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Tuesday October 9, 2007

Everyone loves a good wedding recap: Randy + Lisa get all hitched up in The Brooklyn


Hey! Just because it's October (er, and still 84 degrees in NYC) you didn't think we were done with wedding season did you? Let's rewind two weeks ago (Sept 21) to Randy and Lisa's wedding out in Brooklyn!

(oh real quick, a quick shoutout to anyone who's pics I stole for this recap... there are *hundreds* of Flickr pics from the wedding)


In case you're totally lost here's our little love birds... this pic skips ahead a bit though, let's start at the rehearsal dinner down at Dekk in Tribeca...


Four course meal... and all we've got to do is wear a tux tomorrow!! The steak was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten (note to self: go back to Dekk and see if it's always that good). Grell giving me the stinkeye over the last bite.


All the groomsmen got the hookup from Randy with these hifiny shirts (er, hifiny being Randy's bbblllooooggggg).


I got a brown one. Kid silkscreened them himself! (ps: the kids in Amsterdam were wondering were to get 'em - ha!)


And onto Friday... I cut out of work early as all the groomsmen met up at Randy + Lisa's place in Tribeca for a get-yer-tux-on party. Rentals courtsey of Men's Warehouse - Kyle busted on his shirt to find this nasty blood stain on his sleeve. We tried to imagine how this went down - I like the idea of someone getting clocked in the face at some ex-girlfriend's wedding in NJ, the dude just wiping the blood on his sleeve and being like, "Let's do this!" and then a huge brawl breaks out in parking lot of the Paramus Mall... or whatever.


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Tuesday April 10, 2007

The Dealbreaker Video IPO (title blatantly stolen from Krucoff)

Sometime last year (seems like forever ago), me + Randy + Grell + AK + Josh + Carney + Doug + Becca helped Spiers put together a fake recruiting video for a fictional investment banking firm ("A.P. Corgan") for the launch of Dealbreaker.com (her finance/gossip blog).

As Krucoff says on Young Manhatanite:

Here it is, the long lost Dealbreaker promo video that was supposed to be released with the blog's launch last year. It's a mix of improvisation on top of a script written by Elizabeth Spiers and Dana Vachon, based on a JP Morgan recruitment video he "acquired." A final version was never agreed upon so the material sat in various short and long remixes on Randy's laptop. For better or worse (I'd say the former), he's just unleashed the definitive under 10-min final cut on YouTube. "Unauthorized" might be applicable but it's not like John Carney knows anything about law. Ahh, sweet memories.

I play the I.T. guy (of course. fuckers). Grellan + Doug are especially brilliant.


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Thursday November 16, 2006

teendrama, er, 15 days in review! (w/ exclusive turducken pics!)

I'm behind on teendrama so, loyal reader, you get stuck 12 days worth of teendrama told via 15 pics...

Mon 11/6 - Continuing the "How I Became a Master Chef" thread, JJ and I cooked up some double-breaded fried chicken the other night. That's right, double-dip, double-breaded and then fried up in two inchs of vegetable oil. I think we overdid the double-dip (I felt kind of dirty for like 2 days), but still....

Tues 11/7 - LVHRD (CLL) PHN LCKN (read: Cell Phone Lock-In) @ MOMA. Check your cell phone at the door (they put it in these little ziplock bags) and listen to this really loud band in a really big space with really bad acoustics. Come'on Happy Corp, I'm just busting you - I love you guys! Oh, free beers = good beers.

Btw, every confiscated phone was hung on this 60 ft long wall. Apparently at the end of the night they had some magic internet machine that made all the cellphones ring and light up and the same time. Didn't anyone YouTube that shit? Come'on!

While waiting for the elevator on my way out, I ran into four ninjas (and a Doug.J in a spacesuit). Btw, more pics on Flickr

Wed 11/8 - Jill's Happy Birthday dinner @ Mercadito in the E.Village. Sorry, no photos sucka.

Thur 11/9 - Milberger's #27 bday @ Lolita. Tequila shots = actually not so bad this time. Cool art on the wall made from found refrigerator doors (mrjaymillar, $650 - $1200).


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Wednesday October 4, 2006

saturdays are for back-to-back-to-back-to-back birthday parties

Hey, I'm not even a week late with this one! Last Friday me + Courtney + Dianne took a field trip over to the Javits Center to check out the Wired Next Fest - a science fair's worth of all the stuff you read about in Wired magazine. We got there around 1pm, I paid my $12 to get in (NYU student rate, sucka!) and walked around and checked-out such half-broken exhibits such as this magic tech door... which is supposed to open a custom-sized space for you to walk through... but something was broken so I ended up having to step and rotate and squeeze my way thru (which made the guy that built it mad because some Japanese TV show was filming my twisty entrance).

