Not really my scene, but hey, free drinks. Girls = VIP = use their secret powers to sneak us in with sneakers on.

I opted for the open bar special (Budweiser bottles) over the $300 bottle of gin. (Though don't get me wrong, I love the bottle service).

We left around 1am or so. Maybe a little earlier. Malcolm Gladwell was sitting behind us (read: best celebrity sighting ever). I took this pic on the way out. Fancy (well, not really).

ps: This weekend = No Data DJs @ Lucky Jacks (on Orchard) for Nathania's annual summer party (2001, 2004). Swing by. 10pm

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Wednesday July 27, 2005

I love you, Home Depot

Dear Home Depot,

I'm sorry I was talking shit about you the other day. You guys really are the bestest.

Your pal,


Yesterday's "Operation: Switch My A/C" was successful thanks to Randy and Lauren. We boxed that sucker up, threw it on my skateboard (best idea ever) and trekked to the Home Depot on 23rd & 6th where the sales people where super nice and not only let me return my opened A/C unit, but they also gave me cash back (since I bought it on my debit card). Like $350 in cash - it was just like I was at the casino!

So, I switched my 18,000 BTU box for a 14,500 BTU box (14,500 is, as I learned from the electrician in front of me in line, as big as you can go with a normal, 110 volt outlet.)


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Tuesday July 26, 2005

more from vermont

Randy just put some pics from VT up on hifi. As he once said about Josh, "his eye works better than most."

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Monday July 25, 2005

vermont welcomes The Little Gym Company Reunion!

This weekend = yet another weekend in Vermont. Me + Randy + Grellan took off on Friday night. (I'll spare you the details of how I dropped $120 at Mohegan Sun). Rolled into VT around 3am.

We made plans to meet up with Genja saturday afternoon, so we killed some time in the morning hiking up Mount Snow. (We opted for the "moderate difficulty" one this time).

Half way up, Randy busted out his trusty hand-towel bandeeze.



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Tuesday June 21, 2005

29th bday three-day adventure

So, birthday #29 is a play in three acts -> Fri @ Montauk, Sat @ South Hampton / No Data, Sun @ NYC. Longest teendrama entry ever? 60 photos? Go grab a sandwich.

Things started early Friday morning (7am!) when Good Guy Grellan picked me up at the airport (post SF redeye). The master plan was to get on the beach by noon.

I barely slept on the plane and just passed out when I got into the Hoverpod. I woke up at 10:30am, just as we were pulling into Montauk. We grabbed some egg and cheese sandwiches in town...

... before meeting up with Marc Johnson and Annee out at the ditch.


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Tuesday May 24, 2005

no data prom :: the recap

I know, I know... the NO DATA prom is sooo two days ago. Especially since Younga + Jess + Jake + Ross + Becca + Becca +
Dianne + Grellan already Flickr'ed the shit out of it.

So, the theme was "Redneck Prom" (which we realized in hindsight didn't really mean anything). People's interpretations ranged from Jersey Trash to 70s Tuxes to Pregnant Prom Queen.

ps: Seriously, when you get bored of my pics, check out:

+ Youngna
+ Youngna (, again)
+ Jake.D
+ Grellan
+ British Jess
+ S. Ross
+ Becca
+ Dianne
+ Janelle
+ Krucoff (recap)

We stuck The Girls on the Decorations Committee (1 helium tank + 300 balloons)...

... while we stuck Randy with the drill. Grellan got to stress over the logistics of the prom's corportate sponsor and I got to stress over the guest list. Thanks to drama from parties-past, we had to get a bouncer + guest list to prevent any theft / vandalism / tagging. We cut the list at about 170 people (not including plus-ones).


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Wednesday May 18, 2005

tuesday = no data + bday + graduation!

Lots of celebrating last night: Tuesday No Data + Randy's birthday @ 12".

And Graves got his master's degree (!!) and Strle was wearing a hot dress made out of bathrobe material.

(can't see it in the pic, but the diploma says "Mid-Career Achievement" or something. strange.)

And Grellan was back from his 10 day fieldtrip to Kentucky. Here, sharing headphones.