Saturn's hybrid car exhibit (complete with mini projected hologram man) = boring.

Saturn's project-whatever-message-you-want-onto-a-wall-of-virtual-grass thing = super!

Oh, and then there was the army of wifi bunnies that caused Courtney to go all AWOL. (ps: the room strangly smelled like rabbit poo. real rabbit poo. not robot rabbit poo. robots don't poo!)

Okay, so that was Friday DAY, and then Friday night (what did I do again?) Happycorp happy hour to <something else> to BackRoom to meet up w/ Steve and a very crunked Jill (and Jill's friend from Las Vegas on the left). We were posing to take this photo, steping back, back, backwards and then...

... Crunked Jill takes a digger, we all crashed down on this table of girls and their drinks, teacups spill, candle gets knocked on the rug (one girl yelled "FIRE!") and then we just rolled around on the floor for like two minutes. Crunked Jill was all "ooohhhhhhh my leeeegggggg" and we, of course, were all "whatever"...

... until she forwarded me this pic on Monday. Ha! Crunked Jill, you so crazy!


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Thursday September 28, 2006

"sometimes when you have a rollerskating party Roller Girl comes" - bdiz

Becca's bday = rollerskate dance party @ The Roxy. I got this through the magic email machine the other day...

It's $23 for a night of skating, including skate rental. The lady said we could "probably get an extra discount" ?, so say my name at the door. If there's a discount, they'll give it to you.If there isn't, I guess they'll look at you like you're an asshole. Please wear something awesome.

Me + Kevin + Courtney + Dianne + Grellan met up around 9:30 and waited patiently for the birthday girl to arrive (what the heck!). $18 to get in, $5 to rent skates... lots of drama in the skate rental line as inventory on girls' sizes was running low (and after they charged people $18 to get in, those fuckers!)

Anyway, inside was packed. A good mix of kindo-of normal people and crazy roller disco superfans.

For every half-dozen i-bankers with their ties tucked into their button downs, there's a dude in a mesh top making love to a giant lollipop. Oh, and lots of dolled up American Apparel girls (meow). I had to set my digicam on Kids and Pets Underwater mode to capture the lightning that is rollerdisco.

ps: I haven't been the the Roxy since, when?, Nat's bday in 2003?

You need to sign your life away before getting in. The idea of legally "rollerskating at one's own risk" = awesome. The only reason I even like this pic is beacuse I got in a slight verbal altercation with the manager (owner?) outside ("Why you gotta be taking pictures of that?").

Me + Courtney on the digivideo. Two beers + one shot of tequila is all it takes to unlock the secret powers needed to skate backwards, weaving at unimaginable speeds. [video]

Aprils' prom dress vs. The Jaeger Wig vs. Bdiz's sauciness. (My vote is for the sauciness)

I forgot my disco getup. Dianne styled me up so I'd look more Chelsea. I made only one lap before the lollipop dude starting following me around.

"Couples only for the next five minutes, please." I think I like the B.Boys version more...
Please Clear The Ice For The Zamboni
Thank You
Couples Only For The Next Five Minutes Please
And A
Special Round Of Applauds For Our Zamboni Driver MarioCaldato
Thank You
Thank You
We Have Coupons Avaiable For A Special For Childen Only From 4 To 6 On Thursday The 22nd
Thank You
We're Having A Sale On New Blades At The Skate Shop
Thank You
Honky Rink
White People Only For The Next Five Minutes Please
Booo Booo
Thank You
Around Around Around Around Around...

MAKE OUT! (btw, who brought the blogger? Get your meathook hand out of my photo, you trick!)

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Tuesday November 1, 2005

four days worth of halloween

Four days of Halloween is a little much, no? See, that's the problem with these Monday holidays. I'm looking forward to taking tonight off.

(Costumes? Oh, we'll get to that.)

Start on Friday with Youngna's 23rd birthday @ Dove (happy bday, yp!). Friday = too early to be wearing costumes so I went as a Johnny Red Sweater. Actually, no one was really dressed up except for The Happy Corp kids - Doug rolled into Dove in this giant domino suit... and 4 hours later (by the time we were all at the Magician) Matt rolls in wearing, er, another giant domino costume (hence the "Die domino die!" dodgeball message for anyone left confused).

Anyway, late night + Youngna's birthday + Youngna really crunked + Youngna's super tiny frame + giant domino costume = Youngna toppled over, on the floor, wearing this stoopid suit and unable to get up turtle-on-its-back style. Hahahahahahaha.

ps: Youngna b'day party = setting dodgeball records for most people checked-in at one place.

ps2: For extra credit, check out YP's Flickr pics.

On to Saturday. Again, too early to dress up, though that didn't stop Jackie and JJ. Jackie as a unicorn (, obviously!) and Jonathan as, um, a cat. Seriously?

Jay was giving me shit for leaving the house without a costume so he gave me these sweeeeeet tribal arm band and Sigma Chi tattoos.

I went out as Johnny Grey Sweater this time and got in a sword fight with Lisa at Motor City Bar.

I certainly did not pass out in Becca's bed with Dianne.


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Monday September 26, 2005

two day bender: alex's 29th bday and dpj's 30th bday

Ugh. This was the most crunked up weekend ever with two back-to-back 6am nights (I am only slightly of proud of that). Let's start on Friday for Alex's 29th (34th!!) bday throwdown. Dinner + drinks + karaoke (this pic is from like 2am, but we'll get to that).

First up = dinner. Six of us @ Gyu-Kaku, a grill-yer-own-meats type of place near Astor Place. Little corns, little hot dogs, little meats. That bag of foil contains a bunch of mushrooms marinating in butter. Verdict: delicious.

Manlio and Kevin prepare to battle the meats. Beware of Kevin's patented Devil Eyes(tm).

Post dinner we hit up Porch Bar on Avenue C. About 20 people stopped by x 4-5 drinks each (or so it seemed) and the tab only came to like $150 = a birthday gift from the waitress?


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Tuesday May 24, 2005

no data prom :: the recap

I know, I know... the NO DATA prom is sooo two days ago. Especially since Younga + Jess + Jake + Ross + Becca + Becca +
Dianne + Grellan already Flickr'ed the shit out of it.

So, the theme was "Redneck Prom" (which we realized in hindsight didn't really mean anything). People's interpretations ranged from Jersey Trash to 70s Tuxes to Pregnant Prom Queen.

ps: Seriously, when you get bored of my pics, check out:

+ Youngna
+ Youngna (, again)
+ Jake.D
+ Grellan
+ British Jess
+ S. Ross
+ Becca
+ Dianne
+ Janelle
+ Krucoff (recap)

We stuck The Girls on the Decorations Committee (1 helium tank + 300 balloons)...

... while we stuck Randy with the drill. Grellan got to stress over the logistics of the prom's corportate sponsor and I got to stress over the guest list. Thanks to drama from parties-past, we had to get a bouncer + guest list to prevent any theft / vandalism / tagging. We cut the list at about 170 people (not including plus-ones).


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Friday May 6, 2005

what happened last night?

It was all Randy's idea. He sent the email asking everyone to meet at Loreley - this German place with an outdoor garden down on Rivington. I walked in to find Randy + Krucoff drinking out of mugs the size of coffee pots. Come'on!

Then everyone showed up. Cinco de Mayo? + nice weather? + dodgeball? + random Razorfish reunion party? - I dunno what it was, but everyone was there.

Jill rolled in around (ha - I have no idea what time) with Sweet Sweet Kate and Sweet Sweet Juila. Both look this blurry in real life.


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Sunday May 1, 2005

saturday are for birthdays and loft parties

I stayed in Friday and did work, so this edition of Weekend Recap kicks off on Saturday night way over on the west side where Rudy (from Ken and Rudy fame) was celebrating his 40th birthday (with his evil twin brother - just kidding, he's not evil, though it would be a much cooler story if he was).

Anyway, the party was over at The Park (18th and 10th Ave) - Pete Sargent and Marc. J (both friends from my Jup days) warned me ahead of time that it was a fancy, fancy place (read: no sneakers). So, I went out an bought these fancy (er, more-fancy-than-sneakers) shoes...

See? Of course, stoopid Mark Johnson rolled in wearing a pair of Canadian-flag Nikes(, dick). Pair of Legs #3 belong to Marc's gf Anne (or Annie? or Annee? Hi.)

Me + Marc + Ken + shoryuken = blurry. Thanks again, you piece of shit digicam.

Next stop = College Humor party @ the Leonard Street loft.


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Tuesday April 26, 2005

LVHRD "Battle of the Moves" dance off

Last night = LVHRD "Battle of the Moves" dance off @ Copa (34th St!!). 16 kids, 4 rounds of elimination, one winner.

Zach = Dance Off MVP. Here, moments before crowd surfing under the chandelier. (Youngna took an awesome pic about 16 seconds after this one.)

Mystery man Chris Chris hiding behind a lampshade.


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