(Blurry digicam, I swear this is one of your last photos!)

ps: Two toughest things about new job:
1. 9-5 (er, 10-7) requires stamina.
2. i need to get some more shirts. i'm going to rotate through my existing lineup pretty quick.

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Monday May 16, 2005

weekend recap (not too scandalous)

Pretty quiet weekend after what was a pretty crazy week. ITP threw an alumni reception on Saturday where they had a little champaign toast for Me + Alex + dodgeball + Google. No, we didn't have to give a speech.

I gave Midori the autographed Pat Kiernan (NY1, come'on) photo I wrestled from Adam Balkin. (thanks adam!)

It's autographed, "To Midori - Thanks for watching. See you in the morning!" See you in the morning! Ha! Player, please!

Saturday night = test drive the new grill. Propane on my porch = highly illegal. Homemade burgers = delicious (secret: throw some Dinosaur BBQ sauce up in that ground meat).


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Thursday May 12, 2005

post dodgeball close :: dance party @ 12"

Wednesday was a better than average day. After a full afternoon of rounding up documents, signing paperwork, last minute Kinko's runs and conference calls with lawyers, we closed on Google's acquisition of dodgeball. 5:32p calls for celebratory tallboys.

After another hour of launching the new site, sending out an email to all our users and dealing with last minute bugs and post-close customer service, Alex and I headed to the ITP show to see end-of-semester final projects and then to 12" for both Girls DJ Night (aka "Essexy" or "Ho Data") and an ad-hoc dodgeball launch party.

(man, I need a haircut.)

The regulars. Except for 6'5" here - where you been Josh?

Becca bought me some roses from the guy that walks around from bar to bar with flowers in a bucket.


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Friday May 6, 2005

what happened last night?

It was all Randy's idea. He sent the email asking everyone to meet at Loreley - this German place with an outdoor garden down on Rivington. I walked in to find Randy + Krucoff drinking out of mugs the size of coffee pots. Come'on!

Then everyone showed up. Cinco de Mayo? + nice weather? + dodgeball? + random Razorfish reunion party? - I dunno what it was, but everyone was there.

Jill rolled in around (ha - I have no idea what time) with Sweet Sweet Kate and Sweet Sweet Juila. Both look this blurry in real life.


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Monday April 25, 2005

(no data x 2) + (prom dates / brazilians) = Better Than Average(tm) times

You know, this bender I've been on for 6 days or so has been buckets of fun. Starting with the loft party last weekend, then the 12" anniversary party, followed by the Jest magazine launch party and late night at Apt 5C to No Data on Friday and then again on Saturday, every night seems to be an exponentially better time then then last. I think it all kind of peaks tonight with the LVHRD Dance Off. After tonight, we should all just retire (if our heads don't explode first).

Anyway, Friday we DJ'ed at Epsteins, a kind-of new bar on Stanton and Allen. It was our first time DJ'ing at a bar not called "12 inch". The evening was slow to start. Really slow. Like 10-people-there-until-like-1am slow.

(ps: Jill and Steve earned their +1 teendrama point for just for showing up in this photo. Booooo!)

That's around when we hit the Tipping Point(tm) - when Jen.D rolled in with Youngna + crew sporting oddly-placed stamps from the Local Magazine launch party.


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Monday April 18, 2005

weekend recap #2 // dianne's birthday

Saturday = Dianne's bday party at the No Data Loft(tm) (aka Steve's apt). Seriously, Steve was nice enough to let Dianne throw her birthday party at his Tribeca loft (sound familiar?) and Dianne was nice enough to invite Team No Data (me + Randy + Grellan) to DJ.

Dianne was also kind enough to make 800 cupcakes.

These pics are all over the place. I have almost nothing of the pre-party. The night was slow starting, even around 12:30 the place was looking empty.

We got there are 9:30. I snapped this pic at the bodega downstairs at 9:34p. Taking inventory.


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Sunday April 17, 2005

weekend recap #1 // friday birthday roundup

As promised, we kicked off Friday with the FREE PIZZA PARTY I won at 12" (business card drop, remember?). Strangely, there was another pizza party there (though not a FREE one) - actually it was more of an office party. We locked ourselves into the VIP corner for safety.

Then we went to Janelle's bday party at The Dove over in the West Village. For some reason I don't have any of my own photos from this, so I stole this one from Youngna. She has a ton of pics - some of which are just amazing.

ps: Jess has some pics on Flickr too.

We left around midnight to hit Karen Marsala's birthday @ Sweet and Vicious. I found this discarded gem en route.


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Friday April 8, 2005

another day, another no data

Loyal teendrama readers may recall the discovery of the sweet spot between four and five growerlers (the sweet spot being defined as the fine line between Good Times(tm) and Passed Out(tm).

While there's no growlers in NYC, 12" (the fine establishment at Houston & Essex) does sport the Faxe Premium.

A beer that dwarfs regular sized beers ("bigger than a baby's torso!")

And is known to be quite delicious.

Anyway, No Data. The sweet spot may be between 2 and 3 cans of Faxe. That's when we chained Jen to the dj booth.

Much like Princess Leia in Jabba's court.

(I call I get to be Bib Fortuna)


Then Becca went all Flashdance on us. Danish lager for everyone!

More pics from Ms. Youngna can be found here. Pow pow!

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Sunday February 27, 2005

no data :: the revenge!

Youngna is really something special behind the camera. After an all-day photo shoot out in a part of Brooklyn that is only accessible by the G train, she shot another 2 flash cards full at Saturday's No Data. Check out the rest of her pics (and recap) here.

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Thursday February 3, 2005

Two NO DATAs in one week? Part II


So, part II of our two-No-Datas-in-one-week spectacular takes place down in Tribeca. Rewind a few months ago when Grellan's friend Steve offered his giant Tribeca loft for the first No Data offsight - they bought the alcohol, we picked up the DJ equiptment and invited 300 of our closest friends.


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Wednesday February 2, 2005

Two NO DATAs in one week? Part I


Just catching up on some old pics here. Last week we DJ'ed two No Datas in three days - the first on Wednesday (1/26) @ 12" as a warm-up to the Tribeca loft party.

We gave Alex a special guest slot to start off the evening. Don't let the Funkmaster Flex pose fool you; we're just playing CDs.


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Sunday January 23, 2005

bottle service + 3B = crunked ^ 2


My Friday night:

10:30p Meet Jill + Steve + Lauren + Mel + Beth + Adam + Kim + Joe at Odea (Broome & Lafayette) for Vicky (and Ashley's?) birthday party. Sip $7 Amstel bottles in a private bungalo, and strategize on how to marry the waitress.

12:05a Take a cab to Rothko (Rivington & Stanton) and meet up with Kristen and Battjer (welcome back!) to check our Grant's brand Fiasco.

1:30a Grab One-More-Drink(tm) with Jill and Steve at Barraumndi (Clinton btw. Stanton & Rivington). Wait in line for a bathroom that three girls have locked themselves in.

2:00a Say my goodbyes and head back home to 125.... only to get a dodgeball message as I turn the corner telling me that Little Brother Jonathan is 3 blocks north.

2:05a Meet up with Jay + Will + Mike, two random girls, some birthday-girl stripper and her bodyguard at 3B (3rd Street & Ave B).

We got crunked. I took off my shirt. Check out Jonathan's recap for the photos.


And, while we're on the topic of getting crunked, let me introduce you to something I like to call Thursday Night Bottle Service(tm).

Last week (1/13), after an innocent round of drinks at Baramundi, me + Andy + Randy + Grellan journed to Epstein's (the brand new, always-empty bar on Stanton and Allen). We were greeted by this sign...


$99 for a bottle one Ketel One and three carafes of mixers! Of course we'll take it?


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Wednesday December 22, 2004

no data holiday party


Last Wednesday we hosted the No Data Holiday party down at 12" - thanks for coming out!


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Thursday December 9, 2004

12" + bingo + no data

Hi. We're the NO DATA djs. We spin records down at this bar called 12" on Houston & Essex. Actually, we're just playing CDs. Now that I think of it, we're not even technicaly DJing since we're just cue'ing up songs. But we also play bingo.


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Friday November 12, 2004

weekend in vermont

After finally wrapping up with ConQwest (and MF was in post-election mode), I headed up to try out place in Vermont. I think 10 of us went in all - special guests Rob (and Vero) and MF (and Meg) from Boston.


